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Brock Lesnar.... Why Does The IWC Think He Can Save ProWrestling?

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You know, I see a lot of The IWC going nuts over Brock Lesnars return, Which I Understand cause it is exciting. I was a fan of Brock Lesnar in his first run in WWE, I thought he was a incredible Performer, One of the best Big Men I ever seen... What I dont Understand is How Prowrestling fans and The IWC Think That Brock Lesnar Will have any major Impact on The WWEs ratings? Let Alone Save The company and bring it back to past Glory?.

Lets face Facts, Brock was never a huge Draw in the WWE. as a Matter of fact, In the Height of Brock Lesnars WWE career, He main evented Wrestlemania 19 and its Buyrate was one of the Lowest in Wrestlemania History.... Batista was a bigger Draw than Lesnar and its like Saying Batista Could Save Wrestling if he returned..... As For in Ring Performance, Brock Lesnar was incredible in his First Run in WWE, I loved his heel character and he had some great matches but Back in 2004 when Brock Lesnar left WWE, Lesnar had some matches in Japan before going to the UFC and Brock's level of performance was no where near the level it was when he was in the WWE. It was like a different wrestler all together. Brock no longer had the passion or desire to perform to the level he once did, He wasn't hungry or motivated and his performance suffered for it... Now add to the fact Brock Lesnar is 6 to 7 years older than he was in Japan and has less of a desire now then he did back then, Not to mention That Brock is Also going to be MMA style of ground and pound fighting and he will probably eliminate the Amateur wrestling and impressive power moves that made Lesnar such a great performer back in the early 2000's, I just dont think Brock wil be anywhere near the performer he once was.... So far Raw Ratings are pretty much the same, I think Extreme Rules will get a slight spike in Buyrates but I dont think it will make anywhere near the Impact the people in the IWC thinks.

What The IWC doesn't understand, is people like Brock Lesnar and The Rock are not going to get wrestling out of the rut it is in. Ratings for Raw will not Change Cause Lesnar or The Rock. Its Dream matches that bring in the big buyrates, Not the actual wrestlers.... Take a look at The Rock vs Cena. Wrestlemania, It set the records with 1.3 million buys, but Look at the Raws leading up to Wrestlemania, The ratings were basically the same.... People want dream matches, Dream matches sell PPVs, That's the Reason Survivor Series didn't draw and Wrestlemania did. No one cared about The Rock and Cena vs Truth and Miz, but the People cared about Cena vs Rock. Its what everyone wanted to see. It makes sence, Cause When You think about it, The 2nd Highest Grossing WWE PPV was Wrestlemania 23 and that event had 2 dream matches in Batista vs The Undertaker and Cena vs Shawn Michaels, Two Huge matches people wanted to see that never happened...

Lesnar and Cena is a sort of dream match and it will spike PPV interest, But Lesnar is not going to bring WWE back to the heights and ratings of 1998-2001, Neither is The Rock.

Brock Lesnar is a nice change of pace but he isnt going to set the Wrestling World on Fire..... Many of you will comment below that "Brock was a huge Draw in the UFC". Too that I say, 1. Brock was a draw for the UFC cause it was the novelty of a Prowrestler in a real fight. Wrestling fans always wonder What would happen if a prowrestler was in a real fight. Not only was wrestling fans interested but so was MMA fans cause most MMA fans are also or were Prowrestling fans. Think of What a Undertaker vs Kurt Angle UFC PPV would do in buyrates, Much more than a Undertaker vs Kurt Angle PPV main event match... 2. UFC is a real sport, So unlike prowrestling which is staged. So when it comes to PPVs, Alot of people are not that willing to give $55 for a staged match. UFC, Football and all Sports have the Live appeal, People wanna see who will win and lose and they wanna see it live. WWE is more like a movie, Even though you know the outcome you wanna see how it plays out, So a normal fan figures Will A. Wait a few weeks till it comes out on DVD. B. Wait a few months when its Free On WWE/24 7 OnDemand or C. I will see it on Youtube a few days later..... So That cause people To not buy as much or pay as much for WWE PPVs.... So Lesnar wont have that big of a effect on WWE's PPVs as he did on the UFC's.

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  1. gsimonbrooks's Avatar
    Amen! Brock, unfortunately is just a band-aid to the real problem, and that is the writing that goes on there.
  2. Marx's Avatar
    I don't like Brock the wrestler (rooted for him in UFC, but dislike him - thus good heel) and I don't like Cena the wrestler (never have rooted for him). After watching the match at Extreme Rules I really changed my opinion on Lesnar's return. In my eyes it really helped John Cena.

    Brock was brutal yesterday. There was (unnecessary?) force behind the blows, I don't think Cena was supposed to be busted open that early if at all, and some of the rope/corner assaults were just reckless. My personal opinion: Brock went over the line. He was really trying to hurt Cena.

    And for me, me being (or thinking to be) a smart mark, that added a layer to it. I don't like Cena the wrestler, but I like Cena the workhorse, the good guy outside the ring. Seeing him take legit punishment - and disliking the recklessness / simple disrespect by Lesnar - made me for the first time ever root for Cena. I really wanted John to win, because I feel Brock stepped over a few boundaries (wrestlers aren't supposed to be real, just make it look real).

    Thus I think Brock helps to legitimize wrestling / legitimize the WWE's top guys. He left without passing the torch, now he's back to do what wrestlers that leave the business are supposed to do: leave their scalp to the next guy.
  3. VincemcMahon's Avatar
    The pre WM ratings might be low because of fans like me, who stop watching Raw and SD after the Rumble until after WM, i just cant stand a 2 hour show filled with the most boring taker hhh hbk rock and cena promos
  4. RasslinGOOD's Avatar
    The minute I laid eyes on Lesnar, I hated him. I could see the pure-bread bully in his eyes, and other then his impressive physique, I never understood why he was so over (Paul Heyman might have something to do with that ofc...). I still don't like him, I actually rooted for Cena at Extreme Rules, and that is saying something!

    As for Brock not being the saviour of wrestling: agreed. He, like The Rock, is clearly in it for the money. But, they can be worth the money. Brock and Rock did one new thing: they where wrestlers, got HUGE somewhere else (UFC, Hollywood), and THEY CAME BACK to wrestling! And that is a BIG selling point! They can pull people from those other "worlds" into the WWE. So I can understand WWE's reasoning, I just don't think it will work either.

    Like gsimonbrooks said: they are a band-aid. But when Brock and Rock are gone, who is left to stop the bleeding?
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