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A genuine curiousity

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At Extreme Rules, Daniel Bryan was competing for the WHC title and the very next day on Raw, he became the #1 contender for WWE title. Which of these do you think is WWE Creative's motive behind it ?
1. Bryan is so over with the croed now that they want to put the title on him, but making him win it off Sheamus would make whole point of Sheamus winning it meaningless.
2. Bryan is a heel but he is being cheered instead of getting booed. They thought maybe putting him against Punk would get him booes, which is what they want from him in his current heel gimmick.
3. To make the point that "Anything is possible in People Power Era."
4. To remove Bryan from the WHC title picture so that they can randomly insert someone *Del Rio* into it.

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  1. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Prior to Mania, they were posting that House shows were billing triple threat matches with Bryan, Sheamus & Del Rio. It's simply the WWE way. Instead of building up a big PPV match 3 months down the road, they now keep the storyline running for several monthly shows and PPVs.
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