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$hazBlog: Booking The Divas Champion (Part 2/2)

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What's going on guys! Here is the 2nd and last part of my booking of the Divas Champion!

Please read the 1st part:


Raw: Kharma comes out with a bag, and she grabs a mic. She says that she has finally done it! She is the new Divas Champion! But she isn't a Diva! She is sick of the belt being called the 'Divas Champion'! She rips the Divas Champion and trashes it! She puts her hand in the bag, and takes out the Womens Championship belt! She will give prestige to the belt no matter what! And she will keep it away from goodie two shoes like Layla, and wannabe bad girls like Kelly Kelly and Aksana! Layla come out, she agrees about the fact that Kharma beat her fair and square, she respects her, but she hates her ugly monster attitude! She wants to invoke her rematch clause tonight! K2 and Aksana come out, they say that they will take Kharma down! No matter what! They will also take Layla down! And she doesn't deserve a shot at the belt! Tamina's music hits! She says that Layla deserves her title shot, and after she loses or defeats Kharma she's coming for the belt. And she wishes Layla good luck! Kharma smirks at all Women!
She says that she will beat Layla tonight!

Layla vs Kharma (c) - Women's Champion match
Winner: Kharma
After the match Aksana and K2 attempt to attack Kharma but she fights both of them off. Layla and Tamina now try to attack her but it doesn't work! Kharma hits Implant Busters on them all!

2nd Raw:
Kharma says that she's hungry to defeat someone! She wants all her opponents to suffer! She wants a challenger NOW! Kelly Kelly and Aksana come out, they both accept her challenge, but Kharma disagrees! She wants people who are capable of beating her! Tamina comes out, she says that she thinks she's worthy enough of beating Kharma! She wants to face her now! Kharma still says no! Layla comes out and says that if she doesn't let no one face her, then she'll do it herself! But Kharma still says no! Kharma gets pissed off! But Eve's music hits! She says that Kharma is a hungry monster who is probably the toughest women on the WWE! So she books a match for Night of Champions: Kharma vs Layla vs Kelly Kelly vs Tamina vs Aksana for the Women's Champion! In a 15 minute Scramble match!

Night of Champions: Aksana vs Kelly Kelly vs Layla vs Tamina vs Kharma (c) - 15 Minute Scramble match
Kharma pinned Aksana (0:12)
Layla pinned Kelly Kelly (2:45)
Tamina pinned Layla (2:58)
Layla pinned Tamina (5:11)
Kharma pinned Kelly Kelly and Layla at the same time (6:45)
Tamina pinned Kelly Kelly (6:55)
Aksana pinned Layla (7:12)
Kelly Kelly pinned Layla (9:45)
Layla pinned Aksana (12:12)
Tamina pinned Layla (13:34)
Kharma pinned Layla (14:12)
Tamina pinned Aksana (14:41)
Kharma pinned Tamina (14:54)

Winner: Kharma (still champion)

Kharma says that she defeated all 4 women who were challenging her for the Women's Champion, and she is totally unstoppable! No one can beat her! But Natalya's music hits! She talks about the success and honours the Hart Foundation earned and won! And she's gonna add to that tradition! By winning the Womens Champion. Kharma tells her that the only problem about what Natalya just said is, that she has to beat her 1st! Which definately isn't gonna happen! Natalya challenges her to a match! But before Kharma can say anything, Eve's music hits! She says that if the Hart Foundation is about earning and winning, then Natalya can earn and win her title shot tonight! She'll have to face Kelly Kelly, Tamina and Layla!

Natalya vs Kelly Kelly vs Tamina vs Layla
Winner: Tamina
As Natalya was prepared for the Sharpshooter, Kharma attacked her from behind. Tamina used this as an advantage to hit the Superfly Splash, and get the pin for the win! After the match, Tamina looked pissed off at Kharma after looking at the replay, only just finding out that Kharma attacked Natalya, and helped up Natalya!

Tamina is pissed off at Kharma, she says that she didn't want to win that way! She says that Natalya would've won the match if it wasn't for Kharma! Kharma comes out, she says that Tamina should just accept the fact that she won! She should just get ready for domination in the ring, as Kharma will destroy her! But Tamina still disagrees, Kharma is still winding her up! And Tamina can't take it, she attacks Kharma, but Kharma gets the better of her! Natalya comes out from the crowd to make the save, but still nothing has happened! Kharma quickly leaves the ring smirking! Kharma says that Natalya and Tamina have nothing on her! She could just beat both of them, at the same time! Natalya disagrees, but Kharma says that if she could beat 4 other women, why can't she beat Natalya and Tamina?! She says that she wants both ugly women in the ring! Eve comes out and agrees with Kharma, but like Natalya said, she has to earn and win her title shot! She announces a match which will be revealed later!

The match is then revealed to be a...Handicap Match, as Natalya looks shocked!

Kelly Kelly and Aksana vs Natalya

Winner: Natalya
Natalya locked Aksana in the Sharpshooter, and as K2 was about to break the hold, Tamina quickly grabbed and threw her outside the ring!

Hell in a Cell:

Natalya vs Tamina vs Kharma (c)
Winner: Kharma

Kharma says that she is the most unstoppable women in the WWE history! No one and nothing can beat her! She issues an open challenge to any women who will face her for the Womens Champion! However, no one comes out. Eve's music hits, and she says that since no one has accepted her challenge, there will be a Battle Royal to determine the Number 1 contender to her Womens Champion! But the Womens Champion match itself will be at Survivor Series.

Womens Battle Royal
Natalya, Tamina and Aksana are the last 3 Women in the Battle Royal, Tamina gives Aksana a Super Kick but from out of nowhere, Kelly Kelly comes back into the ring and eliminates Tamina (Because she eliminated K2 earlier in the match), and they have a catfight. Natalya powerbombs a weakened Aksana out of the ring to win the Battle Royal.

Winner: Natalya

Smackdown: Eve says that Survivor Series is one of the 4 biggest PPVs in the WWE. So there will also be a Women's Survivor Series Tradtional Tag Match, with 3 divas on each side. And the Survivor, or Survivor's will get a shot at Kharma or Natalya next PPV. And since Kelly Kelly and Tamina brawled and eliminated each other in the Battle Royal on Raw, they will be the captains of each team.

Natalya and Tamina vs Kharma and Kelly Kelly

Winners: Natalya and Tamina
Kharma left Kelly Kelly on her own and she hit the Implant Buster on Natalya. Kelly Kelly went for the pin but Tamina gave her a Super Kick and hit the Superfly Splash to get the pinfall. K2 gets up as Tamina is celebrating and she hits the Kelly Kick on Tamina. As she's waiting to give her another Kelly Kick, Layla comes out and lays her out with the Layout. But Aksana comes out and gives her the Spear. Kaitlyn also comes out and locks her in the Locus Hold. But AJ's music hits and she gives Kaitlyn a Shining Wizard. But Tamina gets up and strikes with the Super Kick to AJ. The heels leave the ring, and Tamina grabs a mic. She says that it looks like Kelly Kelly has got her team ready for Survivor Series. Well she has as well: Tamina herself, Kaitlyn and Layla! Natalya gets up and heads to the back, as she goes to search for Kharma.

Survivor Series:
Natalya vs Kharma (c) - Womens Champion match
Winner: Kharma

Womens Traditional Tag Team Elimination Match:

Team Tamina: Tamina, Kaitlyn and Layla vs Team Kelly Kelly: Kelly Kelly, Aksana and AJ
Kaitlyn eliminated by AJ
Aksana eliminated by Layla
AJ eliminated by Tamina
Layla eliminated by Kelly Kelly
Kelly Kelly eliminated by Tamina
Winners: Tamina, Kaitlyn and Layla
Surviver: Tamina

Kharma comes out and brags about the fact that she defeated Natalya. She says that she is the most unstoppable women on the WWE roster! And in WWE history! Tamina's music hits, she tells Kharma to stop kidding herself. She hasn't even face her in a Singles match so Kharma should stop talking crap. Kharma says that she'll dominate Tamina anytime and anywhere and any match type! Tamina starts laughing, and says 'Any match type?' Well what a coincidence that TLC in the next PPV. Eve's music hits, she says there will be two Beat the Clock matches tonight. Kharma will face Kelly Kelly, and Tamina will face Aksana. The winner with the least time will choose the match type for their match at TLC!

Tamina vs Aksana

Winner: Tamina (06:43)

Kharma vs Kelly Kelly
K2 gets really scared and she lies on the floor before the bell even rings, the bell rings and Kharma picks her up and gives her the Implant Buster. And another, and another. Kelly Kelly is unconsious.
Winner: Kharma (Referee stoppage, 0:32)
Kharma grabs a mic, she says that the women in the roster deserve to suffer. She will pick the match type for TLC, she picks....a Tables match!


Tamina vs Kharma (c) - Tables match for the Womens Champion
Winner: Kharma

Kharma says that she has defeated just about every women on the roster! She says she's getting bored, and there is no challenge at all! Eve's music hits, she agrees with Kharma. But there is a women that she hasn't face, and that women is...HER! Kharma laughs and smirks, then she says that Eve has nothing on her! Eve says that, they'll see at Royal Rumble when she does take on Kharma!

Eve vs Tamina
Winner: Eve
Kharma comes out to attack Eve, but Tamina helps Eve up and they leave the ring. Eve gets pissed off at Tamina, and slaps her! Saying that she doesn't need her help! Eve back to the ring, and eats an Implant Buster.

Royal Rumble:
Eve vs Kharma (c) - Divas Champion match
Winner: Kharma

Kharma comes out and she says that she might as well just quit WWE, if there's no challenge for her! Eve's music hits! She says that Kharma may have won the battle but she hasn't won the war. She says that there will be a Gauntlet match with 5 women! At Elimination Chamber!: AJ, Kaitlyn, Layla, Natalya and Tamina! For the Womens Champion! Kharma just starts laughing her head off!

Kharma vs Natalya, Tamina and Kaitlyn
Winner: Kharma

Kharma picks up the mic. She says that she hasn't lost a single match in the WWE! She is the most unstoppable women in WWE, she says that she doesn't know why Eve would do such a ridiculous thing just to get revenge! Get 5 women on her? Kharma just laughs! Kharma says that all the women have nothing on her!

Elimination Chamber
Gauntlet Match for the Divas Champion

1st. Kaitlyn vs Kharma

Kaitlyn gets only little offense in, but Kharma hits her with an Implant Buster to get the pin.

2nd. AJ vs Kharma

AJ dodges her for about 3 minutes, but after the 3 minutes Kharma is smart enough to know her strategy and hits an Implant Buster as AJ messes up one of her dodges.

3rd. Layla vs Kharma
Layla and Kharma go back and forth. Layla gives her a couple of kicks and shockingly the last brings Kharma down. She's waiting for Kharma to get up so she can hit the Layout but Kharma ducks and kicks her in the stomach, and hits the Implant Buster for the pin.

4th. Natalya vs Kharma
They both go back and forth, Natalya is brave enough to go for the Sharpshooter, but she doesn't even get started as Kharma gets up and hits the Implant Buster for the pin!

5th. Tamina vs Kharma
Kharma laughs and sticks her tounge out. Her and Tamina also go back and forth. Tamina gives a Superkick to the head. That lays out a weakened Kharma, she gets up on the turnbuckle ready for the Superfly Splash, as she jumps Kharma moves out of the way and hits the Implant Buster to get the pin and retain the Womens Champion!

As Kharma is celebrating in the middle of the ring, more women come out (Aksana, Kelly Kelly, etc.) Every women is up, they all crowd Kharma. Kharma laughs but then they all attack her at the same time. This time Kharma is finally getting attacked! They all attack her. Kelly Kelly has some handcuffs, and they handcuff Kharma to the ropes but...

BETH PHOENIX IS BACK! She runs to the ring and attacks all the Women! Is this what we are seeing! An alliance between Beth Phoenix and Kharma? Beth Phoenix uncuffs Kharma! She grabs the Womens Champion and gives it to Kharma and she raises her hands! As Kharma laughs at all the Women, Beth Phoenix lays Kharma out with a Glam Slam!

Beth Phoenix says that she is back! And she's had enough of Kharma thinking she's the baddest women on the roster! She totally fooled her last night! She says that she's the most unstoppable women on the roster! Well that's wrong! She didn't look so unstoppable after she attacked her. She says that she's the greatest women in WWE history. She obviosly hasn't heard of The Fabolous Moolah, Sherri Martel, Trish Stratus, etc! She will end all of Kharma's nonsense, all of Kharma's unneeded shenanigans! And she will beat her to win the Womens Champion. And she will become the best women of wrestling today! Kharma comes out, and says that Beth is an embrasment! She says that she is the baddest women on the roster! And if Beth doesn't like it! Then that's her problem! Beth says that she's all talk, but when it comes face to face! She will beat the living crap out of her! Kharma tells her to stop making a fool out of herself! Beth says that when she faces Kharma, she'll be the fool! She challenges Kharma to a match at Wrestlemania! Kharma pauses for a minute! She accepts the challenge!

Wrestlemania 29:
Beth Phoenix vs Kharma (c) - Womens Champion match

Hope you enjoyed the long booking of the Divas/Womens Champion, I know that none of this is gonna happen. Don't forget to vote on who's gonna win the match, is Kharma gonna carry on her winning streak to prove that she's the most dominant women of wrestling history, or is Beth Phoenix gonna end her streak and prove to the world that Kharma can be defeated!

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  1. RasslinGOOD's Avatar
    Can't say I think much about a third rate division like the WWE Diva's, but props for making such a detailed booking! I guess it IS fantasy, because I don't see Diva's getting a Hell in a Cell or Elimination Chamber match on PPV soon. ;-)

    I just hate it that they brought out Kharma at the Royal Rumble, now everybody knows she's eventually will show up and beat the living $%&# out of the Diva's for the rest of the year. Don't get me wrong, I loved her appearance and humiliation of Cole, but it spoiled a possible surprising storyline.

    I love the end, Beth Phoenix is IMO the only reasonable opponent for Kharma. I think she would win at your WM match, and open another feud with Kharma in the forseen future.
  2. Vondraco's Avatar
    Yo ... exclamation points are cool! They are! But you can use them way too much! If you know what I mean!
  3. No_1eddiefan's Avatar
    Great blog man- the only issue I have is that you only use six divas, you have to consider the divas that could be brought up- Britani Knight, Shaul Guerrero- and possible divas that could be brought in.

    I think that a diva from the past could have a one off match with Kharma- such as Trish- before Kharma wins and attacks Trish afterwards, leading Phoenix to make her return there and then- confirming that Phoenix is indeed babyface now with Kharma being the dominant heel.

    Other than that though, good blog.

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