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What Could be the Most Popular WrestleMania 29 Card

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The Rock Vs Brock For WWE Championship

This is going to be built after the entire year of Brock causing terror to the WWE in 2012-2013. He wil win the WWE Championship with noone being able to stop him. Here comes the Rock to save the Day and become the WWE champion. Then the next night because most likely he will have some movie to do, give up the title and this will start a chain of events and crown a new champion that night. Brock may be done after this just due to the fact that his contract is up. Will see if he resigns but I truly believe that The Rock will Win

Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs CM PUNK
The social media battle has already begun. Steve Austin is finally healthly and CM PUNK is rising to the top of the WWE. To a certain extent he could rise to the Randy Orton and John Cena level but he is not quite there yet. These guys have opposite personalities but yet the same in the fact that they think about business. I believe that this could be a better match and more popular match than the Rock and Brock. WWE though needs to have better ratings and the combination of both will raise the profile of the WWE

The Undertaker Vs John Cena
Cena beating Brock will be his biggest highlight of the year, but I feel this is going to be a tough year for Cena. He lost to the Rock that is going to be hard on him because lets just face it, by beating Brock, its not the same as losing to the Rock and thats why he needs to face the one, and I mean the only one who can beat the sense into Cena in the WWE sense. There is room for CENA in the WWE, its just he needs to change in some sense because you can still be the Make a Wish Guy, its just Swear a little bit because really when he was doing PROMOs against the Rock, that was something that needs to be continued to regain some popular. The Undertaker though this will be his biggest match because Cena is the face of the WWE and this is something the Undertaker has to do.

Randy Orton Vs Sheamus For World Heavyweight Championship
Its time for Randy Orton to get back in the title hunt and its been reported on here that hes is in for a long title run. I believe that this would be a great matchup between to Fan favorites. They are great and I just feel that its time to get him back into the title. I feel the same way for CENA as well. Sheamus wants a Wrestlemania moment and facing someone like this will get him there.

KANE vs Lord Tensai
I saw this in another Blog and I'm in favor of it. Have two Monsters face each other and to a certain extent, this could be the last or one of the last Wrestlemanias we see Kane. Hes 45 years old now and had the 3rd best match at Wrestlemania 27.

Money in the Bank Latter Match
The Miz vs Wade Barret vs Dolph Ziggler vs vs Alberto Del Rio vs Daniel Bryant vs Christain vs Ted Dibiase

Golddust vs Cody Rhodes
Its time to have this match!

Now the rest is going to have to be developed over the next year. I'm not going to go into depth for the rest but here were a few ideas

Sin Cara vs Rey Mesterio
Big Show Vs Ryback
Mason Ryan VS Ryback

Intercontential Championship Match
Tag Team Championship Match
Triple H vs Shawn Michaels

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  1. bartish2's Avatar
    The undertaker doesn't have to do shit. He already proved himself for the past 20+ years. There is nobody and I mean nobody on the undertakers level, in ring ability,respect, and crowd reaction besides triple h... why do you think the last two fights have been hhh? Now that rock and brock are back, those are the only superstars I see fighting the undertaker. Nobody can really take cena seriously with his stupid kid directed gimmick. brock or rock vs taker would be the match I would want to see. Who cares if cena is the face? He is only the face because he is forced there not because he deserves it. The undertaker already beat him before and undertaker has not been involved in any other feuds besides wm since 2010... this match would have no business were it to happen. Face it, the undertaker does not have to "do" anything & that match would never have any point for it to happen. Cena needs to turn heel already, stop being boring and creative needs to stop making all his matches end in 5-moves or supercena style and stop putting me to sleep when on the mic. That is why he is even in this position of trying to get put over by legends, because people are sick of him and "putting him over" is not going to work. He just needs to really change and directing his gimmick towards kids is not helping him. & dude cena already has like what 13 or 14 wwe title wins? that is enough man, that is more than enough for a wrestler especially for a guy like him. I swear this guy is going to be a 50 time champion if all you kids keep on like this, and he doesn't even deserve 1 lol
    Updated 05-01-2012 at 07:49 PM by bartish2
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    How many times do we have to see HHH vs HBK? I'd rather see HBK vs The Rock. Been a match I've been waiting for for the longest time. Same goes for Lesnar vs Stone Cold and John Cena vs Undertaker. I'd rather see Orton face The Rock at Mania than Lesnar. I'd rather Lesnar face someone he hasn't faced before such as Stone Cold.

    Cena vs Undertaker-How long have I been waiting for this match? 2006 when he possibly could have went to SD during the TLC match stipulation vs Edge at Unforgiven. I know they faced before, but not on a big stage like Wrestlemania or Summerslam. Who better to challenge the streak than the face of the company?

    Lesnar vs Austin-Waiting for this match since Lesnar debuted. Got excited when it was announced for King of the Ring, but Austin took his ball and went home. Never did end up facing like I wanted him to all these years. 10 years in the making!!

    Rock vs HBK-This has been a dream match for everyone including HBK himself. When Rock inducted his father and grandfather....he said he would like to get in the ring vs HBK. Where better than Wrestlemania to have this dream match?

    Mysterio vs Sin Cara-I agree on that one being a great dream match as well.

    Wade Barrett vs CM Punk-Nexus went down hill and died when Barrett stopped leading the Nexus if you asked me. Barrett really has been midcard since that time with a few exceptions. Barrett vs Punk possibly for either world title would be something to see.

    Cody Rhodes vs Goldust-been waiting for this ever since Legacy ended. I thought the perfect scenario would be Goldust team with Cody for a while than lead to a storyline between the two. Never occured as of yet........hopefully it will.

    Daniel Bryan vs William Regal-World title or not, but that would be one helluva submission match everyone would pay to see.

    Orton vs R-Truth-Orton does act crazy at times in the past with his punt vs another crazy guy in R-Truth. Would be an interesting storyline I'd love to see pan out.

    MITB: Ziggler vs Miz vs Sheamus vs Christian vs Del Rio vs Ryback vs Kane vs Lord Tensai

    Kharma vs Beth Phoenix-don't think anyone could argue.

    Can't have too many matches because you only got like 2 hours and 50 minutes.....10 matches is enough I'd guess.
  3. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    about the orton and cena getting to become champions again so then what we'll see the same we've seen the last 10 title reigns? i want to see new champions i want sheamus to lose to barrett then to a face christian it'll be new not the same old shit that cena & orton will bring it'll just get boring AGAIN.
  4. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    about the orton and cena getting to become champions again so then what we'll see the same we've seen the last 10 title reigns? i want to see new champions i want sheamus to lose to barrett then to a face christian it'll be new not the same old shit that cena & orton will bring it'll just get boring AGAIN.
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Good ideas...however a few problems I see with it.

    1. Hopefully, Lord Tensai will be long gone by the time WM comes around

    2. Mason Ryan...really?

    3. I think I would actually be willing to bet money, there will be no Undertaker match. Not Happening. The Trio Hugging was symbolic. Undertaker may wrestle again, but I don't think there will be anymore WM matches for him. 20-0 Streak will live forever.
  6. bigslick69's Avatar
    Ii have thought along similar lines but think it wil be .....

    Undertaker vs Brock lesner-World Heavyweight Title
    This I think has been coming since Undretaker confronted brock at a UFC pay per view.Brock is the only person I legitimaly think Undertaker would want to would be good to see Brock have small run at summerslam with WWE title Drop it to The Rock at Survivor Series then pick up World Heavyweight title at Rumble to face Undertaker.

    Cm Punk vs Stone Cold
    This is gonna happen we're all sure but it will not be for a Title.With the right build it has unlimited potenial.

    The Rock vs John Cena-WWE Title
    I really think they'll do this.Have John Cena say how close and only made 1 mistake.Then have him beat Rock this time for WWE Title.

    Triple Threat Tag Team Title match

    This would get alot of wrestlers over with only using 1 match and i think they be pushing these title's by WM.Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel vs Primo & Epico vs The Uso's ?

    Stable's match 3 on 3-Team Vicki vs Team Washington
    With them starting to make stables again it would be good to see this match.Rhode's could finish off the American feel to Vicki's stable and have Washington deck himself out with great mic guys.Great potenial but probly wont
    Ziggler,Swagger & Rhode's vs Barret,Miz & Alberto

    Daniel Brian vs Orton
    No other reason than they could have a great match.

    U.S Title match 6 Way
    I really think this should be a power match and a 6-man to get more people in.
    Sheamus vs Mark Henry vs Bigshow vs Ryback vs Lord Tensai vs Kane or a returning Batista.

    I ultimatly think this will be the best wrestlemania since 17 when it was top to bottom stacked with great matches.Overall who knows it's STILL a year away.

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