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A Possible solution to the non-existent Tag Team Division

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Hi again all,

As with URATOOL’s thread, I have also been racking my brains to come up with a possible solution to the ailing TT division. The main problem is so simple – there aren’t any legitimate tag teams any more. By ‘legitimate’ I mean an actual team, with both wrestlers actually wearing matching outfits, or at least similar. Having an actual team name, and maybe even the same music. Crazy idea I know!

The first step I would take would be to team up Lord tensai and the Funkasaurus. Before you lay into me, they would be greener than kermit in a bath of mushy peas, but I think it would work. Just swap Funky’s pyjamas for a dressing gown and outfits are set. Have the music begin with some funky beats, then drop into some scary Japanese [email protected], akin to doink the clowns music when he was a heel. sort of. However you would also have to turn him heel, and I would play it like this.

Step 1 - Have the Miz demand a rematch on Raw, and just as he is about to hit the SCF LT trundles in and attacks him. At first Funky is unsure of what to do, but then sides with LT and beats down the Miz. Who makes the save? John Morrison! In one quick swoop you would turn Funky heel, which can only improve his shoddy character, give LT something to do other than pretend he is Japanese, make the Miz relevant aging (he is stale as a week old head of lettuce) and bring back one of the most entertaining wrestlers around. And creatwe 2 decent TT’s out of wrestlers currently doing nothing. Job done.

Step 2 – Throw in some handicap and singles w/manager matches to build the rivalry, with LT amnd Funky winning more often than not.

Step 3 - Somewhere, I’m not sure how have whoever is holding the titles at the time – not sure if I’m the only one who doesn’t really care – drop them for some underhanded antics. I will leave the how up to you. Then, a little further down the road, hols a Tag Team King of the Ring for the titles. I know it probably wouldn’t work as a PPV so a 3 hour Raw would do the trick.

Step 4 - I apologise if you disagree with any of the teams below but haven’t had access to wrasslin for 2 weeks as staying with family. If you can think on any better teams please shout!

First Round – underlined win.
Uso’s v Kofi and R-Truth
Reks & Hawkins v Santino and Zack Ryder
Miz and JoMo v Swagger and Ziggler
LT and Funky v O’Neill and Young

Uso’s v Miz and JoMo
LT and Funky v Santino and Zack Ryder

Miz and JoMo v LT and Funky

I am well aware that this wouldn’t be to everyone’s tastes, but this is simply what I think would create a TT division out of not a lot, give some prestige to the titles, and bring back the KOTR (in some form)

As always thoughts and opinions are welcome

Good Day!

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  1. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    i'd have the usos win both funky and lord tensai are boring and they are not quite young if you'd give the usos the win over the miz and jomo that would really make the usos credible as a tag team.
  2. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    WWE needs to take the floundering mid carders and place them in long term tag teams, first off. They need to realize that not everyone is meant to be a singles star. They push everybody to be a singles star and when they can't live up to expectations they cut their losses. Some great talent has been fired. Put them in tag teams. No shame in that. Some of the greats have been tag team competitors and failed as single stars. I can name tons of greats, that were great because of tag team wrestling.

    Second it would be cool if they resurrect the Jim Crockett Cup Tournament. They can name it the McMahon tournament. If you never witnessed the Crockett Cup Tournament you were either too young or you missed out, BIG time.

    It's too bad TNA beat the WWE to the bunch with their random placement tag team tournament that produced Samoa Joe and Magnus. That was a good move by TNA and would have worked really well in the WWE.

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