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Blast from the Past: The Invasion Angle

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Hey guys, coming back with my second blog here. I was sitting here trying to figure out what I could write about and I thought I would review the angle that was going on when I became a fan of wrestling.

The Invasion angle could have been the biggest and baddest storyline that wrestling could have ever seen. Wrestling fans experienced the Monday Night Wars for years and always sat and wondered, "What would it be like seeing these companies go head to head?" Looking back now, I would have been the exact same way! We could have seen Triple H and Stone Cold against Sting and Kevin Nash or Harlam Heat vs the Brothers of Destruction.

The angle started out big with Shane purchasing WCW out from under Vinny Mac and Stephanie bought ECW and paired up with devilish Paul Heyman. The wrestling world was completely marking out at the possibilities that we had. Unfortunately, the names that we wanted to see were not apart of this angle at all. Ric Flair and Sting werent there. The NWO stayed away until after the angle. WWE was missing Benoit, Guerrero, and Triple H. Don't get me wrong, WCW and ECW brought some awesome talent to the scene like Booker T, Lance Storm, RVD, and more, but we didnt get to see the matchups that we were all dying to see.

Invasion was the first PPV i ever saw as a wrestling fan. I thought it was an absolutely awesome show, but looking back, it was weak. RVD and Jeff Hardy and the 10 man tag were the highlights of the show. I remember being so excited when Austin's music hit and the crowd errupted. Then Austin shocked the WWE by turning on his partners and defecting to the Alliance which i understand gave them the star power that they were lacking at the time.

For the remaining time of the angle, it was the same bullshit over and over. Raw and Smackdown was all about who was going to defect tonight and matches between WWE's midcard and WCW/ECW's midcard. The Rock returned from Hollywood to win the WCW Championship from Booker t at Summerslam. Kurt Angle brought the WWE title back home in a great match in his hometown at Unforgiven against Austin, but shocked the WWE just a big after by defecting to the Alliance. Little things like that just doesn't make sense looking back. Why have him turn on WWE and then a month or two later he turns on WCW at Survivor Series allowing WWE to be the running production, which was the end of the angle. Starting the same way it ended, although this 10 man tag was an elimination.

As interesting as the angle was at the time as an 11 year old kid, I could see the disappointment people had with the angle. All of WCW's big dogs came in after the angle was finished while WWE regained a lot of their star power after the angle as well. I suppose the wrestling world could handle all of the world's top wrestlers being in the spotlight at once!

Thanks for reading guys, let me know what you think!

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  1. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    One of my all time favourie angle, but I'd have booked it different.
    I'd have The Allience also includeThe Steiner Brothers, Rey Mysterio, Goldberg, Nash, X-Pac, Spike Dudley, Tajiri, Bigshow, Jericho, Earnest Miller, Farrooq, Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair.
    I'd have kept WCW on the air instead of folding it.
    I'm gutted on how the WWF handled this. Almost as bad as how WWF handled the nWo angle!
    It's a shame all the wresters who could have made this amazing are all too old to pull this angle off now
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