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Johnny G

5 of the greatest Hell In A cell match's

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The Undertaker Vs Shawn Michaels
Bad Blood 1997

The first ever hell in a cell match in wwe featured two of the biggest names in the wwe and both superstars put on the best match of the night with Shawn Michaels taking a bump off of the hell in a cell and the debut of Kane this match hooked me on wwe over all the other promotions and probably the best match the two superstars had against each other until Wrestlemania 25 11 years later.

The Undertaker Vs Mankind
King of the Ring 1998

The third hell in a cell match in wwe history but without a doubt for me the best hell in a cell match in history a once again most probably the best match these two superstars ever had against each other in there long feud with mankind taking two of the biggest bumps i had ever seen and still able to continue the match and give us match of the night if not match of the year.

Triple H vs Shawn Michaels
Bad Blood 2004

the longest heel in cell match to date lasting well over 40 minutes both superstars left it all in the ring this night and Shawn Michaels proved that he could still do what he used to in his prime this was the highlight of both of these men's careers and match loyal wwe fans should remember for years as two ring warriors gave it there all and a bit extra.

The Undertaker Vs Brock Lesnar
No Mercy 2002

This has to be one of Brock Lesnar best match's in the wwe i wasn't expecting to much from these two guys but both put on an amazing show and showed how much respect they had for each other on the and proved that two big guys could have great match's and think this match cemented Brock Lesnar in wwe history apart from his match with the Rock at Summerslam 2002.

The Undertaker Vs Triple H
Wrestlemania 28 2012

This match for me alone stole Wrestlemania and was better then the mainevent as well as rising the Undertaker's streak to 20-0 at Wrestlemania these two superstars were well past there primes and settled it to see really who was the master of the hell in a call match that both superstars have appeared in more times then anyone else in history and both men left it in the ring and i think if both superstars were to retire now they could save in the knowledge that they went out in a blaze of glory and there last match was an amazing one and then both superstars leaving with there arms around each other was just a fitting tribute to how much they had put each other through in this match.

Thanks for reading hope to read your response and see if you would change any of the match

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  1. k_roll00's Avatar
    the fact that you think the best one is hhh vs undertaker from wrestlemania this year is embarrassing.
  2. Phillyraines's Avatar
    I could see an argument for several matches making a top 5 HIAC list. HHH-Taker from WM28 was certainly one of them. it was a fantastic 5 star match. Cactus Jack-HHH I would put on this list above HHH-HBK and Brock-Taker...but I can see an argument for any of the 3. Just personally I think Jack-HHH HIAC was one of the top 3 ever....along with HBK-Taker and Mankind-Taker. Good list
  3. lewism173's Avatar
    he isint ranking them just saying that these r the best five he even says he though mankind vs taker was the best, jesus read it before commenting
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Didn't see WM28 match yet so can't put that one in my top 5. Top 4 you got is in my top 5 o. Probably add Cactus vs HHH.
  5. Johnny G's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by k_roll00
    the fact that you think the best one is hhh vs undertaker from wrestlemania this year is embarrassing.
    Dude i never said Triple H vs. Undertaker from Wrestlemania this year was the best there not in any order i said the Undertaker Vs Mankind was the best Hell in a Cell match in wwe history
  6. The Ultimate Dude's Avatar
    I agree with everyone of your hiac's, but cmon, Armageddon 6 man heel in a cell was the apex of hell in a cell, the 6 biggest stars in the industry all against each other in a total maniac match.yep, rikishi was over huge as a heel then for those few months to be considered a big player, even though everybody says it "flopped" because it didnt last long. it didnt last long because of his unreliable injury record.
  7. Cobra's Avatar
    WM28's Undertaker vs HHH match was a great match. But I don't think it was a great 'HIAC' match. However two thumbs up on the first two matches you mentioned!
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