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10 Wrestlers Who Need New Music

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Hey guys, Knox here, hoping all is well with you guys. I haven't blogged in a while. I wanna talk about the wrestlers who currently have the worst themes that could really use new music, I'll leave my suggestions on what their new music should be with a link for each, this should be fun as hell. Hope you enjoy.

10 Wrestlers Who Need New MUSIC...NOW!!!


Current Theme: "So Close"
To me, the song is pretty cool but it just doesn't fit the Uso's, I think its fits better for someone like Titus O'Neil.

New Theme: "Hard 4 Yall" by Jae Knox
I might get heat for using my own track as a suggestion but when I made this track I thought of the Uso's running to the ring to this after their fireworks. I feel like the best more so goes with their character more than the actual lyrics. But when you think about it, the Uso's do have this "Go Hard" persona about them.


Current Theme: "Longnecks & Rednecks"
I just think its a poor song no matter who its being used for, personally. I respect the artists because I actually like alot of their music, they're damn good.

New Theme: "Talkin 2 Myself" by Eminem would fit him well in the situation he's going through storyline wise. He feels like he's ket everyone down and is contemplating retiring. Just listen to the song and you'll see why I chose this. I'm a big Eminem fan, he's the greatest rapper ever so I had to find a way to squeeze him somewhere on here.


Current Theme: "S.O.S."
I loved this theme...3 YEARS AGO!!!. Kofi isn't Jamaican, he's now billed from his rightful hometown, West Ghana, Africa. Why he still uses this is beyond me, it makes zero sense and maybe that's why he isn't as over with the fans as he was back when he actually used the Jamaican accent. BTW, when HBK exposed his accent in the ring, that was one of the funniest segments ever lol.

New Theme: "Kingston" by Sean Kingston
Listen to this theme and try telling me this doesn't fit him better than what he has now. If they're going to with the Jamaican thing, this would be perfect. It would also be a perfect heel theme, if they were to ever give him a shot as a heel. Check it out.


Current Theme: "Party"
Might be one of the worst themes ever, very hard to listen to. This does nothing for her character. I like her as a face but I want her to still be a Bad Girl which leads me to my idea for her new theme.

New Theme: "Bad Girl" by Fabolous
This fits Alicia perfectly in my opinion. She has the swag of the actual girls who sings this song. She would be taken serious if she was that sex symbol but in a classy way.


Current Theme: "I Am Remix" God this version sucks butt in so many ways. The change of the beat ruined it and it just doesn't flow the way it should, this has to be changed sooner or later.

New Theme: "Get Ready to Fly" (Old Theme)
This is the much better version, he should still be using this right here. No reason why they should have dropped this from him.


Current Theme: "Smoke & Mirrors 2"
I think it definitely fits Cody but it only sounds good when your at the arena live. When I went to Raw on April 9th, and I went to the TLC PPV in 2011 in December and this theme sounds beautiful live. But from home its not a good theme. The track has a great drum kit that translates well in the arena but not so good from home.

New Theme: "Smoke & Mirrors" by Downstait
I'm good friends with Sean Arata, he's a member of Downstait. We talk alot and are actually working on a track as of now. Anyway, he told me the WWE contacted them to do a theme for Cody Rhodes using the same lyrics as his current theme. They kept the theme on file but Jim Johnston decided not to go with their version. As many of you may know, Downstait does the themes for The Miz, Alex Riley & Dolph Ziggler. Hopefully, they let Cody go with their version, its awesome.


Current Theme: "What's Up Instrumental with Guitar"
This basically makes no sense, this was an opportunity to give him something totally fresh and brand new. I remember when he had no music at all after the heel turn and we were all anticipating what his theme might be. Then they hit us in the head with this lol the same theme but just the instrumental and a cool little guitar.


Current Theme: "Just Close Your Eyes" (Male Version)
I never liked the idea of him going to this theme. I feel like it worked a little bit for him as a face but not too much. As a heel, he looks weird coming out to this theme, its definitely a babyface theme.

New Theme: "Just Close Your Eyes" by Waterproof Blonde (Old Theme)
This was perfect for Christian, one of the better themes I've ever heard. He had the perfect walk to this theme and wore the hoodie and it was just a gold gimmick and music. Needs to go back to this ASAP.


Current Theme: "My Time is Now" by John Cena
I actually like this theme, it holds alot of memories for me and I'm pretty sure for wrestling fans all over the world. But even good things must come to an end. I think Cena is in the making of a totally new gimmick so maybe new music would solidify that change.

New Theme: "Legend in the Makin" by Jae Knox
I hate to plug myself again but I always had this dream of Cena using this song as his theme. If you look at Cena's titantron on mute and play this song, it fits him perfect. I think it would go with a new gimmick if he changed his gimmick to a more straight forward tough guy that doesn't pander to the fans as much. A guy that just gets the job done not worrying about what the haters think of him, I think this theme could work but what do I know lol.


Current Theme: "Just Don't Care Anymore" far the worst theme in wrestling today. This might be the farthest from Wade's current gimmick. Makes no sense, I truly don't know what was going through creatives head when they pulled this out the hat.

New Theme: "Dirty Little Thing" by Adelitas Way
Check this one out. This goes perfectly with Wade. He could do a slow walk to the ring similar to Orton and literally takeover and draw huge heat. This is a World Champion's theme to me. One of my favorite bands.

Hope you guys enjoyed this one, this one literally took me 3 hours to construct. Hope you like it. Thanks and please leave feedback. Also let me know the wrestlers you feel need a new theme and the theme that would fit them best. Thanks again peeps. Be safe. Until then.

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  1. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    Cody's theme has really grown on me and I am starting to like it. The one by Downstraight is great but 3 other stars have one of their themes so I think it worked out better that way.
  2. akbar's Avatar
    Christians current theme song is one my favs, so i totally disagree with that...but the rest seem reasonable, good job again
  3. ckb203's Avatar
    Really cool blog, i enjoyed it a lot! I am not a huge TNA fan so out the WWE ones i 100% agree with Kofi Kingston's, it would work so well. I also think Christian and Cody's slight tweaks of their music would be good and also agree with the Uso's. However you cant change John Cena's music now its too iconic it would be like changing Stone Colds or The Rocks drastically! Nothing against the song or your music i think its good stuff and i applaud what your doing i think you have a good sound just not for John Cena as his should stay the same forever! Good blog and keep up with the music!
  4. BlackFalcon's Avatar
    I really don't know why they changed Wade's theme. 'End of Days' was one of the best themes I've heard in the last few years, and they just dropped it for that.
  5. Parallax's Avatar
    With some notable exceptions, I've never been big on wrestlers with actual songs as entrance music. One thing WWE has always been better at than every other company was theme music for their performers.

    But there have been more than a few stinkers lately. I think Jim Johnston needs to stop bringing in random unsigned bands to help. They are "unsigned" for a reason. Because they usually stink.

    Johnston does his best work solo.
  6. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    I agree with Cody Rhodes and Christian, but the others I don't agree with.
  7. christianfan's Avatar
    Daniel Bryan needs Final Countdown like in ROH!!
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