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Yes Sir: Extreme Rules Review

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WWE actually managed to pull off a big feat last night. Coming off of Wrestlemania they booked a quality card and managed to make the show feel just as good, if not a bit better, than the granddaddy of them all.

1. Randy Orton defeated Kane (Falls Count Anywhere)
Their match a few weeks back at Mania was not bad but both guys really gave it their all here. Some good in-crowd fighting and backstage brawling. Getting Zack Ryder involved helps keeps his character relevant no matter who Kane is up against. Crowd popped big at Orton’s kickout of the chokeslam and hit an RKO on a chair for the pin.
Rating: ***1/2

2. Brodus Clay defeated Dolph Ziggler
There are ways to get Clay over. Jobbing someone who should be a future world champion to him should not be one of them. Basic Ziggler match. He sells everything like a champ then takes a loss and gets paid.
Rating: ***

3. Cody Rhodes defeated Big Show for the Intercontinental Title (Tables Match)
A tables match was an easy way to get Cody the title back and they did it in such a believable way that you don’t mind the title change this soon. Show tried to come back in the ring and Rhodes dropkicked him and Show stepped on a table outside of the ring and it broke. And then Show’s face was priceless. Like a kid who just broke something very expensive. Props to Cody for taking the table bumps after the match to with Show press slamming him out of the ring to the table on the floor.
Rating: ***1/2

4. Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan to retain the World Heavyweight Title (2 out of 3 falls)
Thank you WWE for finally giving us a real match between these two. I hope you see that they delivered on every level and that you crapped all over their Mania match. They went the ECW rout with 14 minutes passing before the first fall which Sheamus won when Bryan was DQ’ed for not letting up on the referee five count. Then Bryan quickly evened the count with the Yes Lock until Sheamus passed out. What’s this? Smart booking by the guys in the back? Color me surprised. Sheamus picked up the third after hitting a sick looking Brogue Kick and wrestling fans, like me, we’re happy we got a great match from these two.
Rating: ****

5. Ryback defeated two jobbers
Ryback has a good upside. He is big and certainly has a presence in the ring and the beating jobbers works on Smackdown every week but on a PPV….in Chicago? Not so much. I did appreciate the “Goldberg” chants.
Rating: N/A

6. CM Punk defeated Chris Jericho to retain the WWE Title (Chicago Street Fight)
These two delivered big time last night. A hot crowd, two great wrestlers and and a ton of high spots made this the match of the night for me. I hope other guys were taking notes on how to do a brawl with weapons while still in the PG environment.
Rating: ****

7. Layla defeated Nikki Bella for the Divas Title
Beth couldn’t compete because of the ankle injury so we got the return of Layla. Honestly the WWE has done so much to harm the Divas division that only Kharma can save it.
Rating: *1/2

8. John Cena defeated Brock Lesnar (Extreme Rules Match)
Now this match was intense. Like one of my friends said last night: “They finally found a way to make Cena sell moves….have someone actually hurt him.” Does it make me sick Cena won? Yes. As always. But am I glad he will be “injured” and gone for awhile? God yes! Brock showed everyone he still has the athleticism even after 8 years. The finish however did work from a story standpoint. Cena had his “Hogan overcome all odds” crap, Lesnar looked like a badass and he “injured” Cena even though he lost.

All in all a very good PPV only a few weeks after Mania. Match wise I think Extreme Rules was booked better. Now we get the summer time blues of pay per views until Summerslam comes around in August.
Just remember….Cena sucks.

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  1. Jerichoholic-NL's Avatar
    we'll remember :P
  2. Viperfish's Avatar
    The Cena/Brock match to me is what WWE's been missing a lot of lately, and that's a dose of realism. Even if it isn't real, it felt that way for awhile... perception is key, and I think it really helped Cena in the end. Cena's all fruity pebbles and clean cut and... well... I think many people think he's a big phoney in the ring. The match last night shows that he's at least got that side to him that people are desperately wanting out of him in particular but the whole industry as well.

    I think Cena winning was the best course of action for them. Brock's here for a year... what does he have left to do if he came in and beat the face of the company in his first match? Maybe a title win, but seriously, what's he going to do for a whole year? At least this way we can look forward to the fallout, Cena's gone for awhile so there's going to be plenty of on-camera raging, an eventual rematch, maybe a title win... I just think they have more options this way.
  3. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    My question is this. With Cena leaving, how is this good for WWE TV? I'm not a Cena fan by any stretch, but let's face it. Outside of Chicago, Punk can't do it on his own...and Lesnar's just a joke at this point. So, who's the top guy right now if Cena's on haitus? If it's Brock...then darker days are ahead.
  4. RasslinGOOD's Avatar
    Cena/Brock was the highlight. Let's be honest, we have ALL been waiting to see that one. And since I have a great dislike for Lesner (always had, even before UFC), I was for once rooting for Vanilla Ice...I mean Cena! So for once, glad he won!

    But the PPV as a whole wasn't that great IMO. I'm still coming from a WM high (was just plain awesome this year), so I am a bit more critical. Matches where OK, but there was nothing "extra". Layla is back, zzzzzzz. Bordus squashes Zigler, ZZZZZZZ. And for the love of %^$, did they put a SQUASH match (Ryback) in a PPV??? This isn't f-ing RAW people!

    But that was the point. Everything next to Cana/Lesnar was filler anyway... :-)
    Updated 05-01-2012 at 05:12 PM by RasslinGOOD (Spelling, I'm not a native speaker DAMMIT!!!)
  5. RasslinGOOD's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    My question is this. With Cena leaving, how is this good for WWE TV? I'm not a Cena fan by any stretch, but let's face it. Outside of Chicago, Punk can't do it on his own...and Lesnar's just a joke at this point. So, who's the top guy right now if Cena's on haitus? If it's Brock...then darker days are ahead.
    Agreed. WWE doesn't have that many big guns at the moment. HHH and Taker are borderline retirement, and Orton and Punk are good, but they lose their flavour if they are overexposed. As for Brock (or by the same account, The Rock): in it for the money and not to be taken to seriously in this aspect.

    I hated Cena with a passion, but the current Cena is kinda rubbing me the RIGHT way. Not fighting for a title, losing big fights, being in conflict with himself, it's taking him past the Fruit Loops stage!

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