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Top 5 SummerSlam PPV's

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WWE is Gearing towards a huge SummerSlam this year so I thought I get a early jump on the posters and put my top 5 SummerSlam PPV's.... Now this list is judge on a whole, Not just a match. Examples, SummerSlam 1991 had a Classic Bret Hart vs MR Perfect IC title match but SummerSlam 1991 didnt make the list cause the rest of the card left alot to be desired. Same Goes for Summerslam 1995, The ladder match between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon was a incredible ladder match but the rest of the card makes it one of the worst SummerSlams of all times.... So lets get with the list.

2000 Was a Great Year for WWE. Storyline's , In Ring Product, Raws, Smackdowns and PPV's were at their peak.... Many Classic matches happened in 2000 and also one of the Better SummerSlams came out of the Year 2000.

The Card for SummerSlam was.
WWF title match
The Rock (champion) vs. Triple H vs. Kurt Angle

Undertaker vs. Kane

Two-Out-of-Three Falls
Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit

TLC Match for the Tag Team Championship
Edge & Christian (champions) vs. Dudley Boyz vs. Hardy Boyz

Tazz vs. Jerry "the King" Lawler

Right to Censor vs. Too Cool & Rikishi

X-Pac vs. Road Dogg

Hardcore Title Match
Steve Blackman vs Shane McMahon

Intergender Tag Match
Trish Stratus and Val Venis vs Eddie Guerrero and Chyna

The Hardcore Match between Shane McMahon and Blackman was Really only known for the Bump Shane took off the top of the Titan Tron to a set up Protective air tarp. Even though it was rigged, It was still a insane stunt that made the match memorable and easily Steve Blackmans biggest match and his biggest Standout moment in the WWF.

The Triple Threat between Angle, Rock and HHH could of been a huge disaster after Angle took a ugly bump from a Pedigree thru a table and suffered a concussion... The Rock and HHH being the pros they are kept the match together Very Well and it end up being a pretty Good Rock vs HHH match. The match could of been better If the original match that was planned played out but what we got instead still end up being a pretty good match and Angle being the Warrior he is, Came out to finish the match at the end.

The 2/3 Falls match between Benoit and Jericho wasn't the outstanding Classic Everyone expected to be, Honestly the Expectations for this match was pretty high around this time so there was no way they live up to it. Time hurt it very much being only 13 mins for a 2/3 fall match. but from start to finish these men went all out and never took a breath, The action got more and more intense with each minute that passed. The Match told a great story and had Great in ring action. Both men looked great coming of this match, Jericho looked like a "Never give up Baby Face that can defy all odds" and Benoit looked like a Complete Bad Ass Heel.

The TLC Match. What can one say about this match that hasnt already been said, This Height of the Tag Division in the WWF, The bar was set so high by these men (Hardys, Dudleys and E&C) that the Tag Divison has suffered cause of it cause no teams has been able to match what these men did together since. Talk about having personality, Character, Connection with the fans and being able to back it up in the ring? Most singles wrestlers today cant do that.

This match defined all these men. It shortened their careers and made them legit stars in Prowrestling. This match is one of the Greatest spot fest you will ever see. Even though it is a Spot fest it has alot of Heart also in it which is very rare and it is filled with so much action that you literately cant blink.... These men would go on to match this and in many fans minds top it at TLC at Wrestlemania 17.

The atmosphere of this event. Being in Wembley Stadium and having a legit 80,000 fans for this event made it surreal... This is the first and only time in the history of the WWF/WWE that a Intercontinental Title match main evented a PPV.... This SummerSlam isn't has complete has the others on the list cause its basicly a two match show and the rest is ok or just filler. but when one of those two matches is considered one of the Greatest matches of all time and the Atmosphere of the event being in the UK and having 80,000 people. SummerSlam had to be included on the list.

If you look at the SummerSlam card you will see it is very different from most wrestling cards, The Main event was a Face vs Face IC title match. The WWF Title match was a Face vs Face match and then you had Rick Martel vs Shawn Michales which was a Heel vs Heel match.... This was The First non Hogan SummerSlam and the WWF wanted to make a huge impact.

Rick Martel vs Shawn Michaels was a fun match. Very solid, Nothing really to talk about but they did have a good story and the no hitting in the face rule led to some decent comedy in the match.

Randy Savage and The Warrior had a intense match, Not as Good as their Wrestlemania 7 encounter but no one expected to be... This match could of been loads better without the cheap ending and the Curt Henning and Ric Flair interference but ti was Still a Great Face vs Face match......... People seem to forget just how good this match is cause of their Wrestlemania 7 classic and The bad finish, Plus you have Davey and Bret Stealing the Show in the Main event that this match unfairly gets forgotten. Great match that must be seen again but Don't go in expecting a Wrestlemania 7 level match.

What can I say about Bret Hart vs Davey Boy Smith. This is a Classic, One of the Best IC title matches if not the Best one of all times... Knowing the information we know now about the match and Davey Boy Smith in such a bad state that he could barley perform and for Bret Hart to go out their and carry the Bulldog Such a Incredibly match just shows How Good Bret Hart really is and everyone who Doesn't think Bret Hart is one of the Greatest of all times please watch this match and see What Bret Hart could do.... It makes me wonder Just How Good This match would of been if the Bulldog had been more coherent and the match went as they planned.

This was the Attitude era in Full Swing and I can easily say that this SummerSlam had the most attitude of all of them... This SummerSlam was on the the better built PPVs and having in my mind the best PPV Promotional Video I ever seen
. The Video set the tone for the whole event and AC/DC's highway to hell was the perfect background music for all these intense rivalries.... Let me run down the card.

European Championship Match
D-Lo Brown def. Val Venis via disqualification
Six-Man Tag Team Match

The Oddities def. Kaientai & Taka Michinoku

Hair vs. Hair Match
X-Pac def. Jeff Jarrett

Mixed Tag Team Match

Sable & Edge def. Marc Mero & Jacqueline

Lion's Den Match

Ken Shamrock def. Owen Hart

World Tag Team Championship Handicap Match

New Age Outlaws def. Mankind to become new World Tag Team Champions (Kane no-showed as Mankind's partner)

Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match

Triple H def. The Rock to become new champion

WWF Championship Match

Stone Cold Steve Austin def. Undertaker to retain

Every Match on the Card was solid and furthered along a storyline. There wasn't a bad match on the card... The main event suffered When Steve Austin accidentally knocked him self thru a loop and wrestling most of the match on instinct and it seemed the match suffered cause of it (it seems to be the curse with SummerSlam main events. Match not going as planed cause someone mentally isn't coherent)... It was Still a Good match that had alot of Great moments including The Undertakers first clean Televised loss in the WWF.

Dlo Vs Val Venis, Xpac vs Jeff Jarrett, The Mix Tag Match, Owen vs Ken Shamrock and New Age Outlaws vs Mankind were all Solid matches. X Pac and Jeff Jarrett had a Good Wrestling match.. Dlo and val had a Solid encounter also.. Owen Hart and Ken Shamrock had a very interesting and Exciting Lions Den match that was very different from what you usually see but Still very Good and The Foley NAO Handicap Tag Team title match was a entertaining Car Wreck.... No Match disappointed on the card, a Good Card thru and thru.

Steve Austin vs Undertaker was a War. It was the two main characters in the WWF going head to head in the main event of this intense SummerSlam. Even with the accident it was still a Good Attitude Era Main event match that didn't disappoint.

The Rock vs HHH Ladder match... Incredible feud, We have yet to see a midcard feud anywhere near this level since. This was personal and it wet on for months and the only way to solve it was a Ladder match. This match made The Rock and HHH stars, The Rock Shot right in to main events after this and main evented Wrestlemania 7 or 8 month's later and it was no doubt cause of his performance in this match... the Crowed Turned The Rock to the Peoples champion on this night cause ever since this match The Rock has had a huge following face or Heel.

What a Great PPV SummerSlam 2001 end up being. The Invasion Anlge may have left a bad taste in are mouth but bad Angle or not, They were too many talented people in the WWE in 2001 and They showed what they could do in the Ring... This PPV was topped off by a Dream match between The Rock and Booker T. Here is the Rundown of the SummerSlam 2001 Card.

Intercontinental Championship Match
Edge def. Lance Storm to become new champion

The Dudleys & Test def. The APA & Spike Dudley

Cruiserweight Champion vs. Light Heavyweight Champion Match
X-Pac def. Tajiri to unify the two championships

def. Rhyno

Hardcore Championship Ladder Match

Rob Van Dam def. Jeff Hardy to become new Hardcore Champion

World Tag Team Champions vs. WCW Tag Team Champions Cage Match
Undertaker & Kane def. Kanyon & Diamond Dallas Page to unify both championships

WWE Championship Match
Kurt Angle def. Stone Cold Steve Austin via disqualification

WCW Championship Match

The Rock def. Booker T to become new WCW Champion

X Pac and Tajiri had a Great fast paced LH title match, Great kicks from both men and a very match as you would expect from these two men.

Chris Jericho and rhyno had a hard hitting match, Rhyno had his usual dull spots in there but still a pretty solid outing for these two.

Edge and Lance Storm had a Hot opening match. It got the crowd going and one of Edges better matches during that time in the WWF and Lance Storms best WWF match.

The Rock and Booker T was the Main event and it was a good Sports Entertainment match. Booker and Rock did there usual exchanges and had a Hot ending. Really Good match and a Great way for Booker T to make his WWF main event debut. Very Good Solid Sports entertainment match.

RVD and Jeff Hardy had a Good spotfest Ladder match. innovative spots and high impact moves. RVD was Insanely Over at this time and he just get more popular in the coming month's. The Best Hardcore Title match in the WWFs history.

Steve Austin vs Kurt Angle was a Amazing match, Almost Everything you could want in a match. This match doesn't get the respect it deserves cause of the ending. But to me the match was so Good regardless of the DQ ending. This is one of the Best Angle matches I ever Seen and One of Austins Best Also and that's Saying alot considering the classics these men have been in. Match was off the charts.... Please forget the bad ending and watch this match from start to finish and you will see what I'm talking about.

This is one of the Best Cards top to bottom you will ever see. I will run down the Card for you.

Kurt Angle def. ReyMysterio

Ric Flair def. Chris Jericho

Edge def. Eddie Guerrero

World Tag Team Championship Match

Lance Storm & Christian def. Booker T & Goldust to retain

Intercontinental Championship Match

Rob Van Dam def. Chris Benoit to become new champion

Undertaker def. Test

Street Fight

Shawn Michaels def. Triple H

WWE Championship Match

Brock Lesnar def. The Rock to become new WWE Champion

The only weak link in this card is Test vs Undertaker and that match wast that bad either.

Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle had a Fast Past innovative match... Rey Showed in this match he could hang with bigger guys in the WWE and he wasn't just some crusierweight and Angle meshed well with his style. Very Very Good and exciting match.

Edge and Eddie Guerrero had a Great match here, Eddie put on a Wrestling clinic working over Edges arm.... This was Edges best Singles match at the time and These two men would go and top this in the NO DQ match on Smackdown, Great match here.

Brock Lesnar and The Rock had a intense match. Brock Lesnar looked like a monster and in the middle of this match the crowed actually turned on The Rock and Got behind Lesnar... Lesnar and Rock had a Great match here, Lesnar Over powered the Rock using his amateur wrestling while Rock used his finese and skill to try to ware down the Big man.

Chris Benoit and RVD had a underrated Classic at SummerSlam for the IC title. Benoit Showed how great of a technician he truly is in that ring against RVD. Putting RVD in Hold after Hold, Just putting on a excellent Wrestling exhibition. RVD using his unique style, High Impact moves along with his top notch selling to make this a Excellent match.

HHH vs Shawn Michaels Street fight. What can you say about this match? This is the Greatest comeback in the history of prowrestling and a Amazing match. This match gets better and better with age and even though this SummerSlam has many Great matches on it, This Stand above and beyond all of them and stole the Show.

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  1. Dazzaschofield's Avatar
    An excellent blog and a very enjoyable read, it brings back a lot of fond memories of some good times. The triple threat match that headlined SS 2000 always freaks me out, the fact that storyline wise HHH was meant to pedigree Angle through the table and he would then be taken to the back with a concussion only to return at the end....and then to actually have the table collapse and Angle to be taken to the back with a legitimate concussion only to come out and finish the match was an astounding coincidence!!

    Please I urge you to do more blogs based on other PPV's.
  2. Jerichoholic-NL's Avatar
    perfect Top 5
  3. cjstonecold's Avatar
    Good blog. I just would have put summerslam 1991 in instead of 2001. Maybe I'm a lil biased of the ol wwf but three title changes in one night was awesome. The mountie vs. Big Boss Man was funny as hell. And Macho's wedding was funny with Heenan's commentary. The only downside was the main event.
  4. Kuroudo93's Avatar
    Thankyou for giving me several additions to my "Must Watch" list

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