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The Perfect Wrestling Video Game

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This Christmas i was VERY excited to play WWE 12 because it was my first wrestling game in a while. Instead, what i got was a horrible thing called "predator engine" and a game where online users abuse 2 moves and win cheap. Also, the fact that no other mode in that game is playable is beyond me. That's when i realized how a perfect wrestling game would be.

BTW: This is not a WWE Game. Complete fantasy. So the wrestlers would be up to you.

I don't want to go into much detail, but the game should play like the original Smackdown vs Raw games that we loved to play. Create a belt, entrance, move, submission, caw, move set, arena, the whole nine yards. But then there is an interesting thing that we can do for the story mode. It is split into two parts: Wrestler Mode and Company Mode.

I ALWAYS imagined a game where you created your own wrestler for the story, and he started out as a piece of shit. Just horrible. You have been watching pro wrestling forever and now you feel like tackling the demon yourself. So, you start training in a gym. *This is where you create the wrestler FROM THE BOTTOM UP. New look, moves, and signature things like taunts, finishers, and promo styles.* You wrestle locally and earn money. As you wrestle more, you become more experienced and learn new moves. I always envisioned this where you have complete creative control over your wrestler. What i mean by that is: You control how he acts and cuts promos. So before a match or during a segment you will try to cut a promo and based on the crowds reactions (loud cheers or boos are the best) they will get your character over or push you down. You also control wrestling relationships and real life relationships. Rivalries and alliances, even stables are controlled by you. Eventually, you will work your way up through the indies and come to a really important decision: The two top companies want you, but you have to decide. *In case your wondering, the two top companies are WWE and TNA, but since this isnt their games, we will have to improvise.* The company that represents the WWE is more about the entertainment factor then wrestling. You focus more on promos, but they pay more money and the stadiums are bigger. The company that represents TNA is all about high quality wrestling, although the promos aren't that good. You get better moves and work smaller arenas. Whichever company you choose influences your wrestling choices from here on. You get into the companies, win belts, and do what you did in the indies: work your way up, or get put down. You can choose a tag team path and then disband to work on your singles skills. Or you can hire a manager to help boost entertainment value. Like i said before, you have all creative control over your character, so you can do whatever you like. But you dont go to Raw or Smackdown immediately. You have to tryout during dark matches. You have to work house shows. You have to prove yourself that you are ready for the big time. And even once you start getting on to the actual shows, you start at the bottom of relevancy. Eventually you can rise up to the challenge and start going for minor titles, and then even the major titles. And with enough hard work, you may be going against the face of the company and challenging him for his spot as the #1 guy. The point of all of this is to simulate the paths that wrestlers actually go through to get to WWE and TNA. Wrestling is about work, and any game that can fully capture that is perfect.

The Company Mode is like GM mode. Except you live in the eyes of Paul Heyman. Not literally ECW, but you have a vision of creating a company in YOUR eyes. This is where you get creative. Its your job as head of the company to give it a name, logo, and other creative things. Then start out at the very bottom and work your way to the top. You can be a straight foward wrestling company like WWE and TNA. Or have a gimmick like ROH and ECW. With this mode, creative control of everything is completely up to you. Even to add realism, you have to negotiate contracts with TV companies, venues, and even the wrestlers and staff themselves.

I had this idea because creating wrestlers in WWE 12 made me think how they got there. I mean it is weird how you can just make a wrestler and *boom* years of dedication and sweat leading up to WWE is just skipped. I know its just a game.

But to me, wrestling is about that dedication. And since we aren't all wrestlers, living through that in virtual reality would at least give me the wrestling experience we only read about on here and watch on TV. The wrestlers at the shows in person or on TV aren't our own unique creation. We may like a wrestler but he wasn't in our image. Having a guy that you created so it is 100% you and play with him through the whole wrestling system would make wrestling video games so much better.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. WBJ's Avatar
    I Love The Idea....But Instead Of TNA And WWE Just Turn TNA Into FCW...If U Go Straight To FCW U Build Up Moves And Promos Quicker And If U Go Straight To Brands(Raw And SmackDown) U Get More Money But Have A Harder Time Making It In The Rankings.(I Have Other Ideas With This But This Was The First One That Popped Up)
  2. WBJ's Avatar
    The GM Mode Would Be That They Are Bringing Back ECW And Want You To Run It, You Would Have To Deal With Everthing You Said, And The Draft, So They Might Take Your Best Wrestler's And Give You Some Sh*tty Ones, So It Might Make It Difficult!
  3. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    i love the stable idea but the chosing between companies why not let you start in fcw with the likes of seth rollins & dean ambrose(if he'll be there still and not on the wwe roster) then go to the wwe you can decide to be the rookie in a stable as a heel or to be the face and join forces with a main eventing face to battle a heel stable either way you get pushed then after that you can still turn face or heel but the good thing is like you said unlike the universe mode in wwe 12 you can control interference run-in's so that your storyline doesn't get fucked up simply because wwe 12 decided to let your partner turn on you after winning the tag team gold (WTF)
  4. alcrissam's Avatar
    @Mikeyboy7777777 and WBJ: well, you cant really replace TNA. it is technically the 2nd biggest company, so it has to stay in. But i left out developmental for the WWE path and yes, you cant even make it onto TV without getting to the top of FCW

    @WBJ the gm mode isnt really about taking control of ECW, i just compared it to Paul Heyman how he literally started with nothing and ended up being the 3rd or 4th best promotion at the time. The mode is take a company that is literally you, a couple of local wrestlers, and very little in terms of venue size and resources and take it to the top and compete with big name TV brands like WWE or TNA.

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