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What does the WWE want from Hulk Hogan?

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I'm looking down at my phone and then i hear something come out of my TV during Raw. I go to my brother and simply say:

"What the fuck? Did i just hear Hulk Hogan come out of his mouth?"

At this point, i was likely to say that WWE just bought TNA and was allowed to mention their wrestlers by name. I knew that was stupid it was just a joke. But with all seriousness, what does WWE want from the Hulkster?! This is the third time i can remember off of the top of my head that he has been mentioned in some way, shape, or form on WWE programming. Let's describe all of the accounts where Hulk Hogan was mentioned in WWE.

1) When the three stooges were on Raw.
If you weren't already traumatized and deprived of our precious wrestling, please go watch this garbage. On a side note, this video shows one thing: WHEN THE IWC SPEAKS, ONLY THE IWC LISTENS. Basically, we don't want celebrities, and they throw Will Sasso and the three stooges into our show. What the fuck WWE? The IWC is pretty smart and they are doing your jobs for you! Just listen to us! Who am i kidding, we are just computer screens to them. Anyways back to the point. Real American hits and Sasso comes out doing a Hogan impression. He didn't say Hulk by name so there was no clear sign of a law suit or legal trouble. But to say the least, we were all confused.

2) John Laurinatis calls himself the "Hulk Hogan of Japan."
When John Laurinatis came out and kicked the crap out of John Cena, I was honestly surprised. I was expecting an Eric Bishoff where he looks horribly stiff and unathletic and then the wrestlers do backflips like he got destroyed. But this time Johnny Ace looked like he was doing a routine wrestling ambush. Anyways, he gives this speech next week and calls himself the Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, and The Rock of Japanese wrestling. Im starting to get suspicious because the Hulkster twice?

And then I read this:

3) Hulk Hogan gets his own video on
The article on this site talks about the video in the third bullet point. When i read it, i made the decision to refuse to watch it. Why? Because these references aren't supposed to happen. THREE TIMES THE HULKSTER! They are promoting a man who isn't even under contract with them! This whole situation has my mind going insane, but i have a couple of theories as to why Hulk Hogan has been on the WWE for a random reason.

Theory 1: WWE Wants Something From Hogan
From an article written on this site describing the New York Post's interview with Hulk Hogan, he says this about WWE:
"I remember the last time this build-up happened. Vince McMahon had Shawn Michaels dress up as Hulk Hogan with a walker and say ‘You're getting old brother.' Then we came with the NWO idea and I feel the same thing now. (WWE) is banging me on TV again, having The Three Stooges dressing up as me, showing footage of Brock Lesnar beating me last week. They're worried about something."
This isn't entirely my theory, but maybe WWE is worried. The only reason i have this up here is because it is Hogan's own words.

Theory 2: The Ric Flair HOF Deal???
Could this be?! Maybe these references to a TNA talent is because they let WWE use his name and previous gimmick? If this is true, so is another thing: TNA's management is absolutely retarded. Its almost like they said "Wait one legend isn't enough, show off Hulk Hogan a couple of times to promote our show indirectly and then you can have him." Possibly they are trying to promote Hogan in an attempt to promote TNA indirectly because he is the "general manager"? Who knows, this is all stupid anyways.

Theory 3: WWE is Attempting to steal another past star.
The only reason this is a possibility is because the returns of The Rock and Lesnar and Johnny Ace is getting in the ring and the consistently annoying rumors of Stone Cold Steve Austin vs CM Punk are becoming the only interesting stories WWE has to offer. They have no confidence in their young guns. They keep relying on legends and past names to boost themselves. And besides Lesnar's loss at Extreme Rules, the returning legends aren't putting over talent. And if anyone is bad at letting the new guys go over, its definitely the Hulkster.

Unfortunate for us, the IWC must guess and blog about all of the WWE's deepest darkest secrets. And this is one of them. Vince approves every show, so obviously he approves this. We just need to wait and pay attention to the news that will hopefully clear this up. But after seeing all of the signs and reading this, you have to ask yourself: What does the WWE want from Hulk Hogan?

Thanks for Reading guys, comments and personal thoughts always welcome !

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  1. Michael Cobb's Avatar
    Yes, Hogan was the top draw, but you can't become a top draw without great people putting you over. So while Hulkamania is the biggest thing in wrestling history, it couldn't have been done alone.
  2. Dubs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Cobb
    Yes, Hogan was the top draw, but you can't become a top draw without great people putting you over. So while Hulkamania is the biggest thing in wrestling history, it couldn't have been done alone.
    That's not my point though. The point was me proving how Hogan changed the landscape of wrestling based on his Hulkamania character in the 80's, not how he got their by people putting him over. Your point of people putting Hogan over to become big still has no merit since Hogan was big in the AWA even before coming to the WWE territory and even in the AWA, he was never pushed as their AWA World Champion but he did draw there. Whether he got put over in the WWE or not, he still would have been a draw.

    Jimmy Snuka for example, was used as a jobber to make other talent look good but his popularity still grew with the fans, which had the WWE considering making him the face of the WWE which never happened. So you can still become a draw even though you aren't booked that way.
    Updated 05-12-2012 at 10:52 AM by Dubs
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