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My Apologies to Tony Schiavone

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Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. I'm hear to do a blog apologizing for my comments made a very long time ago against Tony Schiavone. I did a blog on the best & worst announcers of all time and I had Tony listed as the worst commentator ever and I have to apologize for that.

If anyone wants to check out that blog, the link is below. I did that blog June 2, 2011 so it was quite a while ago.

WWE Classics on Demand:

Ofcourse as many know, I watch alot of classics on demand, I watch alot of the material from the 80s seeing as I wasn't even alive in the 80s so its good to learn some of the history before blogging on it so I don't look stupid.

To make a long story short. Tony Shiavone was a vital piece in almost every major promotion dating all the way back to the 80s. He's had some stints with Mid-Atlantic, WWF, NWA, WCW & TNA. He's been the voice of alot of promotions and that's huge.

I made some sick comments about the dude so I figured I'd touch on a couple of great things about him. Getting to learn more about the business, I learned that dude actually had a great voice for wrestling.

Tony Schiavone spoiling Mankind's WWF Title win on Monday Nitro:

This was the shot that made me hate Schiavone but I never took the time to realize that ofcourse he was told by Bischoff to make such brutal comments about Mick Foley. This bugged me because even on Legends of Wrestling, Mick Foley said he & Tony were good friends and when he heard those comments he made he was hurt to his heart.

Mick Foley confronted Bischoff right there on the spot and this was in 2006 I believe. It was deep stuff and even Bischoff said he told Tony to bury the hell out of Raw, spoil Mick Foley's title win and bury the hell out of him while he's at it.

But shortly after those comments by Tony, about over half a million remotes switched their channels to see this

NWA Run:

Now I'm not sure if it was NWA but I'm thinking it was. But he was the announcer and he was doing it by himself. He was doing a great job conducting interviews with guys like Ric Flair & The Horsemen and other prominant characters. It was good stuff and he really showed how well he can do on his own calling a program.

WWF Run:

He had a short run with the WWF that was decent. On Classics on Demand I see alot of those Boston, Philly & Toronto events from 1990 and Schiavone was calling alot of those. He's had some funny moments with Bobby Heenan and I wish he would've sticked around with them.

WCW Run:

This is where I hated him and I still do when I watch Nitro on Classics on Demand but I learned to respect his craft. He was told to bury WWF and he did a damn good job at it. He buried them much better than Mike Tenay and Larry S. and that's saying something.

He did a good job at what he was supposed to do. I was a big fan of both companies back in the day. I enjoyed WCW more but I loved WWF better which is weird. So the way he buried WWF really got under my skin which isn't saying too much because I was about 8 years old at the time.

What Make Tony Special?

None the less, Tony doesn't get enough credit for his run with WCW and those weeks that they destroyed WWF in rating. His annoyance in commentary was gold because he was never called out on it and he did it as a baby face, that's what made it awesome.

I'm sure he annoyed many people at home because he truly talked about WCW as if it was the best thing since sliced bread and that's what he was paid to do. That's what sold it for me. I wanted to hate WCW but the way Tony put it over made me wanna watch it and I respect that.

The different between Michael Cole & Tony Schiavone:

Now I hate to do this but I have to. One difference between these two is Cole's love for the business. Tony seemed to stick around for the money and that's why he jumped back and forth from company to company and eventually took his talents to commentary for the Atlanta Braves MLB team.

Cole however loves this business. He & Tony had similar styles and were easy to compare. At the height of Tony's career, Cole was nothing more than a sporadic backstage interviewer.

Cole has a love for this business. There was a rumor going around that when Johnathan Coachman left for ESPN, they were interested in Cole as well but he declined. Now we all know, Coachman is getting huge buck and maybe even three times what he was making with the WWE now that he's with ESPN but that wasn't enough to get Cole to switch hands.

Cole has been with the WWE since 1996 and has been loyal for the most part. It seems like Tony got his degree in Broadcast Journalism for the money and I can't bury him for that. But with Cole it seems like his love is with wrestling point blank.


Thanks guys for reading this odd blog to say the least and I hope you enjoyed it. I'll never be a fan of Tony but I gotta apologize for those comments. I know he'll probably never read this but its cool to put it out there to the public while he's still alive. I still want the guy to know he's played a major part in professional wrestling and will always be one of the most influential characters and in my opinion the "Voice of WCW". Thanks guys and please leave feedback. Be safe. Until then.

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  1. sonoftheLINK's Avatar
    I used to love when Chris Jericho would pronounce Schiavone's name wrong every time (not to mention calling Okerlund "Gene Mean"). Schiavone was a good announcer, as a babyface. They tried to make him a heel for a while, that was a swing and a miss. He did a good straight man, and was well informed. It didn't work with Tenay, because they are basically the same guy with Tenay being

    I found this clip here with Dusty and Bobby the Brain taking Tony down a notch.....pretty funny.
  2. studley studington's Avatar
    I think you got it right first time he sucks
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