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WWE On NETFLIX Review: The Ladder Match 2 Crash and Burn Vol 1. Part 1

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Today I'm going to review Current WWE DVDs provided by NetFlix.... This will be a review but I will be very vague in reviewing each match, You want see a Move by move review of the match, Just will talk about each match and give it a star rating. So I will begin the Review now.

This is Volume 1 so we start off with Christian who is are host telling us that the Ladder match was actually invented in Canada (Which is true. It was first used in Stampede wrestling) and was brought to America by Bret Hart.... (Which was one of the reasons Bret and Shawn had all that animosity towards each other. Apparently Bret Hart pitched the idea to Vince for the ladder match for himself to do on a PPV. They actually did a trial match at a House Show with Shawn Michaels, Cause Shawn Michaels was Bret's Choice to have the ladder match with. Bret made Vince promise not to stab him in the back and use his ladder match idea for someone else. Vince promised and Then all you know Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon are having the First ever ladder match at Wrestlemania 10. Classic Vince)... Now back to the DVD. Christian Then Tells Us The First match on the DVD is the first Ladder match on WWE TV and says it stands the test of time and is still the measuring stick for all Ladder matches. Wrestlemania 10 Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon Ladder match for the IC title.

Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon ..Wrestlemania X
We start off The DVD with The Wrestlemania X Classic, Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon for the IC title.... Shawn Michaels is accompanied by his then Body Guard Diesel, We start off the match with some Good wrestling and Shawn selling some stiff looking punches by Razor, Shawn Side steps Razor and Razor takes a bump in thru the middle rope, Then Diesel makes his presence felt and shoulder blocks Razor, The referee Earl Hebner sees that and Ejects Diesel from Ringside and Diesel starts screaming "You see something, You see Something" in a thick accent....... Shawn and Razor Brawl outside, Where Razor Exposes the Concrete by removing the ring mat, Shawn Thumbs him to the Eye and tosses him back in the ring, So in ring action That Razor gets the best of, Razor then goes for The Razors Edge Way to close to the ropes, So we all Know what that means Right? Back Body drop to the outside on the exposed Concrete. It Was a Nasty sounding fall has you here the Splat of Ramons body...Shawn Finally Goes for the Ladder while Razor lays on the opposite side of the ring on the floor. Shawn backing up with the ladder is met by Razor with a Stiff punch which Shawn jumps out of his boots for. Then Razor Throws Shawn back in the ring and grabs the ladder himself and puts it on the apron and Shawn Baseball slides it in to the gut of Razor Ramon as the Crowd oohs and awes... Its funny how a baseball slide to a ladder in the stomach gets more of a reaction in 1994 then jumping off a 25 foot ladder thru 3 tables did in 2002, Damn Hardys, Dudleys and Edge and Christian Spoiled us... Shawn climbs the ladder later on in the match and Razor in a desperate attempt to stop him pulls down his pants in a Ric Flair Style spot, Shawn Then knock Razor down and does a Smooth looking elbow off the ladder and pulls up his pants on the way up. Shawn Then sets up the ladder and Splashes Ramon from the 2nd from the top Rung of the ladder which was actually a pretty awe inspiring move back in 1994......Shawn Finally goes back to grab both IC titles and become the Undisputed Intercontinental Champion, But Razor Pushes the Ladder down. Then both men get up and in move that seemed out of place Razor after all that puts a standing head lock on Shawn Michaels, Shawn Irish whips him and we get a Double noggin Knocker as both men lay there motionless... Is it Just me or is it every time Razor Ramon is laying motionless in a match you can actually see him smiling. Every time he is supposed to be exhausted or incapacitated, I can see him smiling, Like he cant just sit there and pretend to be knocked out..... Back to the match, Shawn Sets up the ladder in the corner and trys to Irish Whip Razor Ramon but he gets reversed and Shawn not only hits the ladder but goes over the top and to the floor. Now Razor is angry and he has a ladder. Razor Continues to pound Shawn Michaels with the ladder on the outside which Shawn Oversells,Sometimes Shawns Overselling makes the match better than other times you just wanna roll your eyes and shake your head, One of those times comes now when Razor Ramon sets up the ladder on the apron and sling shots Michaels in to it and then Shawn blatantly pulls the ladder down with him in a sad attempt to make it look like it fell on him....Razor attempts to climb to reach the belts but Shawn runs up to the top rope and Double axe handles Razors left Ass cheek which knocks Ramon down and the ladder falls on top of Michaels. Ramon and Michaels both climb the ladder and brawl on top, Razor then slams Michaels off the ladder and he loses his blances and falls also... Razor then attempts to climb again, Shawn Staggers the ladder with a Drop Kick and Then Shawn irish whips Razor in the Ropes and we get a Super Kick but this was before The Super Kick was Shawns Finsher, So it was just a set up move for one of Shawns then Finishers "The Pile Driver" Which is perfectly done on Razor.... Shawn Goes to Finish off Razor for good by setting up the ladder in the corner, Climbing the Turnbuckle and Splashing the ladder on to Razor Ramon. Shawn then climbs the ladder, Razor gets up and Pushes the ladder down, throwing Shawn in to the ropes, Which Shawn trys his hardest to tie his leg in the ropes and he does. Razor then takes that opportunity and climbs the ladder and takes to long and Shawn untangles his leg from the rope but then Shawn tangles his arm in the rope which l obviously looks to be intentional and Razor Grabs the Belts to be come "THE UNDISPUTED INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION". WINNER: Razor Ramon.

Rating The Match
Shawns Overselling made the match great and also hurt it a bit, Still the match is unlike most the ladder matches you see now where it is spot then dead air time to setting up a spot and spot again. This is more like a match instead of a demolition derby... The match had psychology, Stiff Shots, a Great story and still holds up pretty well. If this match was done today it be around 4 1/2 stars but since its the match that made Shawn Michaels career, Its Fucking Wrestlemania and this match is the blue print for every ladder match after it, I have to go the full monty here and give it 5 stars.... This match stole the Show at Wrestlemania and when I seen it live on PPV it was one of the best matches or the best match I ever seen at this point, Of course as I got older I now prefer the Outstanding Bret Hart vs Owen Hart to this match cause it has aged much better. This match is in the Top 10 matches that every wrestling fan should watch. Match Rating *****

Chris Candido vs Tracy Smoothers.. SMW

This match is for a envelope containing a blank check for $2,500. The sad thing is that both these mens pay combined for this match wouldn't equal half $2,500... Candido is already in the Ring as Tracy Smoothers makes his way to the ring in his Southern Attire. Candido is in the ring horsing around, Candido was a Natural comedian, Sort of in the vein of like a Owen Hart or Santino Morrela, He just had this sort of Loveable Clumsy comedy character going. I think Candido if he were alive today would of made a excellent tag team with Santino Morrella and plus Candido could wrestle...... Now before I review this match I have to explain it to you, On the turnbuckles they are 2 poles opposite from each other, On those 2 poles they are a thin string tied from one end to another that drapes down to the top turnbuckle, In the middle of that thin string is a paper clip holding a envelope containing $2,500. Now Smoothers brings his Southern flag to the ring and basically almost knocks down the string holding the Check up above the ring. The ladder is really not needed in this match since the envelope is really not that high and not to mention that you can climb the to the top rope and grab the string and pull down the check and then pull the check off the floor or if you wanted to be really lazy, You could just walk to the corner where the pole is and pull the excess string and probably drop the check to the floor also. but This is Smokey Mountain Wrestling, Who needs logic..... The Match Starts off with some punches by Candido, smoothers takes Control and mounts a offense with some "Freddy Joe Floyd punches" Sending Candido down. Smoothers goes to get the Ladder but Candido jumps off the apron to axe handle him, Smoothers sees and turns around and gives Candido a fist to the gut. Smoothers takes the ladder in the ring and keeps knocking Candid out of the ring every time he trys to get back in, Smoothers baseball slides and sabotages another attempt of Candidos to get in the ring.... We Get Dutch Mantel on Commentary and he does a horrible horrible job. The commentators are really overselling the match, Talking about them mabey losing a Limb or ending their careers, Honestly I seen WWE divias matches on Raw that were more dangerous than this match.... Smoothers locks Candidos head in the ladder and throws it in the post (it sounds alot better than it looks but still a decent spot in the match).... Candido at some point in the match executes a perfect suplex on Smoothers, A second attempt for a suplex by Candido on Smoothers but Smoothers floats over and Candido turns around and Smoothers Belly to Belly suplexes him. Smoothers then goes for a terrible looking running splash, Candido gets the knees up. Candido now in control and slams Smoothers on the ladder, Goes for a splash off the top, Smoothers moves and Candido lightly hits the ladder. Smoothers now with a Baby face comeback, Mounts him in the corner and climbs the robes and starts hitting Candido with rights and lefts while the crowd half heartily counts along with him, Then Smoothers hits a jumping one legged drop kick and hits Candido in to the Turnbuckle and Candido bounces back to the ground and hits the ladder which is laying on the floor. Smoothers then hits Candido with 2 off the top rope moves and sets up the ladder. Smoothers begings to Climb, Candido climbs the other side but their is one problems, Whats that you ask? its a one sided Ladder, it only has small unclimbable rungs on the other side but Candido does his best. Candido goes for a Suplex, Smoothers blocks it and drops him face first and grabs the check and ends this abortion of a match Winner: Tracy Smoothers.... Candido attacks Tracy Smoothers after the match and steals the check.

Rating the Match
Terrible match. Anyone in the IWC that thinks Cornetter is a booking Genius needs to Watch Smokey Mountain Wrestling. Terrible booking and Poor execution. I feel bad For Chris Candido for having to be in this match. Candido held this match together enough to make it 2 Stars. Match Rating **

Syxx vs Eddie Guerrero.. NWO Sould Out
This is a U.S. Title Match. We start off with Eddie Guerrero coming to the ring and the NWO Voice over calls him a "Loser", The Voice over then Calls Guerrero "A Mexican Jumping Bean", Well The NWO are not being a S.T.A.R..... The Match starts off with Syxx using some good Karate offense on Guerrero. Guerrero comes off the ropes with what seems to have been a botch attempt at a Flying head scissors, Syxx takes control and a Irish whip on Eddie Guerrero and Eddie with a Flying Head Scissors this time and its successful. Syxx Then runs in to a beautiful Tilt O Whirl back breaker by Eddie.... later on the action goes to the outside and Eddie Guerrero goes to the top rope and does a Picture perfect dive on Syxx. Syxx is in the corner, Eddie Charges in and eats a knee by Syxx, Syxx climbs to the top and Eddie hits him down and crotches him on the top. Eddie Follows Syxx up and goes for a top rope Head scisors, Syxx pushes him off the top and Eddie moonsaults and lands on his feet and Syxx goes to the 2nd rope and does a awesome spin kick to Guerrero.... Syxx continues to kick Guerrero and then humiliates him with a Bronco Buster. The action spills outside and finally the ladder comes in to play when Syxx charges it in to Guerrero. Syxx brings the ladder over the top rope in the ring and Eddie slams the back end down and it ricochets back in Syxxs face.. Great fast paced action here, Another big spot in the match is when Syxx and Guerrero are both on top the ladder and Syxx does a jumping martial arts kick knocking both of them off the ladder. The match goes back and forth till the end when Syxx and Eddie both climb the ladder and battle at the top, They both grab the US title off the Hook and struggle to grab it from each other till Eddie hits Syxx in the Head with it and becomes the New U.S. Champion... Eddie Goes thru the crowd and Celebrates with WCW jobbers in the audience. Winner: Eddie Guerrero

Rating The Match
Fast paced Good match from these two. Nothing really innovative here just a Good Ladder match. Eddie and Syxx did a good job keeping some good wrestling in here to go along with the ladder spots. No ridicules Slow Climbing or anything of that kind but this match was lacking something that I cant put my finger on, What ever it was lacking hurt it from being anything more than a Good match... I seen much better Eddie Guerrero Ladder matches but its still a fun match that I give a solid 3 1/2 Stars. Match Rating *** 1/2

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