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An Overview of the Injured List - What Do We Have to Look Forward To?

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I don't think I've ever done one of these blogs before - I honestly can't remember. But whatever, after reading some threads on the forums, I got to thinking abotu some of the guys we have on the injured list of an already cluttered roster, and started wondering where they will even fit once it's time for them to come back.

Wade Barrett

First of all, there is the season 1 NXT winner, Wade Barrett. A guy who began as the leader of Nexus, then kinda fizzled out with the Corre, then finally went into singles competition where he hovered in mid to upper midcard. Honestly, I couldn't stand the guy at first. Something about him just didn't do it for me in NXT. But later, once Nexus picked up, he started to grow on me, then I got tired of him in the Corre, then he won me back over once he got into singles competition.

But enough about his brief history. What does he have to offer? Easy. He's got mic skills, which he has proven through carrying Nexus on the microphone. He also has skill and size, not to mention the fact that he has victories over some pretty legit guys. After that nasty arm injury on RAW back in February, they gave him an estimated 4 months on the bench to heal. So in theory, that means he should be back late June or Early July.

But what can they do with him? It's no surprise that WWE is already pretty midcard heel heavy as it is, and they already pack their shows to the brim. So where does that leave him? Taking the place of some of the talent that's being used now, unfortunately for them. This means less time for Jack Swagger, who desperately needs a push and a different manager. Though there is also the fact that Mark Henry might be hanging up the boots soon, in which case there's time to use him in his place. He could come in and feud with Orton, Big Show, Sheamus, or even a returning Rey Mysterio, or come back and make a statement against Brodus Clay or even former Nexus comrade Ryback. Either way, I'd like to see him get used and hopefully EVENTUALLY pushed up to main event status once there's room for him.

Rey Mysterio

Well, technically Rey is on the suspended list at the moment, but he didn't have a chance to return since healing from injury, so it's like the same thing, right? Well, we already know plenty of Rey's history and what he's about. The "Ultimate Underdog" and all that.We also know that his knee has been a recurring factor in his health issues, and that he can only move around so much for so much longer.

So the question is, where does he stand upon his return? Well, assuming he's not in the doghouse with management at the moment, I'd assume that he would end up quickly back in the Main event or upper midcard, bringing the midcard the face power they so desperately need. He could help contribute to the spushes of Ziggler and Rhodes, or possibly start a feud with Daniel Bryan down the road. But let's be honest, they'd more than likely just throw him into another feud with Del Rio. Or alternatively...

Sin Cara

There's also this guy. Sin Cara was meant to take the WWE Universe by storm last year, but it took him a little too long to adjust to the WWE style of working a match. This resulted in numerous botches, and some sloppy motions during the matches he had, and as a result, some tremendous heat from the IWC. According to recent interviews with him, he feels more comfortable working the WWE style now, and he claims that he's gotten things down and ready this time around. So once he returns, we'll see what he's got, for real this time, or at least I hope.

But where will he stand once he returns? We know they originally had it planned for him to face Rey at Wrestlemania, but of course, with them both getting injured, that fell through. They'll probably either show vignettes for his return or have him appear as a surprise opponent for someone. He'll fit just fine in midcard, providing a little more excitement to the regular jobbings of Jack Swagger and Heath Slater. It'll be interesting to see exactly what they do with him, since he's been there long enough for them to actually feel obligated to put him in a storyline with someone other than himself/Hunico.

Justin Gabriel

Yet another cruiserweight, and another ex-Nexus member. He's got a mean 450 Splash, and pretty much a fool proof lock on the roster because of his international appeal in South Africa. He is athletic, and entertaining, despite never really having much of a character. But will that change? Probably now, honestly.

But will he do anything? According to recent reports, he and Tyson Kidd will be pushed in the dreaded tag team division upon his return, leaving him in that same unimportant limbo that Kofi Kingston can't seem to get out of. There may be a tag team championship i ntheir future, but until WWE puts more time into their tag team division (which may be starting to happen, we'll see), I, for one, won't really care.

Evan Bourne

Without his tag team partner, Kofi, Evan Borne will have his work cut out for him once(if) he comes back, due to his recent suspensions. However, they've always seemed to be high on the guy, so maybe wounds will heal by then.

I honestly don't see him going too far up in the ranks upon his return, but who knows? Maybe he'll go to the IC title picture. Maybe he'll find a new partner and go back to the tag team division. Maybe he'll show up, take out some big name and reveal himself as some huge heel.(No. That will not happen. Ever. But I digress) There are many ways to use Bourne, but they'll have to get rid of some of those Khali and Tensai matches to free up the time.

Ted DiBiase Jr.

DiBiase was hovering on Superstars before his injury. After Legacy ended, he got the short end of the stick; an autotuned entrance theme, having to succumb to being the minion of his former partner, Cody Rhodes, and later a feud with Jinder Mahal. Still DiBiase has the potential to be something big, he just needs to find it, and so does management. What he needs most, in my opinion, is a better character. He comes off as cookie cutter babyface, and that's just plain boring. He needs something about him to make people wanna notice, something to make people remember who he is. Working on mic skills may help, but he needs a whole style revamp in my opinion. However, I very well could be wrong.

So what is to come for Mr. Dibiase? Probably Superstars. Hopefully he gets pushed up to the main roster from there, but he'll most likely pick up right where he left off. In an ideal world, they would have enough program time to actually use guys like him. Sadly, this is not such a world, and the WWE Universe needs their Hornswoggle fix - whether they like it or not.


I almost didn't add Christian because technically, he isn't injured anymore. However, he hasn't officially returned yet, so there is still reason to speak on him. According to reports, he returned to a house show and was still doing the whole "One more match" thing, so he's still after the title, but good God, if this gets as bad as it did last time with him getting shot after shot, I'm gonna lose it.

I can see him feuding with Sheamus for the title for a while, or maybe even jumping to Raw to go against Punk at some point. The IWC would probably go nuts, though personally I wouldn't care all that much; Christian has never really done it for me, though I'm not really sure why that is. I want to like him, I just don't seem to be able to truly. Ah, well. Moving on...


Again, not technically "injured" physically, per se. Karma is getting herself together mentally and emotionally after losing her unborn child to miscarriage. In her previous run, she never had an actual match as a WWE diva, instead wreaking havoc among the divas, attacking them after matches. She did make an appearance in the Royal rumble, being only the 3rd woman to do so, and eliminating Michael Cole (kinda) as well as Hunico, and delivering an Implant Buster to Dolph Ziggler.

Now, I could ask where she will go upon her return, but I think that much is obvious. She's going to dominate the Divas. And it only makes sense to build up to a feud with Beth Phoenix, which may be exactly what the divas need. I am interested to see how that goes.

So yeah, that's it for this blog. Not sure how well I got my thoughts across, but yeah. Feel free to comment and all that.

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  1. BlackFalcon's Avatar
    Dude, where was Trent Barretta? He's injured too, he was supposed to be in a tag team with Kidd on NXT before his injury.
  2. Petey Nice's Avatar
    that was great but i think bourne should return as a heel to face truth bc truth stole kofi wwe will never think of that though also i think maybe dibiase will be in the ic picture vs rhodes to get him over kharma right rey right christian gimmick change and see where we go and barret vs sheamus for title win or formation of united kingdom like u wwe will never realize but what r we going to do
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I don't agree with Wade Barrett having mic skills. I think complete opposite. I think he was very weak, one-dimensional, and repetitive on the mic, and that's what held him back.

    You mentioned how Christian doesn't do it for you, which is cool. But I think Christian would be much better off coming back as a face.

    I don't see the big deal with Kharma. The Diva's division is so bad, does it even matter at this point? Are you seriously looking forward to Kharma vs Beth Phoenix? Really?

    Amazing how many of these people we don't even think about because they've been out of the picture with their injuries/suspensions.

    Good Read. A breath of fresh air away from all the Paul Heyman blowing that followed all the Brock blowing over the last few weeks.
  4. Cynicism's Avatar
    Christian needs to come back as a face, his "one more match" was meant to be heel tactics but the crowd was happily chanting it with him.

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