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Whats Going On In Prowrestling

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I'm Gonna look at some of the News, Rumors and Talked about Issues in Wrestling today. So Here it Goes

Hulk Hogan Says WWE is Worried About His TNA Role
Today Hulk Hogan Claimed On Twitter that The WWE is threaten by his Involvement in TNA. Here's what The Hulkster had to say.

On WWE is worried about his role in TNA: "I remember the last time this build-up happened. Vince McMahon had Shawn Michaels dress up as Hulk Hogan with a walker and say ‘You're getting old brother.' Then we came with the NWO idea and I feel the same thing now. (WWE) is banging me on TV again, having The Three Stooges dressing up as me, showing footage of beating me last week. They're worried about something."

Hogan has a Point there, I can see how Vince could be in panic mode. I can only imagine the Meetings he is having at WWE headquarters, it is probably going a little something like this.

WWE Executive: MR McMahon, We Just got TNA's Reports. There ratings are threw the Roof at 1.0 and Worse Their PPV's are a outstanding 15,000 buys World Wide for their biggest event.

Vince McMahon: Dammit That Hulk Hogan, It's The NWO all over again... What can We to Stop this Wrestling/Entertainment juggernaut?.

WWE Creative: MR McMahon, Creative has nothing, There is No way we can combat Hulkamania, Its been Running Wild since the early 80's.

Vince McMahon: There is only one way. I didnt wanna have to resort to this but its the WWE's only hope.... Somebody, Get me Will Sasso on the Phone.

The WWE is Safe Once Again

Speaking of Crazy Ex WWE employees. Kurt Angle made another intresting promise on Twitter Today and it went a Little something like this.

"Don't Forget! The 2 Best Wrestlers in the World today are K Angle and AJ Styles. We Wrestle At Sacrifice PPV. #MatchoftheYear. I Promise!"

Yes Cause so much of Kurt Angles Twitter Promise actually happen, Promising to make the Olympics this year, Promising Him and Jeff Hardys match was going to top Undertaker and HHH's match at Wrestlemania 28 and Now this?... Its funny you dont see AJ Styles or Jeff Hardy making claims like this, You know why? cause they are not egotistical morons like Kurt Angle.... I don't understand how such a outstanding Collegiate and Prowrestler can bring so much shame to both sports on a daily basis just by his mere presence on Twitter..... It sounds to me like Hulk Hogan and Kurt Angle have been to a "SCOTT HALL PARTY".

I know that's below the Belt, sorry, That's a insult to Mr Hall, Cause I don't see him Embarrassing himself on social media or Interviews.



It Was reported that Sabu missed a Meet and Greet and They called his room and he wouldn't answer so they sent a wrestler down there I think it was Mustfa from ECW fame to check on him, When he Didnt answer The Wrestler bust down the door and Seen Sabu in pretty bad shape and called 911 Immediately..... Sabu soon after checked himself out of the hospital, Fearing even more added to his already huge medical bill..... This Is sad, Sabu has always been a train wreck but at this age I thought he grow out of it and be a little more stable financially and mentally. Well I hope the Best for the former ECW Champion and God Bless him.

Has you see in the pic above, Justin Credible was scheduled for the show but was found in no condition to wrestle backstage. It seems either Justin Credible was highly intoxicated or was under heavy Drug influence or maybe both..... Credible was then informed to go home cause they couldnt use him in his unhealthy state, Credible pleaded and begged to be on the show, They refused his request. So instead of leaving, Credible seemed to wander around the arena and disrupt the show but eventually Credible went home.

My Thoughts on this?... This is sad, The whole show was a pile of crap from what I heard, Besides a match by Jerry Lynn and Devon Storm, This Show was "Heros of Wrestling" bad from what I heard... Kudos to Lynn and Storm for at least being the only two professionals that cared about giving people their moneys worth.

People need to Understand, ECW is Dead, Let it Die. It is shows like this, Hardcore Justice and WWECW that is damaging the memory of ECW for future Generations... 16 Year olds will see this Crap and say "This was ECW? its pure crap". And How can you recreate ECW? using the same talent from over 12 years ago? They are out of shape, Unmotivated, well passed there prime and too damaged mentally and physically.... Wrestling is always trying to recreate past Glory. WCW trying to recreate WWF's past glory from the 80's, WWF trying to recreate the NWO and ECW, TNA trying to recreate at one point WCW from the late 90's Early 2000's and ECW.. IT dont work, If it did work then these things would of never failed in the first place. Its like me trying to Recreate the XFL using the same players and the same concept, There is a reason it failed in the first place.... ECW, NWO, WCW, WCCW, AWA, NWA All had their time and place, They cant be recreated. You can use different aspects or put a twist on some of their storylines but to recreate the whole entire federation with the same cast of characters is just silly and stupid.

This is where us as Fans need to tell this promoters and wrestlers trying to make a quick dollar off ECWs corpse to Go Fuck themself and not go to the show and stay home and watch ECW on WWE 24/7 or get online and watch some Raven promos..... Opps I went on a rant, Sorry.

John Cena Beats Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules


The IWC was furious over this. Brock Lesnar did the Job to Cena at WWE's E.R. PPV.... To this I say Why?, Brock Lesnar looked like a monster and dominated, Cena needed a Lucky Shot with a Chain and a AA on the steps to beat him. I dont see What the problem is.

I Think its the right move, Like it or not Cena is the face of WWE, he is by far the #1 guy. So how would it look if Cena Lost 2 big matches back to back to two returning fly by nights who are not full time talent?. It would not only make Cena look weak but also the current crop of talent that Cena has been put over for the last 8 years look weak.... Its like saying The guys of today couldnt hang with the guys of yesterday. It be like in 1998 Having Austin job to Hulk Hogan in a huge 1 year built wrestlemania match clean, Then the Next month later get dominated by Ultimate Warrior and lose Clean again...... This is not a knock on Brock or The Rock but they will be in WWE for another year on limited dates, Cenas in for the Long hall so they need to protect him and not completely embarrass the face of the company.

I look Forward to your comments good or bad, Thanks for reading.

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  1. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Good Blog. I'm in full agreement, but I do have to knock just one part of it.

    Your comment about how ECW is dead. WCW, NWA, WCCW, AWA, etc are all dead, just really hit home. It's truly a shame but you're absolutely right. They're dead and trying to resurrect them is hopeless. Extreme Reunion should be much like Wrestle Reunion. Have some of the originators there for one purpose, nostalgia. But if you're trying to take this concept and run with it, get new, young talent involved and give it a reboot..instead of trying to revive a corpse.

    As for your Brock Lesnar/John Cena point. Your point has already been stated 1000 times this week. In every link I click on whatever site I read, in blogs, forums, and comment sections, I see exactly what you wrote in this blog about Cena's win. Do you have a newer, fresher perspective on it?

    Thanks for the good read.
  2. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Enjoyed your blog. For the most part I'll agree with it. I'll admit getting a decent laugh while reading the Hogan part. Yet, I'm going to agree with The Savior when it comes to your whole perspective on the Cena/Brock point. Now after reading your point countless times and even reading;

    I still ask myself, what in Gods' name was the point of their feud?!? Honestly, I can understand the mere fact that the night after Mania, what with The Rock taking off yet again, they needed something/or someone that could make just as much of an impact. Having Lesnar return to utterly destroy Cena was awesome. I won't lie, I even jumped for joy when I saw him F-5 the E's crusader. Yet WTF was the point of the feud?!? I fully understand how the E' wanted to "test waters" with Lesnar and what not, but having a months build up to something that left us "all" scratching our heads... Face of the company or not... At E.R had Lesnar beaten Cena to the point where he could no longer fight (was stretchered out), it would not have taken anything away from his super hero credibility. Instead we yet again got to see Mr.Posterboy himself go "Against All Odds" and pull off a sh*tty 1,2,3...

    I don't know whats worse... People backstage coming up with these worthless storylines, or people like you, who seem to try to make sense out of it. I'm ranting...

    Enjoyed the read bud, and thanks yet again for the laugh.
  3. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    Kurt also claimed that his match with Jeff Hardy would be better than Triple H v 'Taker. The guy has serious delusions if he thinks TNA will ever produce a match that rivals a WrestleMania main event.

    Don't get me wrong, TNA has a history of good matches, but a large part of what makes a match great is the atmosphere surrounding it. TNA simply isn't on a scale where it rivals Raw (dare I say SmackDown?) and for that reason alone TNA will never produce THAT match.

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