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Johnny G

Superstars to look out for

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Superstars to look out for in the future


This guy powered his way into my favourite 5 within 2 weeks and even though he has only had squash match’s at the minute and still has a long way to go mainly he has to prove he can sell and has mic skills but think Ryback could be a champion be Intercontinental or United States champion by the end of the year if not even higher up the packing maybe a world champion by the end of next year Ryback has to be the top star to look out for.

Antonio Cesaro

All true wrestling fans should no him from his days as Claudio Castagnoli and we all know he can talk as well as wrestle and already had a great career before coming to the wwe but think he could hit the big time here or if not breath new life into the tag division with the next person in my list.

Kassius Ohno

Even through he has not had his call up to the main roster yet but many will also remember him as Chris Hero who as well as Antonio Cesaro has already had an impressive career and the two superstars made a great tag team as the Kings Of Wrestling and what ever the wwe decide to do with these two superstars either have them as single or put them together as a tag team which im hoping for they can do well in wwe.

Seth Rollins

Again someone who hasn’t yet had his call up to the main roster he is already made in impact in FCW and hoping for his main roster call up soon think Rollins could be the face of the wwe in another three years or more.

Richie Steamboat

Another great talent but again still in FCW at the moment and out of the three still in FCW think he still needs that bit more time in development before coming up to the main Roster but still a great talent and maybe one day could make a great Intercontinental Champion just like his father he also made a good tag team in FCW when won the FCW tag team titles with Seth Rollins.

These are just my thoughts and would like to hear if you think the same or disagree and think one of them or all of them should not be on the list or if you think someone should be watched closely thanks for reading.

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  1. AWrestlingGod's Avatar
    Love it should have added Dean Ambrose though
  2. mrbluto's Avatar
    Yea Ambrose may be the best of that group. I love what Michael McGillicutty is doing, he seems to have tapped into the Mr. Perfect image. His cocky sneering I don't give a shot attitude is working plus his promos are getting better.
  3. Mojo Tartarus's Avatar
    Ambrose for sure but also Bo Rotundo and look out for the re-emergence of Husky Harris!
  4. Kingcobra82390's Avatar
    Yes I really like Dean Ambrose. I watch FCW everyweek and Ambrose is impressing me week after week. Seth Rollins that's a definate. Hope he called up soon. Ohno yes I agree. Cesaro should make a big impact. Steamboat stills needs a bit. He finally got that attiude he needed.
  5. Johnny G's Avatar
    I've seen all of you have put Dean Ambrose so far but i don't see what the big deal is about him don't don't think he's that special
  6. El T Draino 316's Avatar
    I think while many of us focus (and deservingly so) on his wrestling talents, I'd like to argue against Ohno for other reasons. WWE wrestlers have to have an image, their own marketable brand - their physical appearance has to be impressive.

    Ohno just doesn't have it for me. Now I'm a straight man, but he literally looks like an uglier, less muscular, lankier, chubbier, version of Drew McIntyre. The dude has love handles. If they can't get TV time for Drew, where will this guy fit in? Not to mention, his ring entrance was (in my opinion) one of the worst I've ever seen. What's he doing, aggressively uppercutting the ghost in the turnbuckle? I'm not familiar with his mic work, feel free to rip on me for that.. but if this guy is going to appear on posters, commercials, and magazine ads for the WWE, he's gotta look like a stud.

    Seth Rollins has an attitude and a pretty unique style of his own. Probably my favorite on the list.
  7. luduca444's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny G
    I've seen all of you have put Dean Ambrose so far but i don't see what the big deal is about him don't don't think he's that special
    bitches love Dean Ambrose.

    but in all seriousness, the dude has a gimmick of a guy not all there, and he plays it to perfection. just check out his "i dont want posession promo" on youtube, the dude has mad mic skills.
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