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Why Ryback, Clay and Lord Tensai are boring

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I know I may get a lot of hate for this blog, but hear me out. I'm not saying that they suck or saying that I don't like them, I just find them boring. Here are a couple reasons why:

1. Squash matches - I know that Clay's matches are starting to get longer and that now Clay's taking SOME hits, but what about Ryback and Tensai? They're matches are short, and usually feature jobbers. Now I also know that Tensai did face Cena in the main event, but that wasn't a main event worthy match. Ryback, Clay, and Tensai all need to find someone who isn't a typical jobber, and I know that this is because of the WWE Scripters, but come on. Enough is enough.

2. Slow in the ring - I've seen bunch of squash matches in my life and most of them are from giants. I know that Mr. McMahon likes the strong, slow guys over the fast, not so strong wrestlers. Tensai is push 400 pounds, so that makes him slow. His first match was against Riley, and I felt like I found some spots where Tensai could've picked the pace up... the entire match. I can't say much about Ryback, since he barely moves to the ring, but what I've seen from him isn't that impressive. Clay is slow, as well. I get it, he's a big guy and he can't help it, but take a look at Umaga. He was like 400 pounds, but was a quick paced superstar for his weight. I just think they need to start picking the pace up.

3. Gimmicks - Their gimmicks are also very boring, but Clay's is the best. Oh, someone shoot me, I actually said Clay's gimmick is good. Tensai's gimmick is horrible, WWE is making him look like he's actually Japanese. His name's Albert for crying out loud! Ryback's gimmick is just to demolish everyone in his path... b_ring! Can someone give me an O?

Well, thanks for reading this blog. I'm sorry if this is bad, but this is my first blog so don't hate! Please leave your comments I will put it in my head for future's notice.

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  1. Johnny G's Avatar
    I agree on Tensai and Clay being boring and boring match's i don't think Ziggler can even get a good match out of Clay and Albert/Tensai has always been boring in the ring but got to disagree on Ryback because i'm really liking him at the minute but agree they need to put him against better opponents

    Would like to see Ryback get a match against Ziggler cause i think Ziggler is the best seller in the wwe right now

    apart from that great Blog
  2. Viperfish's Avatar
    I'm surprised nobody mentioned the lack of storylines for these guys. Cena vs Lesnar at Extreme Rules wasn't exactly the fastest match history in terms of action in the ring but it was the storyline that made that battle work(plus both guys being believable competitors). There's nothing believable about Brodus Clay or Lord Tensai. At least Brodus is having fun with it though so it somewhat works out. If you don't have a believable heel then he falls flat on his face, and that's what's happening to Lord Tensai.

    Ryback... I don't think he's believable, but I don't think he's unbelievable either. He can still be saved, but he has to have real matches. Give Ryback the opportunity to lift a heavy guy like Mark Henry, the Big Show or Kane and he'll be on the right track in terms of believability. Part of what's helping Ryback is that he's squashing nobodies, nobody knows if he's supposed to be a heel or a face and I like that a lot. Unless they book him in alternate matches where he goes up against a face one week and then a heel the next, we're going to know right away what side he's supposed to be on once he gets a real opponent which is a shame I think. One thing I think they should do with him, similar to Goldberg, is to have somebody approach him for an interview and then he walks away without saying anything. I think they should add something to that though, if they can rig a mic to where it's crushable in your hand, Ryback would take the mic from the interviewer, crush it in his hand, let it fall to the floor, and then he gives the interviewer a bit of a smile before walking away. It's to build mystique, and he's got that right now. If he just plain walked away, it would be exactly what Goldberg did in his debut match in WCW which would not help him because people are already saying he's a Goldberg rip.

    Tensai's hurting from a lack of storyline clearly. He's just floundering around, not doing anything. Plus he doesn't really have anything built up for himself, Cole says he was a former star that went to Japan and now he's back... but that's all he has. Clay... eh, it's gotten a bit stale but again there's nothing to really invest in him right now. I think he needs the mic more for starters. He's not a guy that's going to impress in the ring, so he has to be a mic guy. If you don't have either... then why is he there?
  3. Bane of Balin's Avatar
    The big man, power style has been trashed for a while now, but I don't think that just because a guy can't land a 450 splash or come up with the craziest submission finisher that everyone should tap out to means that they are "terrible" or "boring" in the least. I think that the main thing that big guys need to utilize to put on a "great match" is something that EVERYONE is lacking: psychology.

    Even a lot of supposedly faster and more agile guys struggle with good psychology, but they can mask it due to the fact that they can flip and do a bunch of kicks, and the crowds pop for their dives and such. But the bigger guys cant do that stuff, so it is key for a good big man to be able to use some good ring psychology.

    I do agree, however, that Tensai, Ryback, and even Clay to an extent are becoming boring. Clay has a unique gimmick, which is helping me enjoy him more, but the squashes need to stop. He needs to start getting time to either make or break himself in actual matches. Tensai and Ryback are just not getting the job done, in regards to making their matches interesting. Squash matches or not: the purpose of the matches is to get me (as a fan) emotionally invested. That can't happen without the proper psychology of the thing. Clay hasn't done this, either, but he has a gimmick that spans beyond "Big, angry person".

    I'll go ahead and be controversial and lump Lesnar into this category. He hasn't impressed me with his mic work, ring work, or general anything.
  4. HuGrad's Avatar
    I agree that lord tensai is boring. but in his case, he is playing a monster heel. Brodius clay wanted to be a monster heel, but was given another gimmick and now the fans love him. Ryback.........he's funny a little bit. think about how goldberg, lesnar and sheamus used to kick peoples ass in their first run. in all fairness, not all gimmicks are the wrestler's choice or the wrestler's idea so either way u put it, it could elevate their career or destroy it. Tensai is slow bc he put on bad weight. The umaga reference has some truth to it, but all the samoans have the speed and agility advantage in the ring over other heavyweights. Rikishi, Afa , yoko....deceptively quick with maneuvers.
  5. HuGrad's Avatar
    i will reference ryback here.....there has been a few wrestlers that have been pushed on their first run or the next immediate run after injury or hiatus, and it takes them straight to the world championship. Sheamus did it, Lesnar after king of the ring, Goldberg had the awesome winning streak, Jack Swagger in ECW was unbeatable and he actually won the title undefeated, JBL after he changed his Bradshaw APA gig and when Lesnar left, Undertaker in 92 when he beat hogan for the belt following his debut from survivor series, and great Khali. This was a subject of discussion in regards to making ryback a main eventer so he could be next. oh, and member he wont be a speedster after recovering from ankle surgery.
  6. Vinnie P Jr's Avatar
    ryback in my opinion has the greatest potential however i think he needs a change how about tag teams ? how amazing would that b ?
  7. Dubs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by FunkyKong
    We don't need Squash Matches. They do nothing to help any of the wrestlers involved.

    Squashes may have worked in the 80s-Early 90s, but its 2012 now and they're boring as hell
    I disagree. Squash matches still work today. Giving new guys squash matches builds them up as a big deal in the eyes of the casual viewers of WWE programming. Think about it, what's more appealing from a business point of view? A new wrestler winning his match in 6-7 minutes or a wrestler crushing his competition in less than a minute? So squash matches do work in a business standpoint.
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