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A Change In The Product, Part 1: The New School

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After a hiatus, don't worry folks, ChristMasterPiece has returned. Be jealous.

Alright, so, here's the deal: I'm gonna be doing a four-part series on ways the WWE could change their product for the better (in my opinion, of course). So this is Part 1: The New School. Let's get to it.

I guess the first thing you're wondering is, who in the bluest of blue hells is the New School? It's the newbies. It's all of the guys who have yet to "pay their dues," the guys who've yet to main event, the guys that are lucky to have a spot on the PPV card, and who are being underutilized. I'm talking about the Trent Barreta's, the Alex Riley's, the Uso's...s....
Well these guys are just treading water. There's really no reason John Morrison shouldn't be main-eventing a show, if not a PPV. I think that rather have him job like Colin Delaney (who gets THAT reference?), Johnny-M needs to mix it up with Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, and Alex Riley in a four-way feud for the IC title. I like Wade as the Champ, because I think it's about time for Cody to drop it and either 1. Get into the world title hunt or B. Take Super Orton down a peg.

I feel more or less the same way about Dolph. He needs to give Ryder the US title, and move on up to the main event with Punk and Del Rio. I think that this Vickie Guerrero angle has run its course (NOT that I'm disrespecting her - she's the top heel in WWE!), and there's nothing wrong with her sticking to Swagger. Speaking of that weird "conspiracy" stable, I'm a little bit confused as to why Otunga is on TV and not McGillicutty. I personally liked these two as a team, and we are all aware of the serious lack of tag teams in WWE (hint hint Part 2 hint hint).

I think DiBiase, Kidd, Primo, and McIntyre should form sort of team of "unappreciated" hell Superstars. They don't have to main-event or anything, just something to watch rather than a Michael Cole vs Jim Ross segment (seriously, announcers? I mean, come on...).

Alright, that's all for Part 1. I know I didn't get everybody, and I'm sure that some people are gonna get mad at me, but ya know, ya'll can just....I nice? Anyway, go ahead and leave a comment as I start on Part 2 (tomorrow)!!

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  1. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    well written blog. What would the comment section be for if didn't refute some of what you are saying?

    John morrison is a good wrestler, but not a main event talent. He is solid in the ring, sure he is. But he does not have charisma. He can't use a mic, that makes it so he will never be "the man"

    there is a reason guys like trent barretta and alex riley are not around much, it's because they really could never get over with the crowd. They have no personality. Its cookie cutter. Alex riley, jack swagger, dolph ziggler its all the same gimmick, a cocky jock type guy that comes out with confidence on his face. Thats the gimmick. Yay.

    WWE doesn't need to go back to attitude era to be fun again, it just needs to have gimmicks, characters and storylines that go with that character. Not the cookie cutter jock guy that they seem to be trying to portray with each character. What happened to characters like kane, the hurricane or boogeyman?
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    DiBiase, Kidd, Primo, and McIntyre

    remove dibiase n add Tyler reks to the team..n they can make a new age Radicalz..(though none of them can match the original Radicalz in terms of technique or charm..yet these 4 r not bad at wrestling n can cut avg promos atleast mcintyre can cut promo..n he can do it for the team...n rest can jus add a word or two..)
  3. Wade Barrett 1979's Avatar
    Sorry but Morrison is just a spot monkey! It wouldn't be a disaster it he was released! Also, please God, no more stables!

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