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How To Better The Diva's Divison

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I grew up watching the divas and even becoming a fan of theirs. Like most i feel they have plummeted down into failure and have become hard to watch. I cant even eat and watch them it's to horrifying. So this is how i feel they could better the diva brand.

Scrap the name- I never liked the name diva's is not something you can take serious. They need a complete overhaul with the name and my vote is to change it back to the women's divison. Wwe has made a mockery of women wrestling by dolling it up to show a certain image and it's not working. My fear is TNA will follow suit and tarnish whats left of great women wrestling. So far in my opinion the best female wrestlers are subjected to the minor leauges do to not either looking pretty enough or not wanting to down grade themselves.

Let's get hardcore- My favorite famale match of all time was Lita vs. Victoria in a steel cage match. When is the last time you seen a match like that in a Wwe ring. Wwe is to scared to scar up their precious Kelly Kelly or Eve Torres cause they wanna maintain their good looks to profit money, when the girls in Shimmer put their bodies on the line in hardcore matches daily. TNA did the samething at first, had some street fight brawls and tumb tack matches and then suddenly boom now it's a re-run of a diva's match from raw. They don't look tough anymore just boobs and ass and that disappoints me. Hopefully Kharma in Wwe will shake things up a bit.

The Let go's and Add On's- Wwe needs to start from the top on this one. The diva's they have suck ass except Beth Phoniex-Natalya-Alica Fox-Kharma and Tamina. They need to fire Kelly Kelly-Eve Torres-Aj Lee and who ever else is left. I would to see Sara Del Rey-Alisha Flash-Melina-Daffney and the make me wanna jizz in pants Ariel A.K.A Portuguese Princess in wwe that would make for a decent line up. Wwe needs to go back to it's glory days where they had people like Jazz-Trish Stratus-Lita-Kat and Stacy Keibler and take some necessery notes.

Length of Matches- It's mind boggling how they shorten their matches to 5sec. They used to give them the them the same amount of time as their male counter parts but it's equal rights in reverse, they were accepted as equals then their rights were stripped away and was made to serve as the scum under Vince McMahons shoes. If their not gonna get a proper match why even showcase them?

Classy To Trashy- Back in the 90's and early 2000's Wwe would hold Bra and panties matches and even swim suit contest but with that they some how were able to uphold a high standard and make it look eloquent. Now it just looks sleezy. They taken the fun out of seeing them half naked with pictures on their site just exposing them. It's odd for me to say this but i feel the diva's are exploited by Wwe now and force them to be entertainments hookers.

A Decent Storyline- The last storyline i was intrested in was the Divas Of Doom, Question what in the blue hell happened to that was it scraped or somethin. This story they have goin between Aj and Daniel Bryan at first was good but i knew there was a problem when my mother started watching their segments seeing as she is not a wrestling fan at all and constantly compares it to the Young and The Restless. Wwe needs better writers all together but they really need help with the plots in the Divas division it's horrible screen writing, a monkey could write better shit while flinging it's feces. I think Michelle McCool could help them in that department and could enhance some of the divas ability's in the ring along with Mic Work.

Thanks for reading and leave any comments.

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  1. OneTimePosterShorry's Avatar
    "Scrap the name"

    They want a term to classify their women like they call the men "Superstars". That's their name they market with them and unfortunately it stays.

    "Let's get hardcore"

    Let's not. They don't do extreme type matches so they have less chance of getting injured. There are far less women than men on the roster and replacing an injured Diva is easier said than done.

    "The Let go's and Add On's"

    WWE doesn't usually fire Divas unless they get in serious trouble, like Melina. There is more to signing people than just being talented. They need to be entertaining and have something unique about them. Also I can't believe you want to fire AJ. Who can resist that face?

    "Length of matches"

    This is because of low ratings and bored crowds. You're like the 100th person I gotta tell this to. There not going to prolong a match they know without a doubt won't draw. How is that Vince's fault? NXT, Superstars, PPVs, and house shows are still long because there aren't any ratings on those events they can screw up.

    "Classy To Trashy-"

    I don't think that anymore, but it was really expressed in 2005-2006.

    "A Decent Storyline-"

    Because they didn't think Natalya was getting any benefit and Beth pretty much got all the credit since she was the champion. Wow, feces, is that supposed to make them cry? I think their storylines at least aren't corny and insignificant.
  2. Guest's Avatar
    fire Eve and AJ?? lmao.and SHIMMER girls wrestling hardcore matches daily? lmao - SHIMMER do 6 shows a year.. hardly daily. The Divas actually work harder than any other female wrestlers, no other wrestlers work 300 days a year, constantly travelling, dealing with backstage politics and ungrateful fans too lazy to cheer for them. The matches on RAW and SD may be 1 minute, but on house shows, NXT and WWE Superstars they are 5 min+. Hardcore matches don't make for good wrestling, they are there just to spice up a feud
  3. Guest's Avatar
    Plus, the term Diva is better than woman wrestler - Vickie and Lilian are Divas, not woman wrestlers. "The following contest is a Divas bout set for 1 fall." or "The following is a woman's wrestling match set for 1 fall" the first sounds better
  4. second_city_sinner's Avatar
    alicia fox!!! that would be the 1st name on my list to go and for me aj is improving and kaitlyn is just immensly hot. the hardcore matches? i dont think they should IMO if the women do hardcore then the fans expect more from the men in the way of bumps and thus causes more injuries then they have thier stars out for half the year with torn whatevers. and i agree with the 5second matches im not sexist but people dont watch wwe for its divas they are a filler i havent seen a divas match or knockouts match in years that didnt bore me to tears
  5. maar13's Avatar
    1. The name...Well the name ain't that bad, not really a big deal about it.
    2. Hardcore? No dude, not even Shimmer does that all the time, Shimmer is mostly known for its wrestling, no need to make every match hardcore, what their tag tournament and their championship tournament, none of those matches were Hardcore, not every good match needs that environment. Also, while you might have a point on Eve and Kelly, watch some of their matches last year, not really good matches but those girls can take high spots, examples goes for Summerslam and Survivor Series last year.

    3. What strikes me odd is one name on each side of your list, Alicia Fox Good? Sorry but if there is someone who sucks in the ring besides Kelly, is Alicia Fox, the only good matches she had and it was only 2, were against Eve and then nothing. Eve? well, maybe she ain't that good but can have a good match here and there, but that is more my liking than anything but AJ fired? sorry man but that girl is a fine wrestler and was the only real wrestler on the NXT crap and is one of the few that can really deliver, Daniel storyline or not.

    Melina was let go because she was all drama, the other names might be good. Again you get a little odd because you complain mostly about eye candy and that all that Stacy Keibler was, eye Candy.

    4. Sorry man but fail to see your point, there was barely anything classy about the Divas in the 90's, not even Steph was classy during the Attitude era, that is just a lie.

    5. About the story lines you make a very good point there, they need help there, A LOT.
  6. Cynicism's Avatar
    Remembering AJ vs Naomi makes me think a hell of a lot of the roster should go before AJ, I'd probably put her in the top 5 female wrestling talents in the company right now
  7. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    I think the best idea would either give them a show of their own on the new WWE Network (that way they dont clutter up RAW or SD) or completely scrap the entire division and make them valets or eye candy. You could have Beth Phoenix in a Chyna-like role (before she became an active wrestler). Phoenix would make a great body guard type.
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