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WWE: Facelift

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I love WWE, but there's so much that needs to be changed I don't know how they ended up such a mess. From an entertainment stand point, they're great. From a TV show/storyline stand point, it's horrible. Too many loose ends, bad booking, poor job creating stars (has gotten a little better) and too damn talking.

PG or not, WWE can be cool without having to be x-rated, it's just needs to quit doing stupid shit like having pointless backstage skids, anything involving Hornswoggle and horrible guest hosts. Here's what I'd do...

1. Cut out 15-20 minute interviews, cut them down to a quick couple minutes and get to the point. If they want to give Wrestlers mic time, have them tape a backstage segment that airs sometime during the show. When I pay to see Raw, I don't want to sit there hearing John Laurenitus ramble about nothing. Get to the point.

2. Gimmick Updates: Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, Brodus Clay, R-Truth.. all guys who could update their characters and not be as geared towards kids and still be themselves. Give them an edge, a mean streak. I don't remember the last time I've seen Kofi get angry or R-Truth be serious. Evolve their charterers.

3. Dangerous Heals. I don't feel like there's any "dangerous" charterer heals, maybe besides Kane. If they gave Alberto Del Rio a psychopathic side to his character I think he'd benefit tremendously. Heals need to be taken more seriously and be more intimidating then the present ones we have (Del Rio, Miz, Christian, Swagger)

4. Intense feuds. Not since Brock/Cena did I feel two guys really wanted to go at it. You don't really see fights spilling out to the stands, backstage, backstage brawls, refs separating guys, etc as much as you use to. Turn up the heat. Make the feuds intense.

5. Storylines. I'm sick of soap opera story lines. How about story lines that revolve around wrestling. For the most part it's been good. No Katie Vicks, no limo explosions lately. Please stop contract signings. Save it for youtube. Too predictable and waste of time.

6. Smarter Booking. I touched on this in my other blog. WWE is giving us great PPV matches for free. Almost any match can make money if they build it properly. Use your TV shows to build characters, get them over, enhance your storylines, and use the PPVs for the big matches you HAVE to see.

Just a few things I'd change, comments are always welcome

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Love your ideas and love the changes. Unfortunately, the landscape of the wrestling industry has changed, and reality tv is what we get.
  2. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Going to have to agree with The Savior on this one. Enjoyed your blog, and fully agree with your ideas. Yet reality tv, and "so called fan interaction" is what we're going to get.

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