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Previewing Raw: What to Expect Tonight, and What Lies Ahead

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Hey wrestling fans from everywhere and wherever. The Saviour here with a special post. I originally planned on posting Extreme Rules Predictions yesterday, which would have been wrong on almost all accounts, but circumstances prevented that. So after reading the results....*there was no way I was wasting money on Extreme Rules, and for what I read, I made the right choice*...I've decided to try and 'predict', tonight's Raw. I did a good job pointing out WWE's unoriginality two weeks ago, so now we'll see how much I truly am in touch with predicting the ever disappointing, and ever stale product we've become accustomed to, The WWE.

Let's start with a question that I'm sure everyone is wondering about. Why did John Cena win last night? Like I said, I didn't waste money on this PPV so I can't tell for sure but in reading the results from a few different sites, I've determined that the Cena/Lensar match was pretty much a squash except for a quick 2-move Cena win. I dont' see how having him win, especially if he's taking time off for injuries and movies, can benefit anyone? In my opinion, Brock has now fallen into 'Who Gives A $hit' territory. The cred is gone and anything we hear his him try to babble out there will be irrelevant.

But now that the question has been asked, and the point about Brock has been made, it's time to predict Raw tonight.


CM Punk will talk about his win. I'm going two directions with this. They either Jericho reveals he has evidence of a secret...aka, Daniels/Kaz/Styles on TNA. or Johnny Ace reward Tensai for beating Cena, with a title match and that feud will begin.

Speaking of Johnny Ace, I'm putting an over/under on the amount of on camera appearances he makes tonight. +/- 8. Leave your guess in the comment section tonight.

Funkasaurus will continue his feud w/ Vickie's stable, this time, it'll revolve more around Jack Swagger.

Big Show and Cody will continue their feud. Is it me, or is the only way someone beats the Big Show these days is by weaseling their way to a win? Give Big Show a good, decent, and dominant World Title Reign already. \

We'll get some matches. Perhaps Ziggler fighting or Kofi Kingston. Maybe they'll fight each other. I'm sure there will be an attraction Tag Team Match of sorts, and something having to do with the Divas.

Eve will annoy us as usual. Though I don't mind seeing her, I will definitely be muting her.

Teddy Long will get even more embarassed and shamed.

Finally, HHH will come out to confront Laurenaitis. I'm seriously hoping this puts an end to the People Power angle...but it won't. Instead, Brock will get involved and continue his path of destruction gimmick. *yawn* and it will probably start with HHH, right before HHH is about to fire Johnny.

There you have it. This week's Raw. Just like when I did this two weeks ago, I'm really, REALLY hoping I'm way off on this, because I want to see a good show. So, enjoy Raw tonight everyone. if you read this, give me your prediction on Johnny Laurenaitis' on-camera appearances.

Be Safe Everyone and this week's Abdominal Stretch should be up either tomorrow or Wednesday.

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Updated 04-30-2012 at 11:41 AM by DK Wrestling Savior

Thoughts and Opinions


  1. jhorton1215's Avatar
    I'll go with 12.
  2. gavster's Avatar
    sheamus will kick someones head off...fella
  3. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Now this was a RAW prediction blog worth reading. Take us back two weeks ago, you nailed it. I most likely will tune in tonight merely to see if you can go 2 for 2. Definitely looking forward to your review tomorrow. Cheers bud.
  4. 82Tucker's Avatar
    10 appearances and I hope Lesnar turns up the heat big time tonight.

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