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The Greatest Tag Teams in WWF/E history

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Hey there wrestling fans. After enjoying many of your posts for so long, I thought it was high time I started posting some of my own. I was gonna start with my favourite wrestlers, but after WWE's list of greatest tag teams, I thought I'd list my own. I have been watching Wrestling for as long as I can remember (early 80's) and am only going to list the teams I remember and why (sorry Blackjacks). Also, 50 is to long for me, so will just do a top 20. As WWE's list is only teams to wrestle in WWF/E, I will hold to that criteria as well (sorry AMW). I will also post a few guys I think could make for some interesting teams to reignite the tag division right now as I have always enjoyed Tag Wrestling and wish it would come back. Anyway, here I my picks for best Tag Teams of all time:

20) D-Generation X: I wanted to put London and Kendrick on this list but new the feedback I’d get for leaving the Heartbreak Kid and the Game off it. I always viewed Shawn Michaels and HHH more as 2 guys working together then as an actual tag team, but there is no denying the great moments they brought. And they eventually won the Tag Team Championship too.

19) The World’s Greatest Tag Team: brought in to be Kurt Angle’s lackey’s, Hass and Benjamin quickly showed why they would become one of the greatest teams not only in WWE but across the world winning the WWE Tag Team Championship twice.

18) The Natural Disasters: They should have been one of the most fearsome and hated tag teams in history, but their feuds with Money Inc. allowed Earthquake and Typhoon to win over the fans and the Tag Team Titles.

17) The Colossal Connection: Bobby the Brain Heenan new how to make tag team that work and perhaps no team was more fearsome in their time then the seemingly unstoppable Haku and legendary Andre the Giant who brought the family the gold.

16) The Rock n Sock Connection: I admit I’m begrudging to put them in my top 20, but there is no deny the popularity of Rock and Mankind teaming up. Though all there title reigns were short, the 3 time Tag Champs were known more for their odd couple marriage and have the highest rated segment in history with ’This Is Your Life Rock’.

15) Los Guerreros: 2 time WWE Champion’s, cousins Eddie and Chavo were a must watch team on Thursday nights if not for their high flying and technical abilities, then to see how they would ‘Lie, Cheat, and Steal’ a victory.

14) Two Dudes with Attitude: Shawn Michaels and Diesel managed to win the Tag titles and hold them for 87 days before disbanding. One has to wonder just how dominating the Heartbreak Kid and Big Daddy Cool could have been if they had worked better together…

13) The Nasty Boys: I hated this team! Still, Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags had some memorable feuds with the Hart Foundation and L.O.D. earning a lengthy title reign along the way.

12) The Brothers of Destruction: One has to wonder just how dominating a
team Kane and the Undertaker could have been if they weren’t more interested in beating each other up. Still, they managed to work together enough to win 2 Tag Titles (not counting WWF‘s ownership of the WCW titles).

11) The Hardy: 1/3 of the trio to bring you the TLC match, Matt and Jeff may not be as decorated as E&C or the Dudleys with ‘only‘ 6 reigns, but there is now denying the impact Team Extreme had on Tag Wrestling.

10) Legion of Doom: If the Road Warriors were as huge in WWF as they were in AWA they would be at the top of this list. But there is no denying that Hawk and Animal were still one of the best teams to grace a WWF/E ring. They may only have had 2 title reigns, but many memorable moments and feuds with the likes of Demolition and the Nasty Boys.

9) The Brittish Bulldog and Owen Hart: It may have been a down time for Tag Wrestling, but there is no denying the brother in laws were a great team. Davey’s strength and Owen’s technical and arial abilities were reminiscent of The British Bulldog’s days. Though they only had 1 reign, it lasted nearly a year.

8) The Rockers: Though they never held the Tag Titles (no, their win over the Hart Foundation doesn’t count), there is now denying the impact the Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty had on future teams like the Hardy’s and London & Kendrick.

7) Money Inc.: I’m sure nobody liked them, but there is now denying The Million Dollar Man and I.R.S. weren’t one of the best teams of their times with 3 title reigns, only 1 of which was less than 100 days.

6) New Age Outlaws: Oh You Didn't Know?!? I don't think anybody knew the impact Rockabilly and 'the Real Double J' would make when they teamed up as the Road Dogg and The Bad Ass becoming tag champs on 5 separate occasions!

5) The Dudley Boyz: The most decorated Tag Team of all time, Devon and Bubba Ray are also the most decorated WWF/E team as well with 8 World Tag Team Championships and 1 WWE Tag Team Championship. They are also 1/3 of the trio that revolutionized tag wrestling through the Attitude Era

4) Demolition: Call them Road Warrior rip offs if you like, but only Mr. Fuji and Billy Gunn held the tag titles longer than Ax and Smash and no team more than Demolition at a total of 698 days across 3 reigns.

3) E & C: Only the Dudley's held the titles more than Edge and Christian. The 7 time champs were 1/3rd of the trio who made Tag Wrestling Great through the Attitude Era 'Totally Reeking of Awesomness' the entire time.

2) Hart Foundation: Bret Hart is my all-time favourite wrestler and The Hart Foundation my all time favourite team. It was a great mix of Neidharts power and Bret's Excellence of Execution that brought them 2 lengthy titles reigns. Only second cause I think number one is more deserving.

1) British Bulldogs: Though they only had 1 title reign (though nearly a year long) Davey Boy Smith's sheer power and Dynamite Kids technique and high flying abilities (for their time) truly changed how wrestling would become for the next generation.

So there you have it. My personal opinion of the greatest 20 WWF/E Tag Teams. Now here are my thoughts for a few that WWE should try out now.

Ted Dibiase and Michael McGuillicutty: I believe both have great potential and just need something to do to show it. Maybe even throw in Alex Riley and have them be a new generation Varsity Club (look it up if don't know what I'm talking about)

R-Truth and Booker T: Not sure why, but I think they would provide some funny moments (Booker saying 'tell me Lil' Jimmy didn't just say that!) and would have made more sense for Truth then Kofi Kingston.

R-Truth and JTG: if not Booker, how about JTG. Thought of this pairing a couple years ago after Shad left. I think they would mesh well with their similar styles both in and out of the ring. Would have to drop Lil Jimmy though…

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara: Just makes sense. Rey’s career is winding down and maybe he can give Cara the push he needs.

Brodus Clay and ?: not sure who yet, but Brodus needs a partner before he fizzles out. I’m thinking someone more straight lace. Maybe reminiscent of the Twin Towers (again, look it up if don’t know….)…

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  1. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    i only disagree on the part that funkasaurus seems to need a partner honestly if a guy get's pushed so much on his own and he can't make it then he doesn't deserve to be there now does he? sure give him a chance with another guy but that partner of his will most likely be the guy who get's beat up all time so that funkasaurus goes berserk and that's not a great role to be playing every week. i just don't see it happen for the rest you are pretty much right about everything
  2. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    Why no to Rated RKO?
  3. Hurtts101's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheLegendaryIcon
    Why no to Rated RKO?

    While RKO could have been great, they didn't have the longevity to make this list. I also felt they were thrown together more for fueding with DX and weren't a true tag team. The final reason is lack of teams at their time. Other than DX, who did they fight?!?
  4. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    I really liked this blog
  5. Seanb93's Avatar
    I think the Rockers are rated a little bit to high. They were never a real force of a tag team. Never won a big match. A lot of popular old school tag teams are not on your list either.

    East/West Connection
    Wild Samoans
    Iron Shiek/Volkoff
    The Smoking Guns
  6. Hurtts101's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Seanb93
    I think the Rockers are rated a little bit to high. They were never a real force of a tag team. Never won a big match. A lot of popular old school tag teams are not on your list either.

    East/West Connection
    Wild Samoans
    Iron Shiek/Volkoff
    The Smoking Guns
    As I said, basically went with teams mid 80's on as that is when I remeber starting to watch WWF. Having never seen The Wild Samoans, Blackjacks, etc, I couldn't talk about them objectivly. Loved the APA, but didn't have the impact like other teams on this list. Felt they were loist in the shuffle of the Hardys, Dudley's, etc alot of the time. As for the Gunns, was a tough choice, but they always seamed to underwhelm me. It is just my opinion but am always open to discussion on the matter
    Updated 05-03-2012 at 12:44 PM by Hurtts101 (misprint)
  7. body slam's Avatar
    When you say tag team I like to think legit tag teams not a make shift team of two main eventers leading to a fued. Looking at some of the names on the list it makes me think where are the Mega Powers? Which imo has to be VKM most recycled idea.

    Where are the Brain Busters, Rougeau Brothers, US Express (origional), and the Mounties?
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