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One Of The Best Crowds In Wrestling: New York

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Just to get this out of the way, i have two points to address in the beginning and one at the end:
1) I am new to blogging and would love any creative and constructing advice on what i should do for future blogs.
2) In this blog, I never will say that New York has the best wrestling crowds ever. The point of this blog is to show everybody that the crowd is so important in wrestling and that even bad shows are decent because crowds get involved. I hope to see people make blogs that share their experiences with great wrestling crowds too. Someone could make Chicago, someone else Philadelphia, and even share how it felt to be in that surprisingly amazing Miami crowd.

But I live in New York. We (along with places like Chicago and Phili) practically invented the wrestling crowd.

You turn on Raw and you don't know where it is unless you live near there and heard about it somewhere. They put on a decent show, except everything seems dead and you can barely keep your attention on it. This just shows you how important the crowd is, because believe it or not, one of the most important things in Pro Wrestling besides the wrestlers themselves is us. We are the co stars of Raw. People on TV get hooked when the crowd shows emotion. They even get excited because the crowd go so hyper. And like it or not, sometimes when there is a really bad Raw, 75% of the time the crowd is responsible. No one wants to get involved, they just go and sit and wait for their friends or parents to get them popcorn or something. Its crowds like New York and Chicago and Phili and Miami that make us jump up and down because something incredible happens.

New York wrestling crowds are mostly die hard fans. I can give you an example because i recently went to a TNA house show. And i had an amazing time. *A million WWE fans just gasped and said LISTEN TO THE BLASPHEME!!!!* Yes i know guys, you can rip me on how TNA sucks later, but I as an individual enjoy it and thats great that you have an opinion. But describe to you how good this show was. We had an Alex Shelley vs Jesse Sorenson vs Austin Aries match that blew us away with the things they were doing. Even though i am a HUGE Alex Shelley fan and Aries won, the match was amazing. I can tell you for a fact that the louder and more involved this crowd got, the better the wrestlers performed. We actually help the wrestlers when we do what we do best and that is scream. Other examples during the night is when Bully Ray came out. He had to announce that he was from Manhattan and the crowd was changing New Rochelle. It was funny to see that he got pissed off and started making fun of a kids mom who was sitting right next to him. Many laughs later, RVD came out and they had a match. I can tell you for a fact I GOT CHILLS when the crowd erupted into an ECW chant when the bell rang. This made the match better because they showed more energy for two old guys, and the match was great. Also, James Storm gave a shout out to his opponent during the night, Kurt Angle, because of the Olympics. We broke out into a huge USA chant and Kurt Angle dropped the keyfabe heel gimmick and just smiled. These moments when the crowd can affect a wrestlers mood just shows you the power we have.

And when you don't use it, the show instantly becomes horrible. So bad, that WWE has to put in recordings of normal crowds just to please the at home audience. And even that doesn't work.

Its these crowds that I absolutely love. They also make me love pro wrestling. Being in New York and watching a wrestling show is something you need to do. Lets be honest, its a wrestling city like Chicago and Phili. Why do you think the 05 and 06 One Night Stands were good. I'm not even going to tell you, watch it for yourself, and when you shit your pants on how amazing it is, comment back. And sometimes it isn't just wrestling. Did anyone see the NFL draft this year? Tell me you felt like you were watching Raw when those Dolphins suck chants were ringing through the Radio City Music Hall. And when the New York Knicks games are close, the crowds make the camera shake. And if you live in the Bronx, you know that Yankee fans are some of the loudest, meanest, most intense crowds you will ever see at a baseball game.

Maybe we will see better Raws and Smackdowns if the crowds could pick up the enthusiasm. In my eyes, there is no bad wrestling (Vince Russo or not) if the crowd is as crazy as New York crowds are. If you are reading this and are from somewhere where Raw is live, do everyone a favor and go scream until your voice is gone! Everyone should know, wrestling has two co-stars. The wrestlers that put on the show, and us, the crowds that pay to see these people, that put energy into the show.

**That is the end of my blog, but i just want to address something. I have been reading blogs for a long time on this site. One thing i have noticed is that when someone doesn't particularly like another blog or the topic has been addressed 1000 times, they DESTROY the person's blog, feelings, and confidence. Numerous times have i seen someone say "Stop blogging, you are horrible." I just want to get this off my chest: DO ANY OF US WORK AT ESPN, WWE.COM, OR ANY OTHER JOURNALIST WEBSITE WHERE PEOPLE PAY US TO EXPRESS OUR FEELINGS?! The simple answer to this question is a big fat NO. You DO NOT have to murder someones feelings, its unnecessary and you look like a complete douche bag. One quote that disgusted me was "How was this blog even approved, it is terrible. He should stop blogging." My memory is rough, but that was similar to what i saw. You all need to grow up and understand what im trying to say. If you dont like it, then dont read and dont comment. SIMPLE. One guy I am a fan of reading is Knox and sometimes on his blogs he gets absolutely hammered by people. This isnt directed to him only because those comments have been to other people as well, i was pointing out an example of someone who gets mauled by comments. But I like what he does, because he uses the constructive comments and just keeps doing what he likes to do. BLOG. Thats why we all write. So stop bitching on peoples blogs telling them to stop doing what they want to do.**

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. christianfan's Avatar
    Crowd at ROH events in new york is awesome!
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I agree with New York crowds. I watched the NY crowd in the Heat/Knicks game last night and until the 4th qtr, when the Heat pulled away, that crowd was flying. They were energized and they were L-O-U-D. They had it going on. And I see it every time Giants play the Eagles and Dallas. I give NY crowds props.

    Good Blog.
  3. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Good Blog, and welcome to the site. Kudos to you for those opening and ending points.
  4. sonicwolfen's Avatar
    Good stuff dude. I completely agree with the blog itself and the little ending point you made.
  5. deadly56's Avatar
    Good second blog. I will admit Crowds do have a impact to WWE Shows. I wouldn't say there the most important thing, because if WWE Wanted to they don't have to have a crowd while doing what they do, and could just talk to the WWE through Television. But that would be a stupid idea

    You made a good point, at the end about people insulting other people's blog. I will admit doing it a few times myself, but have valid reasons. I think once or twice I did say to a few people, that there blog shouldn't have been approved, but not because it wasn't a good blog but it wasn't lengthy enough. They might do 4-5 lines, about a good topic that can be talked about a lot more.

    Anyway good blog I hope you do enough-er one soon.

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