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The 10 Most Respected Inviduals in this Industry

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Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well, this will be a fun blog. I wanna talk about the most respected individuals in this business. Its seems in the world of professional wrestling its acceptable for these past wrestlers to take shots at other wrestlers and it kinda sickens. Professional wrestling has turned to one of the most bitter, unprofessional sport out there from various off-air feuds like Hogan & Warrior, Hogan & Bret Hart, Scott Steiner & Bischoff, Matt Hardy & Paul London, and to be real I can names 100s more.

I decided I wanted to talk about the most respected individuals of this business. The one's that you rarely every hear anything negative from. The individuals that you rarely ever heard bad mouthed by former employees, the Universe & The IWC. This will be the most difficult list to rank so cut me some slack. Hope you enjoy.

  • Must be alive
  • Must be someone you RARELY or EVER hear anything negative about

10 Most Respected Individuals in our Industry:

10. Paul Heyman
One of the promotion runners that took a Philly based company and put them on the national market. He sure as hell has made some bad business moves but none the less, these fans respect him. I'm pretty sure Heyman might be the most respected individual in the indies scene as well as ROH. He's an inspiration.

9. Kane
Kane to me gets boring quick but the fans love him. He's the one wrestler I can remember that rarely gets booed even when he's a heel. I remember when he was bullying Mysterio. During that feud, when Kane's music would hit he was getting Austin like pops. People love this guy and I'd be lying if I said I didn't.

He's a huge influential piece to the framing of this business dating back to 97' and in my opinion he's the greatest big man of all time next to the Undertaker.

8. A.J. Styles
Never have I heard anything negative about Styles. I've heard some comments on his mic skills but that's about it. The one thing I read every day on this site is "A.J. should still be the company man and top guy in TNA". I hear that quote everyday and I've made that quote as well.

7. Sting
The greatest talent to never wrestle for Vince and that is the one reason why the world respects him. He's stood his ground for his beliefs and that's something huge. I'm pretty sure Vince has offered him a contract on 4 different instances but he's yet to give in. I'm sure they've been lucrative deals but he's still stood his ground.

He is the true Icon of this business and that's saying something. I hope he continues to stick around in this business but even I'm ready to see him wrestle Shawn Michaels or Taker at Wrestlemania.

6. Arn Anderson
This is also my boy. He was the top guy in the Four Horseman in my opinion. Love his in ring work. He's a backstage agent working with talent and we as fans should be honored that he's coaching the talents we watch on television today because it can only mean good things.

5. Roddy "Rowdy" Piper
The other Icon of this business. The greatest talker ever and I stand by that. He's the guy who Vince can call to come in and jog the ratings for a Piper's Pit. Not only is he the greatest talker ever but he's the greatest of all time to never win the WWF Championship.

4. Jim Ross
Personally, I can't stand Jim Ross. Never liked his commentary, always thought he was overrated and over the top. I hate how he belittles fans on Twitter just for asking him simple questions. Never played much into his booking or the talent he was so stuck one. But regardless of my opinion, people love and respect this guy. If I had a dollar for how many fans beg for him to come back to commentary I'd have enough money to put his BBQ Sauce out of out business.

3. Stone Cold Steve Austin
This is my boy, one of my favorites ever. He had the trust to fill in as the top guy when HBK went down with an injury and I feel like he filled that role perfectly and will always be the biggest draw ever in this business.

2. The Undertaker
How many guys respect this guy in the back? I've read stories on how the guys in the back look up to him to the point where they're scared to even approach him. JTG said in an interview that Undertaker approached him after a match and congratulated him on pinning Jericho and JTG said it was the biggest honor of not only his career but his life.

Guys like Taker come a once in a million years. He's the one guy that the IWC doesn't mind performing. He always has his spot on every Wrestlemania card and that usually draws in the buys and the respect from the younger guys. I've yet to hear anything negative about the Undertaker.

1. Mick Foley
A guy that is involved in so many charities and just an overall nice guy. He's an all time selling author, a comedian and in my opinion the most respected individual in this industry. I give Mick Foley credit because he gives wrestling a better name. The way he reaches out to the world and tries to connect with audiences all over is just amazing.

Career wise, look at how many times Mick Foley has jobbed for the better of the business. In face, most of Mick Foley's highest profiled matches of his career were all matches he agreed to lose. If you don't believe me think about the HIAC & Casket match with The Undertaker, his match with Edge at Wrestlemania, his Backlash 2004 match with Randy Orton. He's put over alot of guys in this industry.

He has so much respect from his peers, that Vince gave COle & Lawler the "OK" to plug his book while he was still on the TNA roster. We can debate this all day, but this guy is the most respected guy out there.

Reasons Why I didn't Include........???

  • Hulk Hogan - He's had a great career but people hate this guy. He's tarnished his legacy and truly is a cancer to our sport.
  • Shawn Michaels - He's one of the most respected ever but he still gets a bad rep for how he behaved in the 90s, his involvement with the Screwjob and how he treated the Rock.
  • The Rock - I've learned to respect this man but the fact is, many fans will never respect him for his jump to Hollywood. That's the basis of it.
  • Vince McMahon - He has to be the most loved and hated man of this industry. Many WWE fans still watch wrestling but blame McMahon for the downfalls.
  • Triple H - for some reason people always say he never put anyone over which is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Um, Batista, Chris Benoit, Big Show all won their first WWE World Championship from Triple H and he even tapped out twice at Wrestlemania.
  • Chris Jericho - I love Jericho but alot of people find him cocky.
  • John Cena - Self Explanatory. Respected outside the ring, hated inside the ring.
  • Ric Flair - This might be self explanatory as well.

Hope you all enjoyed this one, I had fun writing it. Please leave feedback, thanks guys and be safe. Until then.

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  1. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    I'm not going to disagree with your list, cause it looks good to me. I'm just going to fly a few more names past you that might have slipped through the cracks. BTW I think the Undertaker should be #1.

    No particular order:

    1. Bobby Heenan
    2. Harley Race
    3. Tommy Dreamer
    4. Edge
    5. Christian
    6. Ricky Steamboat
    7. William Regal
    8. Fit Finlay
    9. Booker T
    10. Ron Simmons

    11. Iron Sheik...LOL Just kidding
  2. akbar's Avatar
    1 and 2 should swap...other than that great blog
  3. The Piper's Avatar
    I agree with Mick being number 1, he is the man in wrestling, after reading 3 out of 4 of his books, I have an enormous amount of respect for Mick and everything he has done. Great list, anyways.
  4. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Great blog bud. Enjoyed the whole concept of it. It's nice to read something new and fresh. Glad to see people blogging not only about what's going on in the industry today.

    Side note. Like the music. Keep it up bro
  5. Phillyraines's Avatar
    Great blog! enjoyed reading it! couple points -

    -don't understand why AJ Styles is in this list? Look at your top 10...Styles is not close to the same league as the other 9.
    -I'd put Vince McMahon in a top 10 list such as this. he's done so many positive things for wrestling...more than just about everyone else that has touched the business.
    -If Hogan retired in 2005 for real...and Flair retired after WM24 for real...both would probably be strong cases to be in a top 10 most respected of all time list. But I agree with you...since those times, these guys have destroyed their amazing and respectful legacies over and over again. Especially Hogan. Flair, I wouldnt disagree with you putting in this top 10...Hogan i would argue hard against. He isnt respected at all other wrestlers or fans.

    again - great list - enjoyed the read!
  6. Seanb93's Avatar
    Goodl ist for the most part, I personally would replace AJ Styles with Dusty Rhodes.

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