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$hazBlog: Booking the Divas Champion (Part 1)

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Layla's return had me thinking, where is her reign gonna lead? Are we gonna witness her add prestige to the belt? Well this is my booking! If probably won't happen, I'll write it anyway!


Over the Limit: Layla (c) vs Aksana - Divas Champion match
Eve sets up a match for Aksana has her 'gift', no build up at all.

Winner: Layla (still champion)

Raw: Backstage we see Layla warming up for her tag team match, Aksana walks in, saying: 'Listen Layla, what happened at Over the Limit was nothing and it just turned out to be a fluke, Mr. Laurnitis said that if I will have my rematch at No Way Out, so watch out!'

Eve and Aksana vs Layla and Kelly Kelly
Layla and Kelly Kelly are on top, but as Layla is about to make a tag, Kelly Kelly shockingly walks out! Aksana uses this as an advantage to hit the Spear on Layla, she goes for the pin and gets the 3 count!

Winner's: Eve and Aksana

Smackdown: Layla is out in the ring, she says she is pissed off at Kelly Kelly, for walking out on her. Kelly Kelly comes out, she says he is sick and tired of being the 'good girl' and she proved that she can be 'bad' after she walked out on Layla. Layla says that she wants K2 in the ring tonight! However, Aksana comes out and says in Mr. Laurnitis's orders, its gonna be Layla vs Kaitlyn tonight!

Layla vs Kaitlyn
Winner: Layla

After the match, Kelly Kelly and Aksana comes out and they both attack Layla and Kaitlyn

No Way Out

Layla (c) vs Aksana - Divas Champion match
Winner: Layla (still champion)

Raw: Aksana is in the ring looking really pissed off! She says that Layla shouldn't have won the match! She says that Layla cheated! Layla comes out laughing, she says that she did win the match, so why shouldn't she win? She also says that she never cheated! She beat her clean, and if Aksana doesn't like it, she can shove the truth up her ugly ass! Aksana demands a rematch immideately! But Kelly Kelly's music hits! She says that she really respects Aksana, and that's a fact. But she's already had two title shots and failed, and it's about time that she takes on Layla as she will take back the Divas Champion! Eve comes out and says she can't choose between Aksana and Kelly Kelly, so she says both should have a match tonight! And the winner will get a Divas Champion title shot at Money in the Bank!

Kelly Kelly vs Aksana
Winner: Kelly Kelly
K2 gives Aksana a handshake and they leave the ring smirking.

Layla says that she doesn't care who she faces, she will hopefully beat them with the fans support! Kelly Kelly comes out and totally disagrees with what Layla just said! The fans won't do nothing! They will cheer Layla but nothing will come out of it! They are just too stupid to see that!

Aksana w Kelly Kelly vs Layla
Winner: Layla
K2 and Aksana give Layla an aftermath beatdown!

Money in the Bank:
Kelly Kelly w Aksana vs Layla (c) - Divas Champion match
Winner: Layla (still champion)
As Layla is celebrating, Kelly Kelly and Aksana attempt to attack her but before they could do anything!

KHARMA IS BACK! She walks into the ring giving Layla, K2 and Aksana a cold stare. Aksana attempts to leave the ring but Kharma hits an Implant Buster, she does the same to K2. Layla is up and she offers a handshake, but its not enough as Kharma hits an Impant Buster on her too!

Raw: Layla is out here tonight, she says that last night at Money in the Bank she defeated Kelly Kelly. But a nasty shock hit her as Kharma returned! And hit the Implant Buster on K2 and Aksana. She says that she offered a peace offering to Kharma by offering an handshake, but she also hit an Impant Buster on her. K2 and Aksana come out, they say that what happened to Layla shouldn't have happened. K2 says that Kharma will regret this, and they say that if Layla joins their group then they could all take on Kharma and watch her suffer. Layla has a little think, she says that revenge is needed and Kharma will suffer, however Layla will do it on her own! And she doesn't need help from wannabe 'bad' divas! K2 and Aksana prepare to attack but Kharma's music hits!
She attacks both K2 and Aksana, Layla runs out of the ring and slaps her! But Kharma gets angry and hits an Implant Buster on her! And she gives a huge kick to the face, and Layla has a nose bleed! Kharma grabs a mic and says that she will become the Divas Champion!

Smackdown: Kelly Kelly and Aksana vs Layla and Tamina
Winners: No Contest
Kharma came out in the ring and attacked all four as they tried to fight her off. Eve's music hits and she tells Kharma to stop immideatly! And if she doesn't then she is fired! Kharma starts walking up to Eve but Eve tells her to wait! She'll give Kharma a Divas Championship title shot at Summerslam, only if she doesn't attack Eve. Kharma smirks and nods yes.

Summerslam: Kharma vs Layla (c) - Divas Champion match
Winner: Kharma (new champion)

Hope you enjoyed Part 1 of Booking the Divas Champion! And if anyone is wondering, Kharma is a tweener! And Natalya will enter in Part 2! Stay tuned for the 2nd Part!

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  1. samwrigz's Avatar
    hmmm good points but i don't see kelly kelly ever turning heel. she's too much of a baby face and the most popular diva on the roster. maybe alicia fox could take the role? she can play heel well and has good ring skills!
  2. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    We'll be seeing Kharma in the picture again sooner than later. She was ready to go last Sunday, but the plan was changed literally 10 minutes beforehand to send Layla out. Also, I don't think I've ever actually seen Aksana do anything on any show other than innuendo segments with Teddy Long.
  3. Sam Axe's Avatar
    I heard Layla was the plan all along.

    Vince doesn't care enough about the Divas to give them an involved storyline like that.
  4. Shaz11's Avatar
    Samwrigz: I hate Alicia Fox! I think a Kelly Kelly heel turn would work to be honest. It's your opinion though.

    TheLegendaryIcon: I wasn't sure if Kharma was still on her break, so I just had her return at Summerslam

    SamAxe: I said earlier that it probably won't happen, and I have to agree with you.

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