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WrestleMania In England!

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Now i am an English wrestling fan so obviously this is a bias view! However in this blog i hope to argue my point and show to non believers why it would be a good idea and fairly practical to hold Wrestlemania 31 or after at Wembley Stadium in England!

First of all i would like to explain that it is not the old Wembley stadium that Summerslam 92 was held in but this is a fairly new stadium that opened in 2007. It is very accessible and located on the outer rim of London!

Now the arena its self would be an almost perfect venue, i have already mentioned the convianece of the location so to the most pressing factor the attendance! The stadium holds 90,000 people for a football match (not American Football) and for concerts has held up to 105,000 people! So for a wrestling event it could easily hold around 110,000 people which would break all previous records. The next thing to mention is the condition and infrastructure of stadium, it is very new and in excellent condition, it has a partial roof that covers a lot of the seats and has a steel arc above the stadium as you can see below which lights up and has fireworks shoot out of it which would work well for WWE. The atmosphere is amazing in the stadium and will be even more so with all the seats on the pitch and the general wrestlemania buzz! It is also no stranger to big events as it has hosted the 2011 champions league final (European football tournament) which had more views than the super bawl in the same year! I also feel the majority English crowd would have an electric feel to it as shown in recent raws and generally good crowds we get in England.

Other positives would be that it would give many fans in England and Europe to go see the event without travelling as far, would be good for spreading the brand or wrestling itself in England due to the whole weeks activities and exposure and would also show that WWE is truly a global brand where they can have success anywere they go which would be a good image for the company! There are many places and areas in London where the weeks events could take place, more specifically the HOF could be held in the Royal Albert Hall which is a very prestiges and famous venue (British Bulldog could be inducted here ) and The following Raw and Smackdown could also be held in the O2 Arena where it was held a few weeks ago and save the wrestlers from doing there part of there Wrestlemania Revenge tour in England and go strait to Europe and back to America sooner!

Now i know many people will come up with negatives and arguments so i will hope answer them now and argue why they are not a problem!

1. London will not be able to host the event:

First of London is considered one of the three most important Cities in the World along with Tokyo and New York (Partly due to their global positions). London is also an amazing city and i recommend it to anyone who has not been, from its amazing sites to its great hotels and restraunts.

2. Americans & Canadians will not travel all the way to England to watch Wrestlemania:

Personally i think many die hard fans would travel to see the event and also enjoy it being in a foreign place. I also feel it would not be too much of a hassle as would only take 7-10 hours depending where you live to travel to England not to mention London has 2 big airports near it with Heathrow Airport being very near London and one of the busiest airports in the world. Also many fans could tie the trip into a holiday where they could see the tourism aspect of London as there are many things to do there.

3. The timing of the Broadcast would be to inconvenient for americans:

My first thing to say is deal with it! every one else as too, i personally stay up every year to 4 to watch it! I would also argue that many americans stayed up to watch the royal wedding so you can deal with watching wrestlemania earlier than normal witch is a much more entertaining event ( i really do not understand why people from America are so fascinated by the Royal Family, a lot of people in England did not care we just got an extra days holiday ) But in all seriousness it would not be too bad as if the event started 9pm London time and finished around 1:30 am people on the west cost would watch the event from 1 pm to 5:30 pm and fans on the east cost would watch the event from 4 pm to 8:30 pm which in all honesty is not that inconvenient!

4. The weather may not be good at that time of year in England:

That is the same for any stadium such as next years event at WM 29. Also the roof covers the crowd mostly as we deal with rain all year round for football matches and the only people getting wet would be the people in the middle. The ring would be under cover as usual so there is no real problem in my view not to mention that Vince McMahon says it never rains on WM day!

I will end this blog of pictures of Wembley and the Albert Hall! So really i cant think of a reason why WWE would not have a WM in England in the near future!!

Royal Albert Hall (where HOF would take place)


Wembley Outside!

wembly night.jpg

Wembley inside!
wembly full.jpg

wembly day inside.jpg

Wembley in concert (Closest thing it has had too WM)

wembly concert.jpg

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Zochar's Avatar
    Considering the fact that I'm Dutch, I would most certainly like to see this happen anytime in the next 5 or 10 years. And I guess the WWE is all about breaking records and all,
    so why won't they do such a thing. Great thinking.
  2. WBJ's Avatar
    The Idea Is Great, The Weather Is What I Was Worried About...But Also WrestleMania Will Always Be At 7 Or 8 Eastern Time, So They Will Have To Wrestle Whatever Time It Is English Time(Fans Would Be Great, Hope They Do This!!!!)
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Not the worst idea I've heard. In fact, I think it would be cool. However, I think the biggest issue is, in fact, the time zone.

    See, here in America, Sunday is reserved for certain events throughout the day, and they're scheduled accordingly for a reason. Wrestlemania at 7pm and running to 11pm est, works because the only competition at that time is the first week of Sunday Night Baseball. If, in America, we have to push it back from 4pm to 8pm, then it conflicts with every other sporting event that's going on. Buys would suffer big time because of that.

    There's a reason main stream programming that's set for prime time is always according to EST.

    I think it would be cool if WM was in England personally. I still remember the POP when the British Bulldog pinned Bret Hart for the IC Title...Goosebumps Man. But the time zone is probably the only hold up. Everything else you wrote is definitely valid.
  4. BlackFalcon's Avatar
    I'm gonna say two things

    First: Although Wembley is great, we could take the new Olympic Stadium in as a possible contender as well, after the Olympics it'll be used for something.

    Second: Since we already host an NFL game annually now, I would love to see WWE come over here for a major event. This could be the start of more sports doing this in order to gain more fans worldwide.
  5. keatsmeister's Avatar
    I'd love Wrestlemania to come here, but the timezone is always going to be the Achilles heel for the idea. I think it'd be better to try out another of the big PPVs here first like Summerslam or Survivor Series first, and see how that goes before risking the biggest PPV of the year.

    As for the weather, if you were proposing Wembley, had you forgotten the roof can be closed?
  6. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zochar
    Considering the fact that I'm Dutch, I would most certainly like to see this happen anytime in the next 5 or 10 years. And I guess the WWE is all about breaking records and all,
    so why won't they do such a thing. Great thinking.
    you are right and this way we dutchies can actually travel for just a few hours in total from where i live to get there and actually be there at wrestlemania
  7. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    I often dream of Wrestlemania in England.
    I'd love to see WM31 at Wembly Arena.
    At very least we deserve another SummerSlam over here!
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