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My Top 5 CURRENT Gimmicks from WWE.

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Everybody loves gimmicks. Especially when they are good gimmicks. So I tought I'd make my Top 5 of current WWE Superstars gimmicks. Here you go!

5. Johnny Curtis
It may be weird, but i just love this "Dirty Curty" persona he is doing right now. This whole walking shritless backstage and weird acting just makes me mark out for Curtis. Charisma of this guy also helps, but the gimmick is just great. Sometimes he is called "Nowadays Goldust". I agree. Let's get weird!

4. Dolph Ziggler
I know he is just this corny showing-off young mid-carder, just like current Cody Rhodes and Jack Swagger, but the way he performs the character makes it great. He is great on the mic, great in the ring and this showing-off just looks natural for him. Oh, and his Theme Song helps a lot... But Vickie is burying him.

3. Bray Wyatt
Former Husky Harris is still in FCW, I know, but I feel like he is going to on to the Main Roster really soon. And he is... just great in every aspect of this character. Weird, Religious redneck in straw fedora (like he was described by somebody) just gave me chills during his promo in FCW. Bray just seems very natural in this character, which i personally love.

2. David Otunga
At first I must admit that I have a hell of respect for this guy. And his lawyer gimmick is really good and I'm buying him in this role. It may be because he really is a lawyer, but the way he developed his on-screen character just makes me appreciate his work.

1. Damien Sandow

Do I really have to explain this one? The Way that Damien talks, looks, works with his face expressions is simply unbelievable. And his Pink Attire just gets it done.

Honorable Mentions: Brodus Clay, The Ascension, Ryback.

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  1. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Wow, You had me with Wyatt, then COMPLETELY lost me with Otunga. I'd have Sandow, Ambrose, Wyatt as the top three. To each their own so your man-crush on the Harvard Grad is perfectly justified.
  2. Heavy's Avatar
    Don't completely agree with your list because I don't think you really put any thought into it, more of just saying people you'd think be cool. Dolph is the only one who has been on tv for a while and the only gimmick we've seen. Otunga switched between gimmicks to me on trying to be a chris masters type and a lawyer type old matt Stryker.
  3. e.townconcrete's Avatar
    otunga can be the new aw for that tag team!
  4. body slam's Avatar
    Bray Wyatt is Waylon Mercey
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