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Forgotten Stars- Steve Blackman

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Hey guys, I never used to read the blogs on EWN since the site was re-vamped but I recently started to read one or two and now I read most of them! Personally, I think its great to hear what other people think & listen to different POV's. This is my first ever attempt at any form of blogging so any critics would be appreciated to help me improve

It's become pretty obvious that the majority of WWE viewers are unhappy with the difference between the present WWE style and the styles of the past. From small things like entrance's & theme music, to gimmicks, to match types, to storylines & superstars etc., and it made me think about some the things that I personally loved when my love for wrestling was at its peak. And one superstar in particular...

I loved the Steve Blackman gimmick. The 2nd theme music, the basic attire, the incredible move set, the basic what held him back?? Many of you will argue the obvious fact that he didn't have the best mic skills (demonstrated at best in his Ken Shamrock/one way OR ANOTHER promo), but is it really gotten to the point where superstars are not being pushed because they're mic skills are not great? I mean Steve Blackman had the whole package (IMO) except for his mic skills, and Youtube videos can back me up on the fact that he got big pops for a mid carder. Why does WWE rely so heavily on mic skills and talking abilities when they had a great superstar right there in front of them, and then released him after making him team with Grand Master Sexay? (the lowest of lows). WWE really screwed that one up.

Apologies for rambling, I'm only learning I'd love to hear your opinions on The Lethal Weapon, and feel freeto use my arguments to highlight other superstars that had the same treatment.


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  1. ajmisback's Avatar
    Blackman was my favorite wrestler of all time. I really loved him in the Hardcore division and I loved his feud with Shamrock. I still re-watch his matches on youtube! I agree that WWE really messed that up as well as many other great superstars. I'd rather see some action such as what Blackman provided any day over the annoying ability to repeat the word "YES" a million times by Daniel Bryan. It seems like with every raw that it's just getting worse, tonight there was not even one solid match and it was very terrible. Something really needs to be done! Back to Blackman, I really miss the chemistry he brought to the ring and the no expression, no remorse attitude his character had! It was a shame to see him go!
  2. PrimusSucks's Avatar
    Some superstars are born to be midcarders, Blackman just wasn't someone you could put on a poster and say "this guy is the WWE". Talented wrestler, great character, excellent midcarder, but I can't look at him and think he is a great main eventer, no matter how talented he was or how much of a legit badass he was.
  3. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    PrimusSucks, but does everyone have to be a main eventer? What's wrong with having an excellent midcarder?

    Steve Blackman was a wrestler I hated early on for in my opinion having a weak gimmick, weak mic skills, and nothing that really stood out about him character or appearance wise. Then it all changed when he entered the hardcore division and became the champ. The Lethal Weapon gimmick along with his trademark kendo stick were just perfect for the division and I was lucky enough to get to see him at a house show when he was the champ.

    I honestly don't remember what happened to him after that but when he lost the title, to me he seemed to fade away completely. I just don't see why they didn't make him keep in that division because it was working very well for him.
  4. jai's Avatar
    To me, Blackman was king of WWE's Hardcore Division. But I would have preferred something else from him. I hate how you have to have good mike skills to main event. Steve Blackman would have been an awesome main eventer.
  5. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    One of my all time favourites. His stuff in th 1980's before he got ill was awesome too.
    Shame he never got a main event run. WWE really missed a trick with Blackman.
  6. TheDevilsAdvocate's Avatar
    His illness kept him from succeeding in the WWE. I believe he would vanish for months then he would appear for awhile then leave again over this illness. I guess the WWE got tired of dealing with that. He was an amazing guy wrestler though. He was literally the Chuck Norris of professional wrestling.
  7. RasslinGOOD's Avatar
    I didn't watch WWF at that moment (not available in my country + ISDN internet...), but I do remember Blackman from older stuff I watched since. I loved his gimmick: martial arts guy without the ridiculousness. He had a good physique too, and the simple black pants and trimmed beard made him menacing for some reason. Not special enough on the mic though, and that kills in the end.

    I remember watching Steve Blackman vs Shane McMahon at Summerslam (2000?), it was awesome.

    Oh, and I love the name: Blackman. It just works.
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