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Why I Love Prowrestling

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This Blog is Not gonna be very informative and I apologize in advance for anyone who reads this and expects a Blog full of opinions, Predictions or information. This Blog is a little more personal.

To Go on with story you have to understand where I'm coming from and whats my story... Back in 1987, My family spent a lot of time with My Uncle, He was Very sick with Cancer. He had two Daughters he loved very much but he never had a boy and he always wanted a boy, So he Kinda took me and my brothers like sons... One Day him and his Wife was watching Saturday Nights Main Event in 1987, He made me and my brother watch with them. The main event ( The Very First Match I ever seen) was Hulk Hogan vs Paul Orndorff in a steel cage for the WWF championship. I remember them rooting for Paul Orndorff and me rooting for the Big Guy in the Yellow Boots (Hulk Hogan). When All was said and done I was Right, Hulk Hogan beat Paul Orndorf and was still The WWF champion... My Uncle Died a year or so after that. He lost his life to Cancer, He was very Young maybe in his mid 30's and here I'am 25 years later at the age of 29 Still Watching Prowrestling and still getting as excited now as I did in 1987 at 5 years old.

and in those 25 years that of have watched prowrestling, So much has happened and changed obviously. Here I'am, 29 years old, Divorced from a 5 year marriage( I left my ex wife 6 years ago) a Single father of a 7 year old boy (doing the math, I was 18 when I got married 22 when I had my son). In the last 4 years I was engaged twice To Two Very beautiful Ex models, I have lost a few relatives and friends to death, I have had many bonds and friendships severed, People I grew up with and people I considered Best Friends I have lost touch with or Simply don't care enough to keep in contact with cause I just Grew apart from them.... Why this long and boring story? Cause in those 25 years so much has changed, but one hasn't changed in my life and that is Prowrestling.

A lot of people have come and gone, Wives, Fiances, Friends, Family members. A Lot of fads, Hobbies and Things I loved from my childhood Have come and gone, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman, Superman, X-men, Spiderman, Nintendo, Playstation. The one thing that has remained, The one thing that has stood with me after 25 years and was able to hold my interest, The one thing that I continue to love just as much or more now then I did when I was a kid is Prowrestling. In 25 years that has never changed.

I never ever in my life has a kid ever wanted to be anything else in the world other than a prowrestler. When I was 8 years old, Most kids around my age had fantasized about being a Cop, Astronaut, Lawyer, A Cowboy. Most kids changed by the day but Not me, I only fantasized about being a Prowrestler, It's all I ever wanted to be... When I was a teenager and most teens around my age dreamed of being a Rock Star, A Sports Star or a Movie Star, I dreamed of Being a Prowrestler and Nothing else. I Never thought about being a Rock, Movie or Sports star, Ever. It just never interested me.....( Side note) Believe me, Being a Teenager and being a prowrestling fan and watching it wasn't the coolest or most popular thing to do I assure you.

There is nothing on Television like prowrestling. No Sport or TV Program will ever compare. Nothing can bring the emotion and the excitement that prowrestling can, No other Sport or TV show in history can convey emotions like prowrestling.... Emotions like a Chris Benoit Winning the World title at WM 20 and hugging and crying with Eddie Guerrero... in 1994 I seen Chris Benoit Wrestle Eddie Guerrero and was Blown away, I got Behind Chris Benoit that day and I watched that lower Midcard WCW talent make a slow rise to the top and Win the biggest prize in the number 1 company at the biggest event (WM 20). Chris Benoit was my guy, He was the guy I picked and against all odds he made it, He finally got the prize. I was teased by WCW and WWF for 10 years and Finally Chris Benoit was The World Champion and it couldn't get any bigger than the way he won it, The match, The moment, The event, Everything was just perfect and then When Eddie Guerrero and him were standing in the ring, Hugging, Crying and celebrating, Its the most real prowrestling or any TV show is gonna get..... Moments like Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart, Survivor series 1997. For years you heard how these men hated each other, You watch countless shoot interviews and Documentaries talking about these mens bitter rivalry. Then You see them Stand in the Ring 12 years later and bury the hatchet and embrace on live TV. It was a incredible and surreal moment that you cant see anywhere else..... They are countless other moments like me and my brothers not being allowed to order Wrestlemania 13 and watching it scrambled on PPV. We Could just hear the commentary and hearing that Austin refused to Quit to the Sharpshooter and a Bloody Austin just passed out.. The WWF vs WCW war, The atmosphere was incredible around that time, They were debates after debates. WWF and WCW fans rubbing failures of each companys in their supporters face and gloating about the success of their company. It made a wrestling fan feel like they were apart of the company, Like its us against them. You were a WCW guy, a WWF guy or a few very vocal ones were ECW guys. Some fans were so loyal to their federation. It made live events so much better, It made TV better, It made everything better cause you wanted your federation to win. Its just something that cant be matched anywhere else.

I Dont ever buy Indy Shows, but back in 2003 I bought this DVD that was ROHs first Event, I bought it cause Eddie Guerrero was on it and it was just sitting there at Best Buy. I didn't think too much of it but I figured $10 dollars, No biggie... The Man event had The Fallen Angel Chris Daniels (who I was familiar with cause of his showings as a WWF jobber and TNAs weekly PPVs), Low Ki (who I was Also impressed with cause of his TNA work) and some No one from my home town named Bryan Danielson. I thought to my self "Whos this loser, He don't look like a Wrestler". I watched a incredible 45 min Triple Threat and That No one that didnt look like a wrestler, Impressed the hell out of me and I followed his career some what in the indys, Just watched a few things with him here and there and was a fan of his and Always wanted to see him in the WWE. Then the Day he came to the WWE I was so impressed with him, Then to see him evolve to the wrestler he is now is just incredible... Things like this sets prowrestling apart from everything and is why I love it.

Yes, I'am a Mark, Anyone who gets on here is a mark, Anyone who got excited when The Rock returned is a mark, Anyone Who got goosebumps when The Rock and Cena starred down each other and agreed to a match at wrestlemania is a Mark, Anyone Who jumped up and Down When CM Punk cut that amazing promo on Raw before his TLC match with John Cena is a Mark, Anyone who cheered When Brock Lesnar returned after Wrestlemania is a Mark.... If you ever wanted to see a guy succeed and you stood behind him and cheered when he finally got that moment on top then you are a Mark. Anyone who gets on here and acts like he is above being a Mark and writes a blog talking about wrestling and doesn't get paid for it is a Mark, He is the worst Mark of all cause he doesn't know it..... In my eyes at Wrestlemania 28 in the Match with HHH vs The Undertaker, I seen Undertaker as a Legend, a Icon, A phenom. Chills went down my spine as he walked to the ring and the match was to begin. But to anyone else who is not a Wrestling fan, All they seen was a Old, Out of Shape Bald man with eye liner. But to me I seen the man I seen for 20 years dominate a TV show, He was time less and ageless and seemed to get better with time, I seen a man that has earned my respect and everyone around hims respect. Cause This is Prowrestling, Its a Amazing, Stupid, Beautiful Fuck up World that I absolutely Love. A World we know way too much about but then again really know nothing about... Sometimes the disappointments far outweigh Great moments, Sometimes they rob you of your hard earn money, Sometimes they fuck up your childhood memories but I wouldn't have it any other way and I wouldn't change a thing.

Besides My Relationship with God and My beautiful son, Prowrestling is best relationship I have, Its been there for me for 25 years and it will seem to be with me till I die.

Thank you for reading.

Heres a WWF tribute

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    not only do you write awesome blogs you alos have the guts to tell us how it is to tell us how you feel and alot of personal information to share that so openly deserves my respect big man i don't care how your physique is that big man is ment on the inside you know what they say big heart=big man but major respect man and may pro wrestling always be there for you and may you enjoy it with your son perhapse? anyways it was once again a good read it brought me to my roots why i am a pro wrestling fan i thank you for that

    I tip my hat sir. I think you had everyone rewinding a little to the highest highs theyve had as fans over the years.
    I agree with these...we are pro-wrestling fans and our love towards pro-wrestling brought us all here irrespective of our opinions, likes and dislikes...n this blog has actually made me see some of my all time fav matches..

    ThanQ Crippler!!
  2. PhEonYx's Avatar
    I'd like to start off by saying; great read. When something that is scripted is able to bring joy,excitement,tears,anger and goosebumps to so many people world wide, it has to be applauded. Decades of wrestlers have graced the four sided circle with hopes to leave their mark in history. Telling their stories. We've grown to love these people as if it were people we once knew. I, like others have sat there and shed tears the night after some of them have passed. That is emotion, that is what is real. Wrestling has made an impact on my life, as well as millions of others. That being said, "we all love pro wrestling",we're ALL marks. Thank you for the thought out blog. Great Stuff Bro. Cheers
  3. RasslinGOOD's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by akbar
    awesome blog as always blah blah to the important did you pull those ex models?
    I think he meant AXE models. You know, the girls with a few limbs missing here and there...
  4. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Well since im pretty close to 30 and they were about 2 years older than me, They were around 30 and divorced at the Time. So they still looked good but they were 30 years old, So im sure some 19 year old guy on here has a GF just as pretty or better for that matter... They did some small time modeling I think the furthest 1 of them went was a non speaking role on Baywatch for like 10 seconds. so haha I'm not the best person to ask for female advice.

    I'm currently dating a 18 year old girl who got cut from the cover of the Holister Catalog or was it the cover of the holiday bags they used around last Xmas? im not sure... But either way I guess you can say shes a failed model. I like to seek advice from someone dating a successful model haha.
  5. filamentalfart's Avatar
    Your life freaking sucks.
  6. alcrissam's Avatar
    I just want you to know crippler, that last paragraph sums up everything pro wrestling is, it was beautiful. And since people are putting there first wrestling moments, mine was when Shane McMahon threw Kane into the fire. That moment made me the biggest Kane fan ever lol. But the sentence that really made an impression on me was: Cause This is Prowrestling, Its a Amazing, Stupid, Beautiful Fuck up World that I absolutely Love. A World we know way too much about but then again really know nothing about... Sometimes the disappointments far outweigh Great moments, Sometimes they rob you of your hard earn money, Sometimes they fuck up your childhood memories but I wouldn't have it any other way and I wouldn't change a thing. THIS SENTENCE IS WHY WE LOVE WRESTLING.‚Äč Excellent blog and like you said (very well) everything comes and goes but the one love that wont change is wrestling.
  7. knox's Avatar
    This is just awesome. Wrestling touches everyone's life in a different way so its cool to hear your story. Your always so respectful and courteous on this site and you post the most stellar blogs. Thank you for this man, I know what you mean. Sometime's my week can be life hell but I know when Monday hits, I have two hours where I can just watch wrestling and temporarily put my problems behind.

    Dude we've not seen eye to eye at times in our blogs but this by far is the best blog I've ever read on this site. Thanks again for this bro
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