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Really?: Extreme Rules, Cody Rhodes, and Brock Lesnar

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Hello everyone, Y2JRAY here, this is my first blog of what I hope too be many on the big topics in the WWE. I have written a few other blogs before but now I am going to try my luck with trying to make a legitimate series. Now these won't be weekly reviews since we have so many people writing weekly reviews already, I will only be blogging when I feel that the WWE has made a huge move, whether a positive or negative move, and give my example and reasonings as to why I believe it was a good or bad move for WWE. Let me know what you all think of the first blog and hope you all enjoy it.

Ok now to the topic at hand, Extreme Rules. I will focus on three things coming out of the PPV, Cody Rhodes, Layla, Brock Lesnar.

Ok starting with Cody, at first I thought it was a bad idea to have Cody be intercontinental champion again because I want to see him feud for the World heavyweight championship, but when you look at it WWE has decided already that ADR will be feuding for it because he won that number one contender match by beating Sheamus, and that Christian will have a title shot also because team Johnny won at Wrestlemania. So why would they have Cody wait around for what would be about three or more months atleast until he was placed in the title picture, Smackdown really has no good upper midcard faces to feud with for him worthy of a PPV spot so hey slap the title on him for another couple months so we can keep seeing him, then take it off when it finally is his time.

FINAL DECISION: good choice by the WWE to give him the title back, IMO they should have just kept it on him the whole time but wha can you do.

Now on to layla. I was stoked on Layla's return....just not this way. Now hear me out here, Layla and Michelle were great as heels and great together so I wanted the divas division to go down like this, Beth and Kharma feud with Kharma coming out on top, then laycool returns and begin a feud with Kharma and maybe a fatal fourway with beth Kharma and laycool at wrestlemania but meh thats just a dream. So, instead she returns as a face by the looks of it, and so we have no Kharma...? I think the WWE is going to get a ton of heat for this one but I don't think they had control over this. Beth was 'injured' the Bellas had the title and it was all set up for Kharma to return, but she didn't and I honestly believe the plan was for her to return but then she decided she still was not ready and so the WWE had to do something to please us somewhat and give us some explanation as to why the bellas were given the title.

FINAL DECISION: Glad to see Layla back, but I think the WWE might have been screwed by Kharma here, I just don't see why they would set it up perfectly for her to return, then throw Layla in there.

Ps: If anyone knows the original storyplans please comment them below I would love to know if Kharma was part of the original plans or if the WWE was trying to tease us.

Now to my final topic of the blog Brock Lesnar. Really, really really wwe WHY did he lose to John Cena! I do not understand this one at all, they set him up as the legitimizer and the beast of the WWE, he dominates the entire match and then a tipical super Cena match happens where he hits the AA and then gets the pin, I could not believe what I was seeing. I just do not understand this I don`t know where they will go from here with the storyline and I could not be more glad if Cena does need time to heal his arm. I was finally not starting to hate him and then WWE pulls this. I honestly just do not understand this decision.

FINAL DECISION: WWE screwed up bad, first time I have been legit mad at the result of a match in a long time probably since ADR won the rumble with Santino being the last eliminated. I am however interested I guess to see where they go now, but I was very angry at the outcome of the main event after what I thought was a great PPV.

Thanks for eading leave comments below.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. VincemcMahon's Avatar
    I dont mind the result so much as BL had him pinned for 10 secs with the ref out cold, what i cant understand is if Cena is going to take a break couldnt they have Cena make a speech tonight on raw, then BL "injures" him on raw giving him his time off and also putting brock over
  2. Marx's Avatar
    If Brock had beaten Cena other people would have gone mental.. two returning part-timers in a row beating the face of the company.. what would that say about the roster?

    Brock isn't in WWE for the long run, he's there to make money, and he's legit no matter if he wins or loses. To add to that: Brock had the upperhand going in, why bury Cena for a guy who left the company on bad terms years before and will leave for good after his Wrestlemania paycheck comes through?
  3. Oserik's Avatar
    I think they did the Lesnar Cena match the right way. As mentioned they didn't have two part timers beat the face of the company, but they did have Lesnar come out and DOMINATE Cena. On Raw Cena came out looking like he'd been run over by a truck, Brock came out looking like he spent Sunday night at a BBQ. Then they ran the HHH angle setting Lesnar up as a beast who who will destroy anyone who he thinks is getting in his way. Hopefully they will continue that and have him string together some big wins over big names to make his WM match worthwhile.
  4. RasslinGOOD's Avatar
    The Cena/Lesnar match was a setup for bigger things, as you could see on RAW tonight. So in that contect it makes perfect sense, they are thinking long term here. Also Marx his comment is on the money.

    As for Layla, I always seen her as the lesser part of LayCool partnership, and her return was IMO a joke. When I think "big return" I don't think Leyla. No big pop from the crowd, a sad little title win, and a future loss to Kharma. Already burried in that terrible graveyard of the WWE called the Divas...

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