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WWE's Big Guy Breakdown

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Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. Today in wrestling, more specific, the WWE, big guys have been a lost cause. I'm going to quickly give my breakdown and analysis of every big guy on the WWE Roster.

Brodus Clay:
Personally, I love the guy, but the gimmick is an all out joke. The reason why the gimmick sucks is because BRODUS CLAY CAN NOT DANCE. Simple as that. This gimmick worked for The Godfather, Ernest "The Cat" Miller, Flash Funk and Rikishi had some smooth dance moves but Clay just plain doesn't.

Not only that but he doesn't have enough personality to pull off the mic work that comes with a gimmick like that. Its just alot to work on with him but he has some good in him. Also, the squash matches are getting played out. People won't take him serious until they put him in competitive matches against other big guys and more established heels like The Miz, Alberto Del Rio and others.

I'd like for them to let him run with his dominant heel "House of Pain" gimmick that they gave to Mark Henry which was originally Brodus Clay's idea. He can pull that gimmick off.

Mark Henry:
This is my guy, I'm glad to see he finally won the big one. None the less, I'm looking forward to his retirement. He's lost that passion and just doesn't look like he's enjoying it any longer. I love the guy but just leave while you still have your health and be with your wife and little girl. He should be a first ballad hall of famer, he's paid his dues for over 15 years, job well done Mark.

What I loved about Mark is how he was booked to destroy Orton and it was actually believable. It was good television and Henry's mic work made that work. Henry is exceptionally well at heel promos and should be applauded for that. Good stuff Mark.

The Undertaker:
I grew up on this guy, seeing his career wind down is actually emotional. I love this guy. He knows the business and is a pioneer of it and might be the most respected man ever in the history of this business. Not too many colleagues, former colleagues or fans have anything bad to say about the Undertaker.

With that being said, he needs to only wrestle at Wrestlemania and that's it. We don't need him to be in any feuds unless it occurs at Mania. We love you Undertaker and most of us real fans are just looking out for your health.

I love Kane, I'll go out on a limb and say he's the greatest talking big man in the history of this business no doubt. The mask thing threw me off because we know its still the old Kane. I wanted him in a mask that doesn't reveal that its the same Kane because not knowing who's under the mask actually sells the gimmick.

When Kane first debuted in 97', everyone was hooked on that gimmick because we wanted to know who was under the mask. I would love to see the IWC today mark out trying to figure out who's under the mask but we all know its Kane.

He's amazing in the ring, a valuable asset but his time is winding down. Lets just make the best of it, I'm all for seeing Kane on television but I'd like to see him take a few mini breaks in between because he gets stale very quick.

Mason Ryan:
This guy with a mic is a disaster but I like him. I don't think he's as green as people like to think. I think he has potential but at the end of the day, he's not marketable at all. People throw that Batista comparison out there but Batista was a hell of alot better. Plus he wasn't just muscle, he was solid on the mic and drew big time. Mason can be a good asset that plays his position but I don't see him being anything more than United States Champ.

Ezekiel Jackson:
He has a strong faith, a good God fearing man so we relate in that respect, but I don't think he has what it takes. I think they try to make him too much like Ahmed Johnson especially with the red trunks. He's green and the only move he really utilizes is the scoop slam. I think he just needs a fresh start and maybe lose a bit of the bodybuilder weight. Good guy but its not a big man's world these days which really sucks.

Lord Tensai:
I'm a fan of his in ring work, he's improved big time in Japan but I don't like how they carried that gimmick to the WWE. He should try a different gimmick or maybe just keep the A-Train gimmick because we all know who he is and the commentators acknowledge the fact that he's a former WWE star. I just dislike the gimmick but he's awesome in the ring and he's slimmed down.

The Big Show:
I'm a huge Big Show fan, he's one of the greatest. From his work with WCW as the Giant, he's always been a solid draw and an amazing talent. The crowd loves him but its getting to that point where he might need to step away and maybe spend some time with his beautiful wife. I love Show but it seems like its hard for creative to find something for him but they continue to. I'd like to see him have one more big run as World Heavyweight Champion, he deserves and is a first ballad Hall of Famer.

The Great Khali:
He seems like a nice guy but he might be the most green wrestler in the history of this business. No disrespect, but him winning the World Championship was almost as bad as David Arquette winning the WCW Championship.

Brock Lesnar:
I don't know what to make of this. I was excited at first but I'm just really not a Lesnar fan and I never was. He's done some good things but he has this ego that even kayfabe can't hide. I get this impression that we just don't matter and we're living in his world. I get that same impression with Cm Punk as well.

Brock isn't getting the reaction I thought he was and that's not his fault, these kids don't really know who he is. But he's a guy that feels like he's bigger than this business. I hope he can give us something cool because I wanna like this guy, I really do.

I love this guy, great great great talent. I like what they're doing by making him a babyface but I'd like him to job out actual wrestlers instead of the no names. He has a great amount of potential and a great personality and should be World Champion sometime in his career, hopefully soon.

Husky Harris:
This is my favorite big guy and the future of wrestling and he's pretty much the reason I decided to right this blog. I'm going to treat you guys to some of his promos from FCW with his new gimmick. He's absolutely amazing, agile, quick and a powerhouse and truly is a "Army Tank with a Ferrari Engine". He should be a 5-Time WWE Champ one day and should be the top big man seeing as many of the guys I've mentioned above are near retirement or just plain don't got it. Check these videos out. He's a modern day Dusty Rhodes.

Hope you guys enjoyed this one. This one is simple, the big guys that we all grew up on are slowly coming to an end. The WWE needs that one or two big guys that really does it big time. I think those two guys are Husky Harris & Ryback hands down. Please leave feedback and let me know what you feel on the subject. As always its been a pleasure. Be safe guys, see ya next time. Until then.

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  1. Renevious's Avatar
    Hey Knox, how've you been man? I just watched those Bray Wyatt videos, and all I can say is WOW. Now, I do live in a suburb of Lafayette, LA and all the stereotypes about shrimp boats aside, he is wearing that gimmick like a second skin. He's got the accent down pretty well, and he's so bought into it that it almost seems eerie. I know you said he's like a modern day Dusty Rhodes, which I see where you're coming from on that. But after watching that first promo, he reminds me more of the old heel Jake the Snake days. Either way, you're absolutely right about this guy. If they don't filter him too much when he gets back to the main roster, he is going to be the future. Great blog man. Keep it up.
  2. akbar's Avatar
    hmmm...never really gave Husky Harris a second thought, but now youve mentioned him Ill watch out for this guy
  3. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    I really like Big Zeke, but every time they give him a push they take it away. I'd love to see him at least the US Champ sometime in the next year or so. But I fully agree that he relies too much on a very limited move set and needs more variety even if they are power moves. But the man reminds me of a young Mark Henry and I just hope the same thing doesn't happen with him for 15 years.

    They're definitely dropping the ball on Albert/Tensai and Clay. I understand they gave Clay's gimmick to Henry because Henry is on his way out and needed a gimmick that could give him at least one title reign and push some merch. But this leaves clay in an odd predicament where I and many others don't see him growing beyond perhaps an overgrown Hornswoggle. That's a complete waste and I'm not sure that at this point they could undo the damage done by this gimmick in turning him heel.

    Speaking of damage done by previous gimmicks, Ryback is now a joke and I don't care how they repackage him Husky Harris will get "Husky" or "Husky Boy" chants when he comes back... mark my words on that. I'm not sure WWE realized this fully, but NXT has pretty much ruined most of the guys that were on it for at least a few years if not permanently. Sure we got Otunga, Bryan, and Barret out of the deal... But what about these guys shuffling mid to under card?
  4. Renevious's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheLegendaryIcon
    I understand they gave Clay's gimmick to Henry because Henry is on his way out and needed a gimmick that could give him at least one title reign and push some merch. But this leaves clay in an odd predicament where I and many others don't see him growing beyond perhaps an overgrown Hornswoggle. That's a complete waste and I'm not sure that at this point they could undo the damage done by this gimmick in turning him heel.
    I totally get where you're coming from on this, but just think if one day when Mark Henry really is ready to start hanging it up, they pass a heel torch. By then, Mark will probably be a heel on the verge of a face turn again just because people respect his long career. Then you can have Brodus walk in and all of a sudden snap. He'll destroy Mark Henry over and over (not in matches, but just continuous run-in's). He won't answer when anyone approaches him to explain his actions. And then he'll finally speak on it, and say how Mark's old ass stole his gimmick and how that should've been him with the belt. And then he'll start his own "real" Hall of Pain, and I promise you it would generate so much heel heat, that they'll be able to ride it for as long as they want.
  5. second_city_sinner's Avatar
    i got a feeling that the rotunda's will be brought up together in a tag team but i hope they keep the bray wyatt gimmick and make bo a follower i could see it being sought of a new S.E.S type gimmick with wyatt converting people(such as the tyler rek's and ezikiel jackson's of the wwe) for his own dastadly deeds lol that could give him a major push.

    and ryback they should use the goldberg gimmick make him win like 30 straight matches but stop with the jobbers have him beat the midcarders and whatever they do they shouldnt let him speak for a long time just loads of interviews with him silent and smirking then he run's out destroy's whoever whc is and boom got a fued for him

    good job on the blog man
  6. Wildcat's Avatar
    Brodus Clay's gimmick does not work because he's presented as a 90s WWF cartoon character.

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