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WBC Series #2: The Diva's Division

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What is up everybody!? Time for another edition of the main WBC Series. Last week, Renevious held on to his title of champ, but this week he has a challenger who isn't a usual blogger. HWA's very own Broc will be taking on the champ. This weeks topic, the Diva's Division in the WWE. Who will walk away the champ? Will Renevious be able to hold on to his title for another week, or will Broc finally be able to dethrone the undefeated Renevious? Let's get right into the champs blog first!


Hello again everyone. Renevious here. Let me start with my usual thanks to everyone for reading and a special thanks to those of you who choose to vote for me. I really appreciate it. Now, let’s get to the topic this week of the women’s/divas division in the WWE. Bear provided us with some talking points, so I’ll hit on each one separately...

When do you feel the women's/divas division started to go downhill and why did it?
This one is a pretty tough question to start off with right out of the gate, mostly because it’s been so bad for so long. I’m almost incapable of even remembering a time when the diva’s match of the show wasn’t either the time to fast forward or (if I was actually watching it as it played) time to take a bathroom break. I even distinctly remember being in attendance at Wrestlemania 25 and missing the entire diva battle royal where “Santina” Marella won because I was in the back using the restroom and getting another beer. For so long now, it’s pretty much automatic that these matches and that title just doesn’t matter. But if I have to give a definitive answer to the question, I’d have to say the biggest blow to the division was when they brought in the actual Divas Championship. Things were definitely running off the rails during the period where both titles were in effect. And then the train finally went head first off the cliff when they completely did away with Women’s Championship and solely adopted this silver butterfly-shaped tramp stamp tattoo looking belt. I know I mentioned in my last blog about how the tag belts look like big ass pennies, but at least they don’t look like a cookie cutter design for a tramp stamp.

Why do you think the current divas division is dull?
THESE BITCHES CAN’T WRESTLE!!! I really don’t know what else to say about it. They just can’t work. Now I’m not questioning their work ethic or their commitment to the WWE, but for God’s sake, every single one of their matches is terrible. I have to be honest with some full disclosure and say that I’ve never been a fan of women’s wrestling, but at least there was a time when it was entertaining. I remember back around the mid ‘90’s when Alundra Blaze/Medusa was the biggest thing in the business as far as women go. She was an attractive woman. She wasn’t the hot airbrushed looking chicks we have now, but she was also a hell of a lot better looking than most of women wrestlers of old. But my point is she knew how to actually put on a good match. Her match at Summerslam ’94 with Bull Nakano was actually badass. Not to mention, people were actually interested in it. I mean, do you guys remember that infamous moment when Medusa took the Women’s Championship Belt and dumped it in the trash on Nitro? It’s still talked about as one of the most memorable moments in the Monday Night Wars. I’d like to see someone like Kelly Kelly or Eve win the Divas title and bring it to TNA and throw it in the trash. I highly doubt anyone would even notice.

Nowadays, it’s all about showing off these hot chicks with fake everything and parade them around for a couple minutes in the middle of the show, just so us guys can have some eye candy to look at in between all the dudes wrestling. As much as I hate to give credit to TNA for anything, I’ll have to say that those women actually work. Their matches are still mostly shit, but at least they make it somewhat interesting and take bumps like a man.

Do you think it’s better for the WWE to incorporate women who look hot but can't wrestle a lick with women who can wrestle in matches? Or would it be better to keep the women who are hot as managers/on air talent only?
I think this would have to be a little of both. If there were real women wrestlers in WWE, then they would need some cannon fodder to help push them over. Hot girls who can’t wrestle would be perfect for that. Not to mention, that might actually teach some of these girls to take bumps better. And at the same time, we do need to incorporate more of these girls as valets/managers and keep them out of the ring. Rosa Mendes is a perfect example of this. No one expects her to be a great wrestler, so they put her at ringside with Epico & Primo. It works. If we take a few more of the talentless hot divas out of competition and paired them with superstars, it could help some of these guys get over. Some of these women might be better at talking and cutting promos for the guys, and it would definitely spark more interest in the superstar if they have someone accompanying them to the ring like that.

What can the WWE do to revitalize the division?
I’m not sure if this ship can even be set right, but let’s give it a shot. First of all, that tramp stamp belt has got to go. To me, it’s spitting in the face of legends like Moolah, Mae Young, Wendy Richter, and Alundra Blaze to just completely do away with the history of the Women’s Championship and replace it with that piece of tin. Also, like stated previously, we need to make these matches interesting and believable. I don’t care how hot these girls are. If all they’re going to do is flail around the ring aimlessly and put each other’s asses in their faces, then I’m not going to sit and watch it. It’s just stupid. Now I know once Karma returns, we’ll obviously have someone who doesn’t fit that mold. But seriously, what can they really do with her? Unless every single one of her matches is her against the entire diva roster at once, I don’t see it being a realistic matchup. Bringing in Karma is a step in the right direction (and Beth Phoenix and Natalya are ok too), but it’s going to take more than that. There needs to be a clear level of competition with entertaining matches. That way fighting for the title will have some credibility, and eventually people might actually begin to take an interest.

What women/divas would you like to see return to the WWE or debut in the WWE?
I’d like to see women like Lita and Trish return, because I know that despite their hotness, they can actually work a good match. They would just have to make sure not to blow their returns out of proportion, so it can still be about the wrestling and not just about seeing familiar faces from the past. Gail Kim was another one who was just under-utilized when she went to WWE. They could’ve done a lot with her, but she was just there at a time when real competition didn’t matter anymore. On a similar token, if the divas/women’s division did begin to improve, I’d like to see Micki James come back. She was ridiculously over in WWE. And after seeing her compete in TNA for a while, we now know that she can go with the best of them. Both of those women would be great for business, but WWE would definitely have to step up the division before bringing in talent like that. Otherwise, they’re just going to be wasted like they have been so many times in the past.

Well, that does it for me on this topic. I really hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Until next time, God Bless…

A Great blog from Renevious. Let's take a look at Broc's blog now though!


Hello WBC. The following blog will be concerning the current state of the divas division. Thanks to bearkg88 for offering me a spot in this blog, and I'm looking forward to this experience.

When did the women's/divas division started to go downhill and why did it?
I honestly don't think the WWE divas division was really ever that great. Sure, it was way better than it was now back in the attitude era, but it still was never that great. People talk about the attitude era divas like they were some sort of goddesses, when really they were nowhere close to that. Just average, but compared to today's divas, they were godessess.

The Divas division really started going down hill when they started losing good wrestlers like Lita, Mickie James, Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus, etc. Most of the divas in the division today are not good wrestlers, and the ones that are usually don't even get pushed.

Why is the current divas division is dull?
There are plenty of reasons for this. The main one is, the WWE just isn't giving the divas enough time to put on a match. Even divas like Kelly Kelly have proven that she can wrestle when given enough time to do so. The Divas have put on several good matches on PPVs, but they're never given time on the regular shows. Give them more time and I guarantee you they can at least put on some decent matches.

Is it better for the WWE to incorporate women who look hot but can't wrestle a lick with women who can wrestle in matches? Or would it be better to keep the women who are hot as managers/on air talent only?
No. Never. Looks should not matter at all when choosing who gets pushed or signed by the WWE. I want women who can wrestle, regardless of how they look. We saw the WWE push Kelly Kelly basically because she was hot, and that run didn't turn out well at all.

What can the WWE do to revitalize the division?
There's a few for this as well:

1. Push the divas who are good WRESTLERS: So often we see divas like Kelly Kelly, Brie Bella, divas like that in the title picture. I want divas like AJ, Kaitly, Beth Phoenix, Natalya, the divas who are good WRESTLERS to be pushed.

2. More Air Time: As I stated earlier, 2 minutes isn't a good match. I think the WWE is more responsible for the divas division going down hill than the divas are. More air time will help the division out a lot.

3. Keep the divas who are good wrestlers: Recently we've seen a good bit of divas get released by the WWE like Mickie James, Melina, Maria, all those. We need to keep as many divas as possible to let the division grow.

What women/divas would you like to see return to the WWE or debut in the WWE?
Kharma, Layla, Michelle McCool. Those are the main ones I'm waiting for returns for. Kharma will fit well in a lot of story lines, McCool and Layla can both wrestle very well.

Alright, that's it guys. Please vote for my blog, and hopefully it won't be my last.

Another great blog! Ok guys, it is up to you. Vote for which blog you liked better!

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  1. deadly56's Avatar
    You should just stick to HWA Broc, I am voting for Renevious!
  2. VanHooliganX's Avatar
    Both good blogs. But Broc gets my vote!
  3. No_1eddiefan's Avatar
    Broc- just because of the Layla & Michelle McCool references.

    To me, these two were the last divas to do anything for the Divas Division.

    LayCool ftw!
  4. Broc's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by deadly56
    You should just stick to HWA Broc, I am voting for Renevious!
    Grow up man. Really.
  5. Sully's Avatar
    My vote goes to Broc.

    Deadly56, holding personal feuds on the forums and in Blogs is silly and pointless. Moderators are trying to control it on the boards, but doing it here doesn't help either.

    If you don't like the way someone writes their blogs, why don't you try pointing out ways for them to improve, rather then berating them?
  6. Destruction's Avatar
    Bro(c)ski get's it for me
  7. Broc's Avatar
    Btw, to all my HWA friends, I hope you read both blogs and don't just vote for me. I didn't sign up to win a popularity contest, I signed up for a blogging contest. The other blog on here looks like a very good one, so please read both and vote for which one you liked better.
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