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Mark Savage

Countdown to the best Theme Music

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I know, Theme songs get done every week here! I want to introduce myself, a long time lurker, now posting my first blog.

With the return of Brock Lesnar and his INTIMIDATING theme music, it got me thinking to what makes a GREAT theme song. Now I might be bias, but I HATE the way the E has started to use songs with lyrics just so they can sell them on Itunes. Im a fan of the wordless - or few words - instrumentals that dominated wrestling before.

I think every theme should have two defining characteristics to make it great.

1) The theme must INSTANTLY identify with the wrestlers gimmick.
2) Most of the best songs of all time have a great 1 - 3 second intro/sound effect.

I have compiled my top 10 theme songs, with a couple of honorable mentions.



Kicks off perfectly. The song itself is great. Electric guitar...for the most electrifying man in all of entertainment - fitting.


Intense, in your face. Not a fan of theme's with too many words in it, but this fits him perfect. He is the game and he does make the rules - because he runs the show now!

TOP 10:


Ah, Ah..SHAWN! - Girls screaming his name start this one off. Then Shawn himself sings about being a sexy boy.
He sounds like a cocky, over sexual, heartthrob. - And that's exactly what he was in the 90's.
I don't think this song suited him when he made the comeback - and found god. But I guess at that point you couldn't have Shawn without this song.


The tires peeling out - there's that 1 - 3 second intro I am talking about, you will see that ALOT on my list.
It's just instrumental - no words, yet it tells a story. I hear elements of the SCARFACE theme in it, and with great reason.
Razor Ramon was the WWF(E)'s answer to SCARFACE. The theme went perfect with the Bad Guy's cocky attitude.
The tires I talked about...reminiscent of a car chase - after say...killing some Colombians and stealing their cocaine?


The evil, iconic laugh kicks it off. Money, Money, Money, Moneeyyyy. They hit it right on the money with this song.
He was evil and cocky, and with good reason talked over his entire theme song entrance, never to not be the center of attention.


The static - similar to the noise the mic makes when dropped after say, a pipebomb - starts off the theme song that catapulted Punk into super-stardom.
Sure, the worked shoot(?) was a huge part of it, but this theme was perfect to tweak his character the right way to make it to the next level.
He's about personality, and either he is a really good actor or he is indeed playing himself on screen. A funny, sarcastic, borderline prick, who thinks he is the best in the world - and backs it up.


A Tie here - because lets face it, they were basically the same thing. Lesnar was the reason I am even writing this so he had to make it on the list!
Both powerful, dominant, intimidating themes. Sure the Goldberg one sounded better with the piped in chants and the fireworks - breathing smoke.
Just hearing the music, without knowing the wrestlers you would say they were a dominant big man. The themes just made the characters so much more intimidating.

5) Ric Flair

WOOOOOOOOOO. The iconic word the Nature Boy was famous for kicks off this epic theme. It's classy. Its cocky. Its everything Ric Flair was.
It screams epic! It works best as a heel, but as he became a legend, the song fit him as a face as well.

4) NWO

The static in the beginning signified them "hijacking" the programming with their own. The theme, very simple in nature - repeats the same couple of bars over and over. Maybe it's so good because the angle was SO OVER.
They then started adding sound effects which I felt just enhanced an already great theme song. New new new new world order. WE...ARE.. IN CONTROL. TOOOOOOOO SWEEEEEEET!.

3) DX

Are You Ready? - The into is great, built up anticipation. Then....BREAK IT DOWN!

The fast paced theme, paired with the rapid cuts from the tron video to the live entrance ( it was a perfect combo.
The theme was defiant, just as DX and Shawn Michales were at the time.


Shattered glass. Then a strong thumping theme song screams bad ass. Play this theme at the gym, working out and you are guaranteed to feel like a bad ass.
Fit the Rattlesnakes character perfectly. How about the entrance at Wrestlemania 13 with the shattered glass live. (3:10 mark -


The gong. The lightning. The eerie music. Match that up with the lights going out. The oldschool purple light. The druids! There is no mistake this is one the best theme songs ever.

And there it is! If you disagree/agree leave me some comments.
I just got on facebook too so feel free to add me!

See ya!

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  1. Cynicism's Avatar
    I liked Christian's in TNA
    Bizarrely I really like Drew Mackintyre's even though he's nowhere near the star power of the people on the list
    Favourite for just the music has to be L O D though, it really grabs attention and you knew when you heard it that some body was about to get hurt.
    Bret Hart's music was also amazing, no shout outs to that drawn out guitar
    Oh and obviously SELF HIGH FIVE..... DDP had awesome music that suited his mentality perfectly
  2. christianfan's Avatar
    IMO the best wrestling theme was danielson's Final Countdown!
  3. Callum's Avatar
    Edge's theme should be on the list and I also like Kane's theme is one of the all time best
  4. Itchypanda's Avatar
    El Generico's theme "Ole" by the Bouncing Souls is my favorite plus his entrance is huge pop and fan celebration.
  5. Madness's Avatar
    Jericho-break the wall down
    Gangrel-Awesome song, it really got you pumped up and it fit him so well
  6. Big__Meat's Avatar
    That Rock theme you picked is horrible. I hate that version. He never even used it. His Hollywood theme or one of his Nation themes should have made the list. I think Undertaker's ministry or one of his ABA themes should have made it. Edge's Rob Zombie theme from 2002 should have made it. That was one of his better themes. Bret Hart's theme(Older version) should have made the list as well...
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