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Best WWE Themes

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First off, I realize so many of these blogs have been done before that you probably only clicked on mine because you were bored. But I've read other people's and I often find myself saying "I can't believe they left off blah-blah." So obviously this is a total opinion, feel free to agree or disagree. Just don't tell me what a stupid mark I am for putting a song you don't like.

(I grew up watching the attitude-era, so sorry there aren't any way-older songs, but I wasn't around to hear them much.)

#10 - Steve Austin's Theme.
I put this on the list not because it was a good song or anything, but because it fit his character so well. From the second the glass broke and throughout, this song got everybody jacked to see the Rattlesnake.

#9 - CM Punk's Current Theme
Again, it really fits the character that Punk was, and still is, using when he started using this song. I'll never forget the night that CM Punk returned to RAW (should we even say that he left? it honestly felt like one week) with this song. Plus it's a classic song that's easy on the ears.

#8 - Christian's Current Theme
Maybe on the list for no other reason than I like the song and think it fits Christian's entrance perfectly. Well maybe not so much as a heel, but come on, at this point who cares? It's Captain Charisma.

#7 - DX Theme
Okay, this song sucks. But who doesn't get totally pumped when they hear "Are you ready?" It's the fact that freaking DX is coming out that the fans go ape-shit whenever it starts. I couldn't help but include it.

#6 - Triple H's Current Theme
Badass song for a badass entrance of a badass dude. Can't put it any more simply than that.

#5 - Edge's Theme
This song and the Rated-R Superstar's entrance were so energetic. Whether I was hating on heel Edge at the time or not, this was a great theme.

#4 - The Rock's Theme
Boy was it great to hear this song hit at WM28. It's too bad we had to sit through that Flo-Rida shit beforehand, but this is a great theme for the most electrifying man in *crosses out 'sports entertainment'* professional wrestling. Its simplicity is what makes it stand out to me as one of the all time best themes for one of the all time best wrestlers.

#3 - Undertaker's Theme
Undertaker might have the best entrance of all time. The song, the smoke, it's all just perfect. I've seen it countless times and I still occasionally get chills.

#2 - Hardy Boyz' Theme
This song just makes me laugh. It's so ridiculous that it's awesome. Just hardcore guitar and thumping bass the whole time, and it's pretty damn catchy for some reason. When I was young I was obsessed with the Hardy Boyz, and even though they've fallen so far I still love and appreciate what they did back in the day when they helped develop TLC with Edge and Christian and the Dudleyz. This song really fit their characters, and it gave birth to Jeff's little dance thing that we all can't help but enjoy.

#1 - CM Punk's Old Theme
This song was, and is, the shit. From start to finish. Like Edge's, it was fast-paced and energetic. And for those of you thinking I'm a Punk fanboy since I included both of his songs, I'm not. I actually dislike him a lot, except for the fact that the guy gives great matches every time and we both happen to be straight-edge. But yeah this was just a great song, for him especially, and I really miss it.

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  1. Will Strawn's Avatar
    I agree, CM Punk's old theme is the best ever. That is an awesome band too. I do recall Stone Cold having a better theme, it was done by the band Disturbed, but it didn't last long as Stone Cold turned heel at Mania and they dropped it for some slow version of his other theme.

    The other theme that should be a top 3 theme is Kane's old theme. - Slow Chemical . Youtube it. Great song.
  2. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    The Ministry of Darkness theme was awesome... that guitar riff was great. I also LOVED the Super Heavyweights theme song (Bob & Crash Holly). When I was a teenager, learning how to play the guitar, one of the first songs I mastered (both on the guitar and bass) was Demolition's theme. Also, DiBiase's Money Inc. theme was great. That theme dominated the early days of RAW as well as the PPVs of that era. LOVED that theme.
  3. Peterjb1980's Avatar
    So Many Great Themes Of WWE stars But My Favourite Was The Demolition Theme I Think It Was A Great Theme.

    Here Comes The Axe, Here Comes The Smasher The Demoltion Walking Desasters . Great Theme.
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