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Ozfan's Top Picks: TOP 30 Finishers in WWE Part Two

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Hey everyone. Ozfan is back with PART 2 of the TOP 30 FINISHERS IN WWE TODAY. As for some of you, I apologise but The Stunner and Diamond Cutter and Widow's Peak will NOT be included this time. Just to save some of you the disappointment of not finding it on the list because I am only doing the WWE finishers of TODAY. I apologise to some of you. Anyway, here's part 2. I hope you enjoy.

[B]24. Wasteland (Fireman's Carry Front Slam)[/B]
This finisher is used by Wade Barrett. Similar to an Attitude Adjustment but instead after picking the opponent up in a Fireman's Carry, the attacking wrestler drops them forward and slams them on their back. It has put away quite a few wrestlers such as John Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Mark Henry and Sheamus.

[B]23. Codebreaker (Double Knee Facebreaker) [/B]
This move is most notably used by Chris Jericho as one of his finishers, other then the Walls of Jericho and The Lionsault which is more of a signature. The move involves the attacking wrestler clutch his hands around the facing opponent's head and leaping in the air while bringing his knees up and falling on his back, bringing the opponent's face into the attackers knees. He had taken out many superstars, past and present with the move such as Shawn Michaels, Batista, Big Show, Kane, CM Punk, Rey Mysterio and even The Undertaker.

[B]22. YES! Lock (Omoplata Crossface)[/B]
Daniel Bryan's finisher formerly known as the LeBell Lock. This is a modified version of the Crossface. It is also known as an Omoplata Crossface, in which the attacking wrestler sits down next to a grounded opponent, laying on their front, while performing an armlock with their legs and using their hands to wrench the opponent's head or face, applying pressure to the head and shoulder. It has made many superstars tap out, such as The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and even made Sheamus pass out.

[B]21. World's Strongest Slam (High Angle Falling Front Slam) [/B]
This move has been done from the smallest of superstars to the largest superstars. Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, Batista, Undertaker and Big Show. The FEW superstars who have fallen victim to the move. It involves picking the opponent up so they are horizontal across the attacking wrestler's body. The attacker then lifts them upwards and then drives them spine first into the mat or ground while falling on their knees. A move that helped Henry win the World Heavyweight Championship and that has helped him gain victories over superstars like Randy Orton, Big Show, Rey Mysterio and Kane.

[B]20. Cross Armbreaker/Armbar[/B]
Alberto Del Rio's finishing maneuver which has helped him with numerous victories while in WWE. It involves the attacking wrestler grabbing the left arm of a bent down opponent. Next, he uses his or her left leg and flips it around the arm, while twisting his body, forcing the opponent to land on their back. He then pulls back on the arm with his legs laying across the chest of the opponent, extending the arm from the shoulder. It has made numerous superstars tap out. Including Rey Mysterio, John Morrison, CM Punk, Christian and Edge.

[B]19. Cross Rhodes (Reverse Rolling Cutter) [/B]
A pretty quick and effective move used by Cody Rhodes. An inverted three quarter facelock on the opponent spun into a rolling cutter by the attacker, driving the opponent's face into the shoulder of the attacking wrestler or the mat. A move that has helped Rhodes gain victories over Randy Orton, Triple H, John Morrison, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan.


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  1. Y2Jandy's Avatar
    Wasteland is an awful finisher
  2. realwrestling's Avatar
    I think gutwrench powerbomb should have been much higher on the list
  3. jai's Avatar
    Wasteland is a crap finisher! That shouldn't be on the list.
  4. sonoftheLINK's Avatar
    Cross Armbreaker/Armbar?? @ 20. Weak sauce.
  5. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    World's Strongest Slam? Seriously? I think the Bear Hug is better than that thing. A splash is better than that. I mean, my 4 year old son asks me to give him the World Strongest Slam all the time. Can we please see moves like the Al Perez helicopter throw or the Yokozuna Bonzai Splash?

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