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The Blog Of All Blogs - The Blessed and Cursed of Tag Team Wrestling

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Hi all, Dazzaschofield here again with another Blog of all Blogs!

It's been a while since I last blogged as I wanted to take a step back and see if I could enjoy wrestling more without the constant need to critique it! Needless to say it didn't work as the urge to speak is far too great!

While looking back through the history of the E' it struck me that there is a 50/50 tag team divide that seems to propel one half of the tag team into superstardom and the other half into obscurity or worse! Below are some examples of the said Joys/Curses of tag team wrestling;

The British Bulldogs
The two time Stamped Wrestling Tag Team Champions and one time WWF Tag Team Champions there was no doubt that The British Bulldogs were an excellent tag team. Consisting of Davey Boy Smith (The British Bulldog) and Tom Billington (The Dynamite Kid) this team didn't achieve many accolades but were an extremely good tag team and had an excellent run with the Heart Foundation.
The Blessed
The Joys most notable went to Davey Boy Smith who after parting ways with Tom Billington in 1990 who enjoyed quite a bit of success as a single wrestler winning 2 European Championships, 2 Hardcore Championships and most famously his Intercontinental Championship win over Bret 'The Hitman' Hart at Summerslam 1992 in front of over 80,000 UK fans.
The Cursed
Unfortunately Tom Billingtons career did not take off to the extent of Davey Boys after the split of the British Bulldogs and Tom spent most of the remainder of his career flitting between AJPW, MPW and Stampede Wrestling, also due to the life he lived Tom had to have multiple surgeries on his back which eventually led to him having to use a wheelchair and retiring from the business he loves and becoming a recluse.

RIP Davey Boy Smith

The Hart Foundation
Possibly one of the best and most well remembered tag team in the history of the E', they went through many line ups but the original and most popular line up was Bret 'The Hitman' Hart and Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart. The 2 time Tag Team Champions know as 'The pink and black attack' took the mid card tag team division into the main event spotlight with excellent matches against The British Bulldogs and The Rockers.
The Blessed
Once the Hart Foundation parted ways Bret Hart had one of the most illustrious careers seen in the ring, his accolades between WCW and WWE include 2 x KOTR winner, 1994 RR Winner, Superstar of the year, 5 x slammy award winner, Second Triple Crown Winner, 2 x WWE Tag Champ, 2 x Intercontinental Champ, 5 x WWE Champ and tonnes more. Bret's career is one that all superstars aim to replicate and very little manage it. Bret has solidified himself as one of the best superstar to ever grace a ring.
The Cursed
Jim Neidhart did not face the same growth that Bret did once the Hart Foundation had ended, he was used to promote Bret's younger brother Owen in The New Foundation but once Owen gained popularity Jim took another backseat and eventually left the WWE in 1992, he enjoyed a couple of minor runs with the WWE, WCW and TNA but never had anything beyond moderate success. Jim now work in real estate and wrestles in independent shows across the world.

The Rockers
One of the most memorable tag teams of the late 80's/early 90's The Rockers were something not yet seen in the world of the WWE, Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty were young over the top energetic young guys with a young guys attitude to boots, this led to them have a very rocky start in the WWE. Although never officially winning the Tag titles The Rockers were one of the greats in the tag division.
The Blessed
In 1991 the decision was made to spilt The Rockers up after some legit heat between the two backstage. Michaels revelled in the idea of being a single competitor but Jannetty was not happy. Michaels took full advantage of the situation and after being re-branded as 'The Heartbreak Kid' a cocky young self obsessed gimmick that propelled him into superstardom, in his time with WWE he won 3 WWE titles, 1 Heavyweight Title, 2 time rumble winner, PWI match of the year for 11 years, Triple Crown Champion, Hall of famer, 5 time tag champ amongst others.
The Cursed
In a similar fashion to Jim Niedhart after the spilt of this tag team Jannetty career never took off in the way the Michaels did, Jannetty had multiple runs in the WWE and won the Tag titles with the 1-2-3 Kid and the Intercontinental Title but never really achieved mainstream success. He currently wrestles in Indy promotions as of 2012.

It seems as though tag team wrestling is useful to propel wrestlers to superstardom but at what cost? there always seems to be one loser that comes out of a tag team? This is something that WWE currently lacks, a good tag team division is a great ground for a superstar to develop their skills while having a partner tends to hide any flaws in individuals performance.

Return for Part 2 when we will look at The Hardyz, Dudlyz and Edge & Christian.

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  1. The Ultimate Dude's Avatar
    afew things.

    1. i dont really care what you call your blog, its out of my control.
    2. this may not be deserving of the blog of all blogs title but its not exactly the same as Lionel Messi calling himself the footballer of all footballers, which he could do but is one of the few famous people in the world who doesn't act in a crass "king of the world" way. Deadly, as you seemed to shoot him down as crass you're looking too much into things.
    3. i for one thought it was a grand blog, you spaced all the talking points in their own category which is impressive. No criticism, just wish it was longer.
    4. "Honestly there seems to be a 'Kliq' of about 20 of you guys on here who think you are the dogs bollocks and this site is just for you and bash anyone who isn't in your little group!" - couldnt have said it better myself. Why the anger? Why the entitlement? Why do they need to berate people who haven't done anything to purposefully upset them? The best thing you can ever do is just pity them because they are absolutely lost in their own ignorance.
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    The Blog of all Blogs! more like Dazza suckin on a fat juicy nigger cock!
  3. Dazzaschofield's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by filamentalfart
    The Blog of all Blogs! more like Dazza suckin on a fat juicy nigger cock!
    What an interesting and intelligent argument you have come up with, I look forward to any blogs by your good self as I'm sure the quality of reading will be outstanding if its anything like your brilliant comments above..

    Give yourself a pat on the back sunshine, you know how to use vile language..that almost makes you a real man!!
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