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WWE On NETFLIX Review: The Ladder Match 2 Crash and Burn Vol 1. Part 2!!

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Here we go with the 2nd edition of the Vol 1. Review of WWE Ladder match 2: Crash and burn DVD, This is The 2nd half of disc 2.

Mankind vs Bossman: Hardcore Title match
This match was on Raw, It is basically a build up to The Rock vs Mankind match at the Rock Bottom PPV. So Mr Mcmahon is trying to take away the one thing Mankind has left and that's the Hardcore title.... Bossman cheap shots Foley with the Night Stick to start the match, Foley reverses Bossman and tosses him face first into the Steps, Foley then proceds to beat Bossman with the Ladder on the outside. This Match is mostly Foley so far... Foley back in the ring and trys to climb the Ladder, Bossman trys to stop Foley but it back fires as Foley continues to beat on The Bossman. Foley trys to climb again but Bossman slams Foley to the ground head first. Bossman gets some weak offense in, Then They both climb the ladder, Foley puts Socko on him, Bossman Falls off the ladder and gets back up in time to stop Foley, Rock comes in pushes the Ladder down and Foley falls in to the ropes. Rock then sets up the ladder for the Bossman and Foley does a low blow to the Rock, Then Foley stops Bossman from getting the title, Rock comes back beats Foley down, Rock Bottom on Foley and Bossman climbs the ladder while Rock beats Foley and we got a New Hardcore Champion. WINNER: Bossman

Really was just build up for The Rock and Mankinds match at The Rock Bottom PPV. It wasnt terrible but it also wasnt anything much more than a sell for a PPV. RATING **1/2

Mankind vs The Rock: WWF Championship Match

This is taking place after the St Valentines Day Massacre PPV in 1999. this is a rematch cause Mankind and Rock went to a double K.O. at the St Valentines Day Massacre the night before... The Winner Meets Stone Cold at Wrestlemania 15. Rock cuts a stellar Promo, Stone Cold comes out as Guest commentator and the Crowd goes insane, Huge pop for Stone Cold... Mankind is out and the Match begins. The Rock Distracted by Stone Cold, Mankind from behind knocks Rock out of the ring. Mankind and Rock brawl outside, Mankind limping a bit, Mankind getting the better of the Brawl until the Rock reverses the irish whip and sends Mankind in to the steps and Mankind does the classic Foley Irish Whip in the Steps sell and it looks like he just got thrown from a car wreck. Rock takes him in the ring and works on his leg, Beating Mankind's leg with the chair, Rock comes back with the ladder and Foley gets the chair and hits it in to the ladder knocking it on to Rocks chest and then continuing to beat the ladder in the Rock using the chair. Mankind then does his version of the "Peoples Elbow" and connects... Mankind climbs the ladder and the Rock swings the chair and hits his leg and knocks Mankind off the Ladder and works on the Leg some more.... Mankind trys to climb the ladder again Rock hits the leg once again knocking Foley in the ropes and Mankind hits hard from the top of the ladder in to the ropes and he tangles his arm, Rock uses that opportunity to punch and kick Mankind. They go to the outside and a "Attitude Style Brawl" erupts in the crowd, They fight all the way down the floor section, Rock falls on to the back railing, Mankind Elbows Rock on the railing, Goes for a 2nd Elbow but misses and The Rock drags him thru the crowd and clotheslines Mankind back over the barricade in front to the ringside area. Rock takes Mankind to the ramp and a suplex on Mankind, They brawl more outside, Mankind reverses a irish whip and sends Rock in the steps. Mankind takes Rock on the Announcer table, Rock low blows Mankind and a ROCK BOTTOM THRU THE TABLE!!. Rock slowly goes back in to climb in the ring but Mankind stops him, Double arm DDT by Mankind. Mankind reaches for Socko but eats a ladder and the Rock with a beautiful Snap DDT. Rock goes to climb, Foley goes on the other end and they brawl on top the ladder, Then Mankind gives Rock Socko. Mankind looks like he is gonna win and here comes Paul White (The Big Show) with a Beautiful set of hair and in pretty good shape (Wow Wrestling really takes a toll on a person doesn't it). Paul White Choke Slams Mankind off the Ladder and the Rock Grabs the Belt and he is "THE NEW WWF CHAMPION" and is going to Wrestlemania to meet Stone Cold in the main event. Rock Celebrates and gets a Stunner from Stone Cold and are Wrestlemania 15 Main event is set. WINNER: The Rock

The Rock was sporting his Adias Jogging Apparel in this match cause he is recovering from his breast reduction surgery. Fun Fact ... Really Good Brawl from these two as usual, The ladder wasnt much of a factor in this match it was just a Good Mankind/Rock Brawl. This was the weakest match in The Rock and Mankind series of early 1999 but that Doesnt meant it is a bad match by any means. Good late 90's WWF brawl. 3 1/2 Star match here. RATING: ***1/2

McMahons vs Steve Austin: King of the Ring 1999
This match is for Control of the WWF, If Steve Austin climbs and gets the Briefcase he has control of the WWF and the McMahons (Vince and Shane are out of a job). This is a Handi-cap match....Austin comes out to a Huge Ovation, Jim Ross says " Michael Jordan himself wouldn't get this kinda reaction in NC" and I have to agree with him, Just incredible ovation for Stone Cold. Vince and Shane are on the outside and immediately go after the ladders and Austin charges and clothesline them from behind. Austin continues to beat on both McMahons, Austin mostly beating on Vince and taking him to the ring side area, Shane trys to help his Dad out but Austin sabotages each attempt. Finally Vince suckers Austin to a Hiding Shane who clothelines Austin and Shane and Vince start attacking Austin while he is down like a pack of wolves. Vince goes for the ladder but Austin beats him back to the Ladder display at the entrance, Shane attacks Austin from behind and it does nothing but Annoy Austin and Shane runs up the ladder display and sits on top getting away from Austin, But Stone Cold follows him back up and gives him a few punches and knocks him off the ladder display.... Austin just pounds on the McMahons until the big spot where Austin drops the ladder display on Vince and Shane dropping 20 or so ladders on top of them. It really didnt work the way they wanted it, Vince and Shane were supose to look like they were trapped under all the ladders but it looked like the Ladders barley touched them and they could of easily moved out..... Vince and Shane charge towards ringside to stop Austin from Climbing the ladder, Austin brawls with Shane outside, sets him on the Spanish Announce Table, Climbs the ladder and Austin does a sloppy looking forearm thru the Table. Vince Climbs the other side of the ladder (which makes no sense cause they are outside the ring), Austin climbs the other side and knocks Vince off, Vince then falls to the floor on his feet and pushes the ladder over causing Austin to fall on the U.S. Announce Table but it didnt go as planned, Austin instead of going thru the table he hit the table and slid off it. J.R. Screams "Son of a Bitch" as Austin lays on the cement. The Table not breaking took away from the spot. Vince trys to climb, Austin back in knocks him down.... Austin and the McMahons do a few more attempts to climb and fail, Finally The McMahons knock Austin off the ladder and Vince trys to boost Shane up to the Briefcase, That didn't work so Shane gets on Vinces shoulders and they are still not close to touching the briefcase. Austin jumps up, Punches Vince and knocks both Vince and Shane down and then gives Vince a Stunner. Austin climbs the ladder and it seems he is going to get the Briefcase but just when he has his finger tips on it it gets hoisted up several feet higher. Austin is pissed, He goes outside bullies the Time Keeper and Tony Chimmil in to telling him whats going on but they don't know... Vince trys to climb as the Briefcase is lowered, Austin stops him, Shane pushes the ladder, Vince and Austin both get knocked over and Shane sets the ladder up and grabs the Briefcase and your winners are Vince and Shane and Austins pissed. WINNER: Vince & Shane


Not as good as I remember, Awkward looking bumps, Mcmahons get no offense and really just a boring match that went too long and had No Business being the main event of a PPV. I'm feeling giving here so ill give it 2 1/2 stars. RATING **1/2

3 Count vs The Young Dragons: WCW New Blood Rising
This Match is for a Gold Record and a Recording contract? Wow WCW was so Fucked up. 3 Count comes out with Tank Abbot,
Evan Karagias has Amazing abs, You could shred a block of cheese on them. Too bad he didn't have much else... This match is a 6 man tag team ladder match. We start off the match with Shane Helms and Jamie Knobble doing some chain wrestling while their team mates stand on the apron waiting for a tag cheering them on. WAIT, This is a ladder match, You don't need to tag in and out, WHAT THE FUCK... So I guess the morons in this match realize this is a ladder match so they all fight outside for the ladders, This match is off to a bad start. We get in and they are all flying around with the ladders, 3 Count is in control, Shannon moore with a Horrible looking turning splash off he top to a member of the Young Dragons.... This match is a tamed spot fest, Nothing like you see from a Hardys and E&C ladder match which they try to be, It tried to be innovative and it really wasn't.... Wont review too much of the match so ill Skip ahead to a member of The Young Dragons getting the Gold Record but The match still goes on? Fuck I thought it was over. Apparently you have to get the Recording contract to win. So why is the Gold Record even suspended above?. Tank Abbot takes the Record from the Young Dragons which means 3 Count still owns it, Weird. The match ends when Tank drops two ladders with a member of 3 Count on one and The Dragons on the other, Then sets it up so Evan Karagias can climb and get the recording contract. Why would he push the ladder with a member of 3 Count on there if he wanted 3 Count to win? why push both ladders? Why didn't he just push the Dragons ladder?. well that actually wasn't the dumbest thing that happened in this match. WINNER: 3 Count

A lot of action in the match, Not really Good action but action. The match has no flow to it and too many dumb moves made. The match itself deserves close to 3 stars but The whole Recording Contract and Gold Record thing was so dumb and a stupid reason to have a ladder match. Then on top of that you had the Gold Record suspended above for no reason which confused the shit out of me... I'm Gonna go 2 1/4 stars cause of the stupidity and confusion surrounding this match. RATING **1/4

The Hardy Boys vs Edge & Christian: Raw on TNN
This is the first Raw on TNN, it's for the Tag Team Championship, The Hardys are the Champions and Edge & Christian are the Challengers. If Edge & Christian lose this match they will not get a Tag Team title match as long as the Hardys are Champions... Edge & Christian are out first and start climbing the ladder right away and The Hardys rush out and a brawl ensues to start this match. Ladder set up in the Corner, Irish whip to Edge in the Ladder, Christian also gets a Irish Whip in to Edge. Both men are pressed against the ladder sitting in the corner and POETRY in Motion by the Hardys. Hardys then open the ladder and ram the ends between Edge and Christians legs and a Baseball slide to the top step of the ladder... Hardys try to climb the ladder and Edge and Christian stop them and then Edge and Christian take control of the match. Edge and Christian double team Jeff Hardy and sandwhiched him between the ladder. Pick him up and lay him in the corner and the ladder is backwards may I add. They lay Hardy in the Corner and Edge drops to his knees, Christian uses Edges back to spring board and Stinger Splash in the ladder smashing Poor Jeff Hardys Body, AWESOME SPOT.... Lita gets involved and gets a Reverse DDT from Christian for her trouble. Big spot in the match when Jeff Hardy grabs the belts and Christian removes the ladder and Edge climbs the Big ladder and he SPEARS Jeff Hardy off the 15 foot ladder. Breath taking spot.... Match had big spot after big spot and it transitioned perfectly without dull spots or spots that looked set up... The match ended when Matt Hardy Climbed the ladder and Edge and Christian set up a ladder on each side of Hardy and was going to double chair shot him but Jeff and Lita pushed Edge & Christians Ladders down and Matt Grabs the titles and The Hardys Retain. WINNER: The Hardy Boys

Match was Great, Very Rushed, 5 mins would of made this match much better. Brutal, hard hitting, High flying demolition derby of a match but the problem is its all been done before, Still exciting but takes away from it a bit. Worst ladder match these two ever been in and its still a awesome match. 3 3/4, It felt too rushed for me but Still its a Hardys and E&C match. RATING ***3/4

Vol 1 is finally over. I will start on Vol 2 but I will be less detailed, My play by play is lackluster to say the least, I will just cover a few key points in the match in Vol 2 and mostly give my thoughts on the match along with my rating..... Vol 1 (which is disc 1 if you buy the DVD) Leaves alot to be desired, alot of matches seemed like a waste of Valuable DVD space... The Wrestlemania 10 Ladder match is a classic but its also on 5 other DVDs so it don't add to the DVD. The Guerrero vs Syxx match was a Good match to add but it wasn't anything spectacular, Just Good. The Rock vs Mankind on Raw was a good Brawl and a match I think is only on a old Raw Collection DVD and I'm Happy the Hardys vs Edge & Christian from Raw was on this DVD cause its a match I haven't seen before and its on none of the DVD's I own.... Im not too impressed with Vol 1 (Disc 1). A lot of filler and if I wasnt writing this I would of skipped over alot of these matches.

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