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WBC Series #3: WWE and This Year So Far

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What is up everybody! It is time for another edition of the main Wrestling Blog Challenge! This weeks topic, is on a current thought. As it stands, we have gone through 4 PPV's, which means we are 1/4 of the way through the year for the WWE. So, the champ, Broc, and his challenger, The Piper, are going to talk about this year so far in the WWE. Now you guys came here to hear from them, so let's get right into it. Up first, is the champ!


Hello everyone, it's your old buddy Broc here. I'm really glad to see that I'm still in the WBC, and I'm ready for another blog. Thanks to all those who voted last week whether for me or against me. Now let's dive right into things: this edition is concerned on the state of the WWE in 2012. Let's get it started.

Your thoughts on the current state of the WWE?
I like the current state of the 'E. Firstly, every PPV has been quality in 2012. There's not one PPV this year that I absolutely hated. A lot of people hated the first PPV of this year; the Royal Rumble, but I honestly thought it was a great night for the first PPV of the year. Sheamus winning the Rumble was a great shock to me, especially thinking that Jericho was going to win for sure.

The WWE title picture is something that I'm really enjoying. CM Punk's long title run has been great, and seeing Jericho back in action is great. The Punk and Jericho feud looks like everything I wanted the Punk vs. Steve Austin feud to be. From the bottles smashing on Punk's head, to Punk's DUI, everything about that feud was great, and now I'm even more looking forward to is the Punk and Bryan feud. 2 of the best wrestlers in the WWE go at it, and I can't wait to see this.

What have some of the high points been this year so far?
Well as I stated, the Punk title reign has been great, another thing I've enjoyed that maybe not many others have enjoyed is I love John Laurinitis as GM. It's always good to have a heel GM to make things more interesting, and Laurinitis is doing great in making everything believable.

Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena was a great ending to Extreme Rules, and now with Laurinitis vs. John Cena set to happen at Over the Limit, it's going to help make things a lot more interesting.

What have been some of the low points?
The main low point for me has been Brodus Clay. he busted onto the scene with his "debut" on raw, but since, the WWE really just doesn't have a clue what to do with him. After about 2 month's worth of squash matches the finally decided to just throw him in the tag team division, which really isn't anything. It seems like every time the 'E has someone that they have nothing for they just throw him in some random tag team, make it last for about 2-3 months, maybe win a title, then they go away. It happened with Kofi and Bourne, and now it looks like it's happening to Kofi and R Truth. Kofi Kingston right now is just a lost puppy, trying to make somewhere, but all that seems to be happening is just getting thrown back in the tag team division which really doesn't have anything too promising for him.

Another low point is the US Title. the title has really lost its prestige, and it's now just known as the jobber title. I love Santino and all, but come on, this title is being passed around like a hot potato. There's no one really taking control of the division, there's no actual good feuds going on in it, it's honestly just been a waist of space. The last time I felt the title was truly relevant was during Miz's year+ run with it. Since then, it's just been tossed around from a plethora of guys lost in the mid card.

What matches could be considered for match of the year so far?
CM Punk vs Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania is hands down the match of the year so far. That match was complete excellence. It had good wrestling, plenty of counters, suspense the whole match, I was really into it. What made it great is they didn't need some stipulation to make it a good match, they made it a good match by just being themselves, and they're both two of the best wrestlers on the planet, so seeing that match was a real treat.

Who has made the biggest debut/return this year so far?
2 main ones: Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar. Chris Jericho coming back has been a great treat, even if his departure will be coming earlier than wanted. He's put on a few great matches with Punk, and has really done a great job at just being Chris Jericho. I personally wanted him to come back as a face, but he's had a good run as a heel. With his feud with Punk seemingly over now though, I'm in anticipation to see what's next for Jericho.

As far as Lesnar goes; He's only had one match, but look at the impact he's made on the WWE. At one point the show was actually called "Monday Night Raw: starring Brock Lesnar" I've never liked Lesnar and I'll never be a Lesnar fan, but he is doing a great job at just being the cocky, bully, ass hole type person his character is built up to be. I love the whole "I'm just here to beat people up" thing, it works great for Lesnar. And judging by his last match with Cena, I wouldn't doubt that Lesnar still has some of the same stuff he had back in 04.

Where you think the WWE product will be in the coming months?
I like the current product for WWE moving forward in the coming months. We have Jericho and Lesnar sticking around, Punk being Punk, Bryan is on the rise, everything just seems to be working out well for the future of the WWE. I think that this year is going to be the year we start to see a lot of new names towards the main events. I guarantee Cody Rhodes will be a World Heavyweight champion before the year is over, when Wade Barrett comes back he'll likely be towards the top, Ziggler is also doing great for himself and could be a WWE champion by the end of the year, all and all, things are looking up for the 'E this year.

Which PPV of the 4, Rumble, EC, WM, Extreme Rules, has been the most successful and why.
All 4 of these PPVs were either good or great, which is a great sign for the 'E moving forward, but the best PPV of this year has been Extreme Rules, no questions asked. Extreme Rules had everything. There was Layla returning, Jericho and Punk having another great match, Daniel Bryan and Sheamus having a true match, and of course Cena finally overcoming the odds by defeating Brock Lesnar. Top to bottom, ER was flawless, and it really set the bar for PPVs for the rest of the year.

Overall, the year of 2012 has been, and is looking to be an excellent year for the WWE, and I'm definitely looking forward to watching it play out with an open eye for the next 8 months.

Well guys, thanks for reading. If you thought my blog is better, please vote for it, if not, vote against me. Do NOT vote for me because I'm Broc, and I'm all awesome and stuff. Vote for the better blog. ‚ÄčThank you.

Great blog from the champ! Can The Piper beat him? We are about to find out! Here is the challengers blog!

The Piper

Okay, so (apperently) the time has come for us to asses the WWE so far, and what better way for us to do it then competitively? So, like always, without further adieu, let's just jump into it!

Your thoughts on the current state of the WWE?
Better than last year. But seriously, WWE for a few weeks now has been inching its way towards a better tomorrow, not as good as the far-away past, but better than the past year and a half. Ever since Wrestlemania, WWE has been home to the spreading epidemic that is the YES! chant. YES! might not seem like much, but I see it as a shining light for the WWE. People YES at the things that they like, and stay silent at things they don't care about, if WWE were smarter, they would take this into account and stop feeding us side dishes of bull-crap throughout their shows.

What have some of the high points been this year so far?
The night after Wrestlemania comes to mind right away when I hear this. But this year has been home to quite a lot of high points, including Extreme Rules, but I'll get to that later. The highest point so far, in my view, is the shimmering points of hope that come our way, such as the return of Brock Lesnar, Super Cena losing to the Rock, and the (actual) unpredictability of Wrestlemania.

What have been some of the low points?
18 Seconds. Daniel Bryan and Sheamus got disrespected at WM, and that is a huge low point this year. Chris Jericho's return only to not win the title three ppv's in a row is a huge low point this year that leaves us all scratching our heads wondering why did he come back in the first place, but maybe time will tell. Miz being treated terribly backstage and then becoming a common jobber is disappointing, but not the lowest point. Brodus Clay is a low point for me, and a damn low one at that, but not the bottom of the pit. THE lowest point has to be Natalya's farting gimmick, not funny at all, disrespectful, and it left us thinking, why the bloody hell are we watching?

What matches could be considered for match of the year so far?
Both of the Jericho vs. CM Punk matches could be considered for match of the year. The 2 out of three falls match could be considered, but it was not the best IMO. Brock/Cena was nice to see Cena get his ass kicked, but the lack of back and forth takes it down in the list. So my match of the year has to go to Triple H vs. Undertaker at WM. Even though the Cell was used maybe twice tops, the match had everything, and the ending gave us one of the most special moments in WWE history.

Who has made the biggest debut/return this year so far?
Wow, out of all of the big returns this year, none of them have made a difference. Lord Tensai has not proved himself to have any improvement from A-Train, Jericho just beats Kofi and then loses to CM Punk at the ppv, and Brock Lesnar just hurt Cena a bit and then left. Will I lose votes if I choose Layla? Probably, so I choose Lesnar, for the sole reason that he gave us the bloodiest match in the past 2-3 years.

Where you think the WWE product will be in the coming months?
Oh god, hard to say. The WWE fluctuates more than Dolph Ziggler's career. If the WWE is smart, which we all know they aren't, they would gives us legitimate feuds, real superstars, and more Damien Sandow. But if the ppv's progress like they are now, we could be in for a real treat, because the last two has kept us on the edge of our seats for the most part. But if the writers begin to doze off again, then so will the ratings. This question is so situational, ask me now, I say the WWE will get better, ask me next week, I could say it is headed down the tubes again.

Which PPV of the 4, Rumble, EC, WM, Extreme Rules, has been the most successful and why?
Extreme Rules should be anybody's number 1 pickfor obvious reasons. The match quality surpassed WM with flying colors, and the unpredictability of the whole show gave it a 9/10 rating in my book, even by old-time standards.The only other contender for best show would be WM, because the other 2 were just lacking in the quality department. Wrestlemania was not my number one pick because of the wasted time that it gave us including that Brodus Clay monstrosity, the excess of rappers at the event, and the undercard piss-break quality matches at the beginning. So, that being said, ER had none of those things, making it my number 1.

Hope you enjoyed the blog, thanks for reading!

Allright guys! Another great blog! It is time for you to vote. Now like the champ said, don't vote for Broc just because he is Broc, vote for which is the better blog. Both were well written and both make excellent points. This should be a close one. It all comes down to you, the reader! Also if you are interesting in taking part in a future WBC main series or a top 5 series, shoot me a PM!

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  1. akbar's Avatar
    My votes go to The piper...but whats this thing about voting for Broc because his Broc? (i mean that in a respectfull way)
  2. Broc's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by akbar
    My votes go to The piper...but whats this thing about voting for Broc because his Broc? (i mean that in a respectfull way)
    I just felt some were voting for me because im popular around the forums, and I dont want to win that way.
  3. Destruction's Avatar
    Oooh, close one this was. Sorry Broc, but I think The Piper just, and I mean JUST (about this size of this . ) had it for me.
  4. thejman93's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Destruction
    Oooh, close one this was. Sorry Broc, but I think The Piper just, and I mean JUST (about this size of this . ) had it for me.
    I'm going the other way. Broc by a nose.
  5. No_1eddiefan's Avatar
    I'm gonna go with The Piper- sorry Broc- because of the 18 seconds being the low point- which I completely agree with.

    Very close though.
  6. pauadrian's Avatar
    I'm gonna have to take Piper's side
  7. VanHooliganX's Avatar
    Don't get me wrong here. I agree with both of you on a lot of points you say.

    I'm also voting for The Piper, but both should be proud of a good blog well done
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