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What to Expect in 2012/13 in WWE!

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First of there are many different events i would like to see! I will divide the events or what i would like to see in categories such as who i would like to see return or come in to WWE, who i would like to see be released, who i would like to see win certain titles, who i would like to be pushed and brought up from FCW, the Hall of Fame 2013 and other events i would like to see!

New and Returning Talents!

I am going to start with wrestlers who are likely and heavily rummered to come back. John Morrison who left in 2011 has stated that he left on a good note and he just needed a break. So it looks very much like he will be back soon! I personally would love to see him back, he is an amazing performer even if not the best mike worker and a surprise return would really build momentum and he could get a good push and be catapulted to main event status! On to RVD, many sources state he is not happy with TNA, and supposedly with his contract running out this year a WWE return looks immanent! With RVD coming back he would ad star power to the company and be one of the top guys in the company, not to mention the possible 5 star matches he could have with CM Punk. Now two wrestlers who everybody would like see return to the ring when Wrestlemania season comes around are HBK and Stone Cold! Stone Cold is rumoured to return to the ring to face CM Punk at WM 29 and then hopefully stay on for a few more years before he retires! A Shawn Michaels return to the squared circle could see possible dream match ups with either The Rock for the first time ever or one last match with HHH to see who really is better! Other mid carders that would be cool to see back due to their talent and potential would be Shelton Benjamin, D.H Smith and Carlito. And wrestlers who could come in this year from TNA who i think would do well are AJ Styles and Samoa Joe. I would personally love to see the return of the ageing Goldberg but this seems unlikely. (i should also mention i would like to see Sting in the WWE but next year for the headline of WM 30, Undertaker vs Sting)

On a side note i would love to see JR come back to commentary for RAW and JBL to come back to commentate and part time wrestle like Booker T for Smackdown instead of Josh Matthew's! There are also heavy rumors on Ric Flair coming back possibly as an on air authority figure or manager which i would like to see!

People who need to go!

This will be a short section as i really dont need to explain my reasoning behind why I want certain wrestlers to go other than i feel they have no future and will amount to nothing and in being released they will be making way for wrestlers to return or new and upcoming talents!
The wrestlers i feel who fall into this category and should be released are Hunico, Heath Slater, Tyler Reks, Jinder Mahal, Alex Riley and possibly JTG.

Who should win certain Titles!

I dont want every single person who i say to win a title i am just saying a range of people i would like to win it.

WWE Title:
The way the WWE has gone this title seems to be more important than the World Heavyweight Title so therefore i feel only the top stars should win it! So the people i would like to see win the title are The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, Undertaker, Christian, Rey Mysterio, John Cena, Kane (maybe one final run before he retires), maybe Booker T and Daniel Bryan as i think he is the next big big star!

World Heavyweight Title: Now easily the second most important title who i feel like top talents and upcoming top talents can fight for. So i would like see see HHH, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Miz, Big Show, Mark Henry, Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio win this title.

Intercontinental Title: This title with the US Title is a stepping stone into being a main event superstar and for established stars to compete for when there not in the major title picture. So the wrestlers i would like to see with this title round their waist this year are Sin Cara, Ted DiBiase, Brodus Clay, Even Bourne, Lord Tensai, R-Truth, Tyson Kid, Michael McGillicutty and Jack Swagger.

US Title: Has the same credentials as the IC Title so i would like to see the same people i said for the IC title win this if not the IC Title. However i would like to add Kane and Chris Jericho to the US Title list as it is the only title in the WWE right now that eludes them!

There is no point talking about the tag titles as they have lost so much credibility!

Who i would like to see pushed and promoted from FCW!

I should start by saying i fell like there are only 5 full time wrestlers who are at superstar status, Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, John Cena and Randy Orton. I feel though if Daniel Bryan has some good feuds and matches could possibly be part of that group in a years time! Other people may argue The Miz, Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus could also do the same, however i feel it will take more than a year or not at all to really be a top top wrestler and out of the three i would say The Miz has the best chance (if he turns face!!!)

I would also like the 3 following mid card wrestlers to become main event status and really give each of them a big push as they all are good on the mike, good workers and i like many others really think they have the potential to be good. These 3 Wrestlers are Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes and of corse Dolph Ziggler. I also feel Michael McGillicutty and Tyson Kid should replace them as the mid carders as they both have potential, have good match ups and have a had a really good rivalry on NXT recently.

The following stars i feel that should be brought up to the main roster from FCW throughout the year or early next year are Seth Rollins (Believed by many to be the next big thing in wrestling after his stint in ROH, due to his young age and raw ability, Dean ambrose who other than Rollins has the most hype in FCW surrounding him, Riche Steamboat who looks good in the ring and if he is as good as his father we need him now! Other names who could possibly be moved to the main roster are Xavier Woods (Consequence creed in TNA), The Rotunda brothers and Leo Kruger.

The Hall Of Fame

Now before i go into this i realise there are many names like Rick Rude and Owen Hart who should be in the Hall Of Fame, however, you cant have every big name in one year not to mention you don't want too many posthumous inductees. (I may do a blog another time on what the next 5 year classes of the HOF should be)

Headline Inductee: Randy Savage
Big Name Inductee: Jake Roberts
Tag Team Inductees: Demolition (Axe & Smash)
Other Singles Inductee: Brutus Beefcake
Other Singles Inductee: Honky Tonk Man
Female Inductee: Miss Elizabeth (Would be a nice touch with Savage)


A few other things i would like WWE to do are

1. Bring back the cruiserweight Title and division
2. Improve Tag Team division to make it more prestigious
3. Get Rid Of NXT and replace it with something new
4. Another season of Tough Enough!
5. Get rid of some of the gimmick PPV's there are too many of them and replace them with PPv's such as King Of The Ring were winner gets a title shot at Summerslam ( Would promote New Talent) (I may do a blog on WWE's PPV's and what i think would be good on a later date as well)
6. Some sort of strong faction such as the British and Irish Invasion with Wade Barrett (leader) William Regal (Experienced member like Ric Flair in Evolution), Sheamus (Tag Team), Drew McIntyre (Tag Team) and Mason Ryan (enforcer).
7. Finally but the most important, END PG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You for reading I understand many of you will disagree with what i would like to see and i realise and don't want every single thing i have said come true as it will be to much for one year, but over time would like most things to come to fruition. I also would like to apologise for the list format in places however, the blog would have been much too long to write like an essay or article.

Let me know what you think or what you would like to see this year in WWE.

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  1. VincemcMahon's Avatar
    I agree with everything you said up until the HOF inductees, i dont disagree with your choices, i just couldnt care one way or another, the HOF is irrelevant to me.

    As for the "other" choices here is my opinion,

    1.CW division needs to return i agree, but Vince is no Bischoff when it boils down to faith in smaller guys, i dont think it will happen.

    2.Again i'd like this but its unlikely with VKM at the helm.

    3. + 4. I think scrapping both of these trainwreck shows with no replacements would be fine.

    5. One of the most important things WWE need to do IMO, then when a rivalry is very intense we can have "I quit" matches and the like, rather than "Its April Extreme rules is coming up, lets have a cage match."

    6. I like the idea of this faction, im also delighted someone knows Seamus is Not from The UK. (Ive nothing against People from, ENG, SCO, WAL, OR NI, but its like me saying Edge should form a Faction called Team America)

    7.Just wont happen.

    Id like to add one of my own, get rid of cell matches, if they are going to be as lame as the last few.
  2. Corwo's Avatar
    Finally! I've said ALL Of these points and just haven't had a chance to do a blog lately. I love these ideas! Great blog dude, keep it up.

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