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A genuine curiousity

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At Extreme Rules, Daniel Bryan was competing for the WHC title and the very next day on Raw, he became the #1 contender for WWE title. Which of these do you think is WWE Creative's motive behind it ?
1. Bryan is so over with the croed now that they want to put the title on him, but making him win it off Sheamus would make whole point of Sheamus winning it meaningless.
2. Bryan is a heel but he is being cheered instead of getting booed. They thought maybe putting him against Punk would get him booes, which is what they want from him in his current heel gimmick.
3. To make the point that "Anything is possible in People Power Era."
4. To remove Bryan from the WHC title picture so that they can randomly insert someone *Del Rio* into it.

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  1. akbar's Avatar
    this would have been better as a thread
  2. The Piper's Avatar
    Who let this be a blog? This should be a thread!
  3. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    i believe sheamus will lose the title to a returning wade barrett del rio is just filler like he should be he doesn't have "it" yet
  4. alcrissam's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Piper
    Who let this be a blog? This should be a thread!
    As much as i hate to get mad at this (mostly because i have seen your work and you tend to produce entertaining blogs), what is the need for your first question? Why cant you say, "put it in the forums as that is a better place for smaller points to get reached out to a community that doesnt want to read that much. You dont have to be rude like that. Please, if you saw my blog, you would understand why this comment irritates me. And also, anyone can post a blog if they wanted to, the only thing the gets approved is when it shows up on latest reader blogs.
  5. Johnny G's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mikeyboy7777777
    i believe sheamus will lose the title to a returning wade barrett del rio is just filler like he should be he doesn't have "it" yet
    Agree i've never liked Del Rio and don't think he should have never been wwe champion
  6. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    All of the above. Look at it this way...

    1. Sheamus is very over and hasn't had a title run in a while. He's proven himself reliable on the level of John Cena by being popular both in and away from the title scene. They're building Sheamus into their next Cena and we'll all be able to hate him in 4 years for the same reasons we hate Cena now.
    2. To remove Bryan from the title scene completely right now would obliterate his momentum. He's in this odd place of being over enough to be bounced around, but not over enough with the truly casual fan to be removed from the top and not get buried. (Dude reminds me of Chris Benoit sometimes and I have no idea why...)
    3. Punk/Jericho is over and Punk needs somebody that can match his douchebaggishness. That person has proven to be Bryan with the minor programs they've done together in the past. They are truly a great match in one-upping each other in promos.
    4. Bryan's storyline got to spin off into AJ and the divas division getting a storyline, but killed his momentum and completely halted story progression for him outside of just getting the title back from Sheamus... Which he can't do because they need to build Sheamus' numbers and have him hold the title into Summer Slam.
    5. Sheamus needs a rival that isn't Bryan if only because the two of them don't have the chemistry factor, the "it" that will allow the story to carry over and up into Summer Slam. Truly, Sheamus needs somebody like a Wade Barret to shine in a rivalry.
  7. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    It's pretty simple to me...

    Why would WWE want to waste someone who is so over on a show that clearly is an afterthought to the writers these days? Raw is a live crowd and they know his mere appearance is enough to start a Yes! chant. SmackDown is what ECW was a few years ago, and NXT is the precursor to SmackDown.

    My point is that Raw and SmackDown are no longer the equals from 2003, and without any real competition WWE has had to make it's own development system. In EPL terms; Raw is the Premier League, SmackDown is the Championship, and NXT is League One, whilst FCW is League Two.

    Bryan is making the transition to the WWE title because his popularity has surpassed that of SmackDown. Sheamus and Orton are still on SmackDown because as favoured as they are by the suits backstage they've generally become boring and WWE has nothing to do with them.
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