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The Gorilla Position 01 : Wrestling today

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Hello all! This is my first blog and hopefully it will be the first of many. Before I begin just a quick insight to my passion for this business, its perfomers, and the artistry that is Pro Wrestling.

I was born in the Golden age (82) and have been watching since I could remember. First thing I remember seeing was the War to settle the score and have been hooked ever since, although I did take a brief break when WCW was sold and bought by the then WWF. I have many favorites from many differen't eras and do consider myself an overall fan although I will admit to "marking" out plenty of times in the past. With that said I would like to begin


I have read a lot of Blogs, forums and comments on this site and others and have come to the overall conclusion that most people are unhappy with the state of wrestling these days. I thought about many differen't reasons why this could be and what could be changed to get things back to "normal" but try as I may I have yet to come to any specific answer other then we're just in that infamous "transition period". It happend in the early 80's when along came Hogan and shook things up and brought WWF to the mainstream (along with Vince and many talented others), again in the early 90's with Bret and Shawn leading the "New Generation" as Hogan and many others left for WCW, and then again in the late 90s with the n.W.o, D-X, Steve austin and The Rock shaking things up with the attitude era (along with many others). ECW was re-inventing the envelope as opposed to pushing it and many younger talents scratched and clawed their way to making a name for themselves...Then it happened.

WCW and ECW were no more (at least not as they were), Vince and the WWF had won and things were still interesting for a bit. Something happened though and I'm not one to say that PG killed wrestling however the new limitations seemed not just only hurt the storylines but the performers as well. Gone was the time of putting more of yourslef into the persona replaced by almost robotic dialoge and type-casted characters.

The last year however showed a bit of hope with The Rock coming back and verbally crossing lines that hadn't been even close to being touched in years, and CM Punks worked shoot destroying the boundries of the Kayfabe rule set. Now along comes Brock who basically wants to be seen as a shooter and not a "Superstar". I'm begining to belive that we may be on the verge of the next big transition (no pun intended) and was wondering what the rest of the IWC thinks.

As far as TNA goes, although I am a fan, I'm not going to add them into this seeing as they are such a young company and really are looking for their niche, which I don't think should be rehashing storylines and the abuse of profanity and Sex (although the Knockouts are just that, Knockouts lol)

All in all I would say while there is planty of room for improvement I have to admit that I still tune in every week to as many shows as I can so I guess that it can't be all that bad, can it?

Thoughts and comments more then welcome, Thanks for reading!

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  1. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    Nice blog, I agree with your standpoint on wrestling. Albeit I don't watch every show each week now - I kind of got disillusioned with SD and Raw lately, so I stick with IMPACT and Superstars. And by the way, welcome! Look forward to reading more of your work in the future!
  2. bartish2's Avatar
    I dear hope so, wwe is in dire need of a big chance
  3. filamentalfart's Avatar
    Nice blog, other than the fact that you are a fucking twit.
  4. jai's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by filamentalfart
    Nice blog, other than the fact that you are a fucking twit.
    Angry much.
    but good blog
  5. Phani "THE ROCK" kaushik's Avatar
    Really neat blog, short and sweet which pretty much explains a lot in a few lines. Looking forward to further editions of The Gorilla Position!

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