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What I Expect of my Future WWE Games

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I'm a long time gamer of wwe games dating back to wrestlemaina 2000 and raw is war. Over the years i grow more excited for the next wwe game release and eager to see the changes made. The last past two games have been good but left me unfulfilled (Raw vs.Smackdown 2011 and Wwe12) and this is just somethings i hope and expect to see in future wwe games.

The return of GM mode- Of all modes to play this was my favorite cause it made me feel as if i was really a general manager. Picking and trading superstars. Choosing their salary and if they were a heel or face. Competing against the opposite brand and having the ability to steal talent. Create feuds and your dream roster plus you get to choose who particpates in the game mode. If they bring it back only thing i would change is to add some live interaction.

More divas- Wwe12 was horrible in that department not only in the matches they could do but how many of them their were. There was no Katlyin, Gail Kim (She was still singed to wwe when it came out), Aj Lee, Bella Twins, Kharma nor Vicki Guerrero and yes i'm aware their available for download by why download them for 99cent when their on the active roster. I hear their on the works of fixing this now let's see how Wwe13 works out.

The end of Road To Wrestlemania and the begining of a new- I never liked road to wrestlmania cause the concept to me is dumb. Who want's play as Triple HHH revisting a old storyline to his wrestlemania not me. It's gotten stale and boring and needs to find the exit. I'm crossing my fingers for story mode to return and they do something like Here Comes The Pain. Before the RawVs.Smackdown series the story modes were very entertaining and long but since then has changed it to make it more of a ongoing raw segment.

More Weapons- Is it me or do we want more weapons. Sure chairs-mops-sledgehammers-tables and kendo sticks are fine but urge for a new toy to smack somebody with. In No Way Out you could use a big ass stop sign or lumber lmao i miss that and to me it's something needed.

The Uses Of Weapons- Table matches are ok but seems off. They move without you touching it causing you to miss and why can't i perform my finsiher on it. My caw has the five star frog splash but can't perform it when i set someone on the table that's just stupid. Same thing for the announcer table, i hate i always have to do a moonsault, why not a frog splash or elbow drop or even a shooting star press. Chair shots are fun but i miss the con-chairto or a DDT with a chair, one move i been dying to see in the game is placing a chair on the head while the opponnet is down and doing a baseball slide.

More Matches- Keep in the ones they have now and add I Quit-bullrope match-leather strap match-flag pole match and buried alive tell me that's not game of the year quality.

New Create A Finisher- I don't really use create a finisher anymore anymore unless it's for the top rope cause it's so limited that what you want to do you can't. I've longed for a finisher from behind (NO HOMO) like a german suplex variation or a form of a angle slam just something. What i really want is to create my own submission that would make me happy.

Better Entrances >- I hate making my entrance cause it never turns out how i like it. You should be able to create your own entrence from sctrach literly. I hate coping other superstars i wan't to be original but how can i when i have no choice but to take from them. I'm in love with the direction their going with the create a entrance and wan't to see more options on the next game. I liked the music they set up for the entrances but alot of them where just stupid and forced me to add my own playlist for my entrance.

More Moves- They have a wide varity of moves but for some reason i feel they could add more. They needed more rebound moves and springbord moves. I like to see to more moves when your opponnet is underneth the ropes and instead of everybody flipping over the steel steps have them just crash into it. More moves for when the opponnet is down facing the mat. I need to see more submission moves i've waited long enough for that, like i said i like to be an originator and all they have is submissions every superstar has.

Give Me More Legends- I don't use them but when i have friends over i do and i always seem to get lost on who to choose cause there so few if i bigger varity i would be able to choose alot quicker. Guys like Bret Hart-Rikishi-Nunzio-Tajari-Goldberg and David Hart Smith but for what i hear is in Wwe13 i think i might be satisfied CROSS CHOPX3 lmao.

Cage Matches- I like how there done but i do belive they need tweeking. Slamming my opponnets into the cage should be alot easier and it should be more effective. The things you can do with the cage is sum and should be expanded. I'd like be able to be thrown threw the cage like they done a few times. As for hell and a cell i liked the improvements they made in Wwe12 keep it up.

Last But Not Least- GET RID OF THE DAMN UNIVERSE MODE it is the worst mode i've ever seen next to Jacob Cass and Road to Wrestlemania. News Flash no one plays it except to unlock superstars and divas if it wasnt for that it would be a serious waste of space.

Thanks for reading and please comment i'm curious to hear your opinion. Remember if there's any kind of blog you want me to do just say so and i'm on the job.

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  1. ItswrestlingIwantblood's Avatar
    Personally I want less legends and divas and more of the current male superstars like Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins. I never really use legends or divas at all. The only way I would use divas is if you could put them back against guys. I remember the golden days of Shut Your Mouth when you could put Ivory against Randy Orton and she'd give him a run for his money. Also, I think Universe has the potential to be better than GM Mode. Personally what I like to do is run my own company and have belts and stuff. GM mode only allows you to control one brand, but in Universe you control the whole company, which is what I like. However, Universe mode could use some major work. Like MORE than 4 matches per show, I mean that is just pathetic. We need to have at least 6. I use a lot of CAWS and most of the time a lot aren't booked. Second, it keeps playing some of the same matches over and over. It also needs stats of wins/losses and belt reign records.
  2. DonzelDomination's Avatar
    .. I agree with most of it
    Except the universe mode thing
    That's the only mode I play
  3. DonzelDomination's Avatar
    Oh and create a title I want that back
  4. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    Liked the blog. Been a fan of wrestling games but fell out a long time ago. My whole point of this post is to tell you that the No Homo comment made me laugh out loud here at work. Made me think of Riley off the Boondocks telling Grandpa to say No Homo.
  5. Halfbaht's Avatar
    First of all i think you meant in No Mercy you could use a stop sign and lumber, since there was never a game called No Way Out. Secondly, conchairto and ddt on the chair are still in WWE 12, so i don't know why you miss them so much... and you wanna bring back gm mode and get rid of universe? no thanks. that goes for more legends and divas as well, i'd rather have more talents that are actually relevant and on tv. wanna play as legends? buy legends of wrestlemania or all stars and play them
  6. midian's Avatar
    The game really only needs small changes and tweaks
    1. it needs to be a little quicker. after playing allstars the pace of wwe 12 was a bit does not need to be cartoony but not to feel bland
    2.New reversal engine. the one button reversal system is just plain shit to the point matches are made up of running attacks and quick punches when playing against a friend.
    3.cut down the amount of legends to make room for actual active roster really who asked for demolition.if needed make the legends the dlc.
    4.updated create a finisher
    5.the 10 count for the double lariat that was in the first sdvsraw that made it feel a little more realistic
    6.more back submissions like takers old dragon sleeper
    7.better submission system
    8.alternate costumes/colors for all superstars and divas
    9.bring back the challenge mode
    10.revamp create a superstar so your cas doesn't look blocky when it's against a real wrestler
    11.make some of the wear down submissions into struggle submissions from top rope moves
    13.instead of a road to wrestlemania mode make a legacy mode where your guy has to work his way up from nxt threw superstars then onto raw or smackdown which your choices branches you into different storylines face/heel turns etc etc
  7. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    Well, if you're going to implement a face/heel kind of system don't allow the player to choose as an option but rather accomplish it by how they play out their matches and/or story elements. That said, they'd also need to give story mode the ability to branch.

    Definitely shouldn't be weighed down in the main content with legends, that should be given to active talent. Legends should be left to DLC if you want to make them playable, but I wish DLC were to lean more toward putting new active guys into the game like Tensai (new used very loosely here) and Brodus Clay.
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