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WWE Feuds in 2012

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What is up guys? So I was thinking about the current WWE product, and where things are going. So far this year, some of the big matches we've seen are, Ziggler vs Punk, Sheamus vs Bryan, Bryan vs Big Show vs Henry, Rock vs Cena, HHH vs Taker, Punk vs Jericho, Rhodes vs Big Show, and Kane vs Cena. Some of the top feuds we've seen these year so far are Sheamus vs Bryan, Punk vs Jericho, Cena vs Rock, and HHH vs Taker. We are 1/4 of the way through 2012 for the WWE, and it got me to thinking about some of the other feuds we need to see this year. I wanted to take a chance to share my thoughts with you guys. So in no particular order, here they are.

Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk
Now we have seen these two go at it in a few matches in the E so far, and when they have met up, we have gotten some quality tv. The direction of Punk vs Jericho is to the point where it needs a change, and Bryan vs Punk is the next best thing, if not 10x better. They are set to face at Over The Limit, and I hope that stays that way and we don't get some kind of switch up. Here is my thought though with this feud. It shouldn't be a 1 off. It should be a 3 match series. Think about HHH/Batista a number of years back. A lot of other great feuds will have 3 PPV matches, with the third being the blow off. I think that is the way to go with this feud. It has the potential to be feud of the year and give us numerous matches of the year.

Dolph Ziggler vs Santino Marella
Here me out. Ziggler right now is stuck in mid carder zone. The main event scene/WWE, WHC title scene is clustered with enough people, so there really is no way for Zigs to go there unless someone steps back, and I don't see that happening in the next few months. So instead of having Ziggler stay in the land of obscurity getting jobbed to Brodus, have him enter a feud with Santino. When Ziggler held the US title before, he definitely helped take it up a notch, and I think a 2 PPV length feud between these two would be really good. Personally I think Ziggler would make a better champion, with Santino and other faces fighting for the title, over keeping Santino champion for the next few months.

Wade Barrett vs Sheamus
Personally, I like both of these guys styles. Granted I wasn't happy with Sheamus winning the World title the way it went down, you can't deny he doesn't make a good champ for SD. When i look at the scope of heels to be the contender for Sheamus, the first one that comes to mind is Barrett. Screw Alberto Del Rio. I'd take Henry feuding with Sheamus over ADR any day of the week. I think Barrett is a star waiting to break out. He has the look, he has the in ring skill, and he has the mic work down. If anything, i see Barrett coming back from injury, capturing the WHC title, and holding on to it until Survivor Series or the start of 2013. It will be the summer of Sheamus, but my guess, is come August Barrett will be back and we get this feud..atleast i really hope we get this feud.

John Cena vs Christian
Now this is the curveball. I like Cena's in ring work at times, and his promo work sometimes. I really like Christians in ring work and promo work all the time. From what we have seen of Captain Charisma, when he is back on a full time basis, he will be a heel. My guess is he will feud with Sheamus for a short bit, before losing to The Great White. So where does that leave Christian? Even better yet, after John Cena's "match" with Johnny A, where does that leave Cena for the next few months. I think this feud could be really interesting. To me a good set up would be Cena being involved in a #1 contenders match, and having Christian cost Cena the match. Christian would then go on saying he deserves 1 more title shot, where as someone like Cena who has won the title more times than others, doesn't deserve another shot. I think the in ring work between these two and the promo's could be really good.

Cody Rhodes vs Randy Orton
So Rhodes is the IC Champion again. My guess is he will hold on to it for another long while. So, where does Rhodes go? And with Sheamus as the face champion, and the E not likely to turn Orton heel, where does Orton go? We saw these two feud last year and it was pretty good, and I think having them feud over the IC title this time, could really take the IC title up a notch or two. We know their in ring work together is solid, we know their promo work is solid, and with their history, it makes for a compelling feud. I think this would be a feud that should last 2 ppvs.

So those are some of the top feuds I think should happen this year. What do you guys thinks? I look forward to your thoughts and comments!

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  1. christianfan's Avatar
    i agree with cena vs christian, but christian will then be burried by super cena ;(
  2. deadly56's Avatar
    Good list, I agree with everyone except for Orton vs Rhodes. WWE wasted their chance for feuding these guys for the IC Championship. I think a normal fan will get bored quick with these goes going at it again. I'm not saying these guys shouldn't feud again, but let Cody develop to when he's main-event status. I would say in about a couple of years he will be ready.
  3. Taneel's Avatar
    I agree with you that Punk vs Bryan should go for at least 3 straight PPVs. I want to see Long vs Laurinaitus feud be revived sometime later, maybe around Summerslam, resulting in a Long win giving him back the power of Smackdown.
  4. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    i agree i just hope if sheamus will play the undefeatable heel that wade barrett will form a stable with mcintyre as the ic champ mason ryan & william regal as the tag champs along with the lovely layla as a valet for the group and divas champ all against sheamus because he's not from the united kingdom and i hope barrett's reign will be long i mean mcintyre has mic skills barrett has them regal certainly has them even layla and mason ryan is better as a heel muscle man so it could push some new talent along with some big guys vince mcmahon seems to like
  5. realwrestling's Avatar
    I don't agree with feeding christian to another superface. He should seriously be put back as a face because he has charisma.CAPTAIN CHArisma
  6. Callum's Avatar
    Good list for the most part. I also want to see:
    Kane vs Sheamus
    The Miz vs Chris Jericho
  7. bearkg88's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Callum
    Good list for the most part. I also want to see:
    Kane vs Sheamus
    The Miz vs Chris Jericho
    those two would definitely be interesting to see
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