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Top 10 Diva rivalries ever

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A couple of weeks ago on this site, I read a blog about Divas asking for something different other than John Cena, Lesnar, and so forth blogs. I decided to do some research so I can create a positive blog on the Divas history in WWE. Go as far as best rivalries and matches/moments in the WWE history. A reminder, I'm not going to have men vs women rivalries on here such as Chyna vs Jarrett or Jericho isn't going to be on here. Chyna did have some defining moments in the divas division while in WWE being the first woman to compete in the Royal Rumble, only diva to hold the IC title, and being the only diva to be named the #1 contender for the WWE title in 1999 only to lose it to Mankind on Raw. Got those out of the way so we can just focus women on women. Diva era began in the WWE in 98 or 97 when they brought back the women's title post WCW garbage incident which means Moolah and other eras will not be part of this list.

Best Diva rivalries all-time:
1.Sable vs Luna-I know a lot of people may get upset that a Trish rivalry wasn't number 1, but this rivalry was the pioneer. The first great rivalry between the two that drew the fans in. It got fans involved so much that the men Luna and Sable were managing at the time were overshadowed. Marc Mero and Goldust wasn't the matchup they wanted to see at WM14. It was Sable vs Luna in which you saw the first ever evening gown match at Unforgiven 98. Luna wasn't a beautiful diva by any means like Sable was. Luna was the exact opposite especially with her promos with her voice sounding worse than a claw to a chalkboard. Sable was innocent, sweet and beautiful while Luna was mean, unattractive, and scary. LOL! Which made the rivalry great to see and watch. It wasn't even over the women's title.
2.Trish vs Lita-One could debate this should be number 1, but it was one of the best without question. Lita vs Trish has been featured in the main event of Raw with top guys involved like The Rock/HHH and even having a women's title match to end Raw in 2004. Trish and Lita to me are two of the top 3 Divas ever in the WWE. The rivalry in 2004 made it that much better when the rivalry was built for months without having a match. Lita carried Kane's baby while Trish made several jokes about Kane/Lita relationship and make comments about her weight and so forth. Survivor Series, crowd went nuts when Lita made Trish bleed and the match was stopped. That led to their main event match on Raw that is remembered by several wrestling fans when Lita won the belt back. Trish had her retirement match at Unforgiven 06 vs Lita in her hometown to be a 7x women's champ.
3.Mickie James vs Trish-Probably the last great rivalry in the Divas division where the crowd really got into it. Mickie debuted in 2005 as a crazy Trish fan being by her side even losing matches so Trish would win. Costing Trish a lot of frustration leading into a match between the two at Wrestlemania where she cost her a relationship, faked being Trish, faked being assaulted by the guy who Trish was dating, having a crazy room with Trish posters on every inch of walls, and keeping Ashley hostage. What made the rivalry a great success was because Mickie acted crazy just like Victoria did in a Trish rivalry during 2002 that is also on this list. Mickie/Trish faced in a good match at New Year's Revolution where Trish retained. They also faced at WM22 where Mickie came out on top in Chicago where the crowd was on her side. Died or wore a blonde wig to lead to their rematch at Backlash. Counterpart, Trish dressed like Mickie, but Trish did not retain. She got injured during the match I believe. In any case, it was one of the best rivalries all-time.
4.Sable vs Jackie-Sable was getting far more popular than her real life husband Marc Mero that they had to be seperated cuz the fans didn't like Marc nor did I. Marc got jealous and tried to steal the spotlight by embarrassing her at certain times. Sable gave Mero a Sable bomb during this fued where Jackie became his new manager. Jackie and Mero received a lot of heat which set up matches between Jackie and Sable for the women's title, swimsuit contests, and so forth.. Even saw the debut of Edge at Summerslam 98 while he teamed with Sable in a intergender match.
5.Trish vs Victoria-Victoria was a supermodel just like Trish was before they arrived in WWE which created this fued with history. Victoria came in crazy attacking Trish claiming she will beat Trish's beautiful face, and so forth. They had a ton of great matches during this fued including a Hardcore match at Survivor Series 2002 in MSG where Victoria gets a bloody nose. Victoria also defended the belt vs Trish at Wrestlemania that included Jazz. Jazz attacked Trish at the Royal Rumble in 2002 which set up the triple threat match where Trish won back the women's title at WM19.
6.Trish vs Steph-The rivalry began when Trish began seeing Vince McMahon. Kissing Vince in front of Linda while she was in a coma in a wheelchair and taking flowers and candy from her. Steph didn't support it and got jealous in the process. Steph was no longer Daddy's little girl. Which caused jealousy between the two which led to a match at No Way Out. Trish said on her DVD that she's always asked about that match. Vince than in the coming weeks leading to Mania sided with Steph while they poored sewage on Trish and make her bark like a dog. Trish turned on Vince and attacked Stephanie at WM17.
7.Molly Holly vs Trish-Junk in your trunk is a term when used during this rivalry. Molly Holly wasn't exactly a Diva with good looks while showing off her body like everyone else. She was more like a mature woman like a teacher who stayed covered up. Trish claimed that Molly had a big butt among other things to make fun of Molly Holly in the coming months stripping Molly down to her granny panties in a bra and panties match. What makes fueds great are the ones when wrestlers are completely different no matter male or female. It is great TV!!
8.Chyna vs Ivory-Chyna showed her cover of playboy she would be featured in which Ivory along with the rest of Right To Censor interrupted being against women, and so forth being exposed. Which created the fued between the two to have a match at the Royal Rumble where Chyna reinjured her neck doing a backflip into the turnbuckle. Chyna fell to the mat not moving and Ivory pinned her to get the victory. Chyna return set up for the match between the two at WM17 where the match lasted about 5 seconds. Probably shorter....LOL! Chyna won I believe her first women's title. Chyna was never defeated for the title, but vacated after her match with Lita at a ppv. I believe it was due to the situation between Chyna, HHH, and Stephanie McMahon.
9.Torrie Wilson vs Dawn Marie-I know some people hate on the storyline because Torrie's dad was involved in it, but I thought it was the best storyline Smackdown had exclusively without the women's title being up for grabs. Dawn began seeing Torrie's father which of course led to a concerned Torrie Wilson. Dawn was at her honeymoon with Torrie's dad when he died. They had a funeral on Smackdown which led to a brawl between the two. Dawn hit Torrie with the first slap than Torrie slapped her back. Both on the floor beating one another in front of the casket. Dawn than grabbed a vase and hit her over the head with it which led to their match at the Royal Rumble of 2003. Torrie picked up the victory I believe at the Royal Rumble.
10.Beth Phoenix vs Melina-Beth was dominant during her run with the women's title in which she lost it vs Mickie James in Feb 2008 on Raw. You had a triple threat match between Mickie, Melina, and Beth in one helluva match at Judgment Day. I believe Mickie retained, but it led to a match between Melina and Beth at Extreme Rules that year. In the first ever I quit match that had the fans into it til the bell rang. To me, one of the best matches all-time in the Divas division. Beth picked up the win, but Melina put up one helluva fight vs Beth where the crowd was behind her til she quit.
Honorable mention: Torrie Wilson vs Sable, Mickie James vs Laycool, and Beth Phoenix vs Mickie James.

I'll be posting possibly the top 20 Divas matches soon when this blog dies with no comments. Soon post also the top 5 Divas never to win the women's title. In any case, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this Divas blog. Any thoughts or comments? Hopefully it wasn't too long....

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  1. Guest's Avatar
    Hm, not sure about Chyna vs Ivory, mostly because I hate Chyna. and Torrie vs Dawn should be higher, a great 9 month feud and their segments got the most ratings a lot of times.

    Ivory vs all the Divas was better before Chyna came along.

    Mickie/Beth/Kelly Kelly vs LayCool were great too, and Mickie vs Beth. Also Candice vs Melina since that feud was on and off screen.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Guest
    Hm, not sure about Chyna vs Ivory, mostly because I hate Chyna. and Torrie vs Dawn should be higher, a great 9 month feud and their segments got the most ratings a lot of times.

    Ivory vs all the Divas was better before Chyna came along.

    Mickie/Beth/Kelly Kelly vs LayCool were great too, and Mickie vs Beth. Also Candice vs Melina since that feud was on and off screen.
    I ranked Torrie and Dawn a bit lower when I heard some comments from others on this site of their negative opinion. I thought it was better than Ivory vs Chyna too.
  3. Vinnie P Jr's Avatar
    #1 should be mickie and trish this fued propelled the divas divison to new hieghts and was actually trishs greatest challenge ever
  4. Phillyraines's Avatar
    Agree with Vinnie - Trish-Mickie should be #1. My favorite diva's feud ever. Trish was incredible - as you pointed listed several of her feuds as top 10 all time and I dont disagree. Trish was a genuine main eventer on RAW...probably the only time in wrestling history that a diva was a legit sustained main eventer. And that feud with Mickie was so well done and so entertaining!

    you have other good ones - I'll go along with Torrie and Dawn Marie being higher up too - that was an excellent storyline!
  5. Guest's Avatar
    and btw Chyna vs Ivory lasted 4 minutes not 5 seconds haha
  6. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    I ranked Torrie and Dawn a bit lower when I heard some comments from others on this site of their negative opinion. I thought it was better than Ivory vs Chyna too.
    That kind of hurts you some. As a blogger, you need to trust your opinions first when you do these lists. Don't follow the sheep because other people pick dumb things.
  7. stingfan73's Avatar
    Wendi Richter vs. Fabulous Moolah?
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