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The DES 4: The Hart Brothers (Dream Matches)

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I just finished Bret Hart's book and caught the Greatest Rivalries DVD, and it got me looking into some of Bret's old matches. For those of you who don't know or forget, Bret had a lengthy feud with his brother Owen. Well of course, I looked into Owen's old matches and I forgot how talented the Hart Brothers were together, as opponents and as allies. I figured I'd just throw some dream matches out there if Owen were still with us and Bret could still wrestle.

Main Events:
Bret vs. CM Punk, Chris Jericho, or Bryan Danielson.
With just about everyone calling themselves the best in the world these days, (or at least three major stars) I forgot that one of Bret's epithets was, "The Best there is, The Best there was, and The Best there ever will Be." I don't think I need to go into precise detail over how amazing any match one of these guys would have Bret. With each guy having a submission move, a cocky attitude, and an equal number of Canadians and Americans (actually each guy starting out as an underdog and then taking off to the main event), any one of these three younger stars would make an instant four star match with the "Hitman".

Owen vs. CM Punk, Jericho, or Danielson
For those who don't know, for the longest time, Owen played a heel wrestler desperately trying to get out of the 'shadow' of his older brother Bret. Their matches were great and the world was shocked when Owen pinned Bret clean in their match at Wrestlemania X. Owen had a lot of great skills and knew how to work the crowd as a heel. Now, the last time the Hart brothers were together, they had made up and become allies, both as heels, in The Hart Foundation. Perhaps Owen, still allied with his brother or at least respecting his honor, he would feel obliged to defend his brother's epithet at the hands of all these usurpers running around. On the other hand, since these guys are running around claiming they are best, perhaps Owen would hate having all these guys running around talking about how great they are when they haven't wrestled him yet. Any one of these three scenarios really has my juices flowing and I think they'd be great feuds.

Owen or Bret vs. HHH
I have heard the stories about HHH saying Owen was suppose to get "The Game" gimmick if he hadn't passed away. Not sure how true the intentions are, but it makes an interesting case. HHH called himself "The Game" because he was "that damn good!" Going back to Bret's epithet and never having a second run in the WWF/E, I could see him taking exception to HHH making such a bold statement, knowing Bret wasn't around to contest it.
Then we have Owen, the Dark Hart, the King of Harts, who had unfinished business with the HHH and would take exception to such a bold statement with Hart and HHH never had a real, lengthy feud outside of Bret's and Shawn's influence. Who would come out on top? Would HHH lose the right to call himself the Game? Would Owen take it? Would HHH even be the King of Kings (his new epithet)? Could their have been a war of kings? (Did any Kings of the Ring feud with each other, based around the predecessor and successor?)

Just for Fun- Exactly as it says, these are more what if situations then any thing else.

Blue Blazer Team-Up/Feud with Hurricane
With two very different super-heroes running around the WWF/E at different times, makes you wonder how they would have interacted with each other. Would BB welcome a new hero? Would they join forces? Would BB have joined the Alliance out of spite, during the WCW invasion? Would they be faces, defending the likes of the WWF/E from Lesnar, the Show/Kane team-ups, and Evolution? Or, would they be heels, acting like the Right to Censor or Kurt Angle; on a mission to rid the WWF/E of tasteless and degrading storylines and angles or acting cocky because they were better than everyone? I remember when Hurricane turned heel and became Shane Helms again, would BB try to bring Helms back on the right path? Or would it be Owen who would abandon his noble path and become a heel again? Would we see a super-villain in the WWF/E?!

Owen Hart vs. Michael Cole (The Slammys)
If there was one thing Owen loved in life, or at least in the ring, it was his Slammys (Two Time Winner!). Last year, with Michael Cole rather proudly and obnoxiously reminding us of his Slammy win, would Owen Hart take offense to Cole stealing the thunder off of one his many accomplishments? Would we really just see Cole have Jack Swagger wrestle for him? Are you also thinking a Swagger vs. Owen match has the potential to be decent match up? Would Owen be sticking his foot in Cole's mouth?

Owen vs. The Miz
Before lynching me, hear me out. And all pitchforks must be down. Great, now listen, for the 90's, one of the most annoying heels around was Owen Hart, proudly showing off his aforementioned Slammys. Well, who's the most annoying heel right now? The Must See WWE Champion the Miz. Would we have a feud between these two over who deserves more attention? Would Owen have already won the championship that alluded him in the 90s? Would Owen's influence be the rub Miz needed? Or would they team up and become Awesome Blazer/ Awesome Hart?

The Hart Foundation vs. Tag Teams
The tag team division hasn't been hot in a while. Maybe they just needed the right team to super charge it again, like Air Boom may have. To be honest, I think Owen and Bret didn't regular team as a pair much or at all while in the WWF/E. If they were still wrestling, how would that have affected the division? They were both very impressive tag team champions, with Owen partnering with numerous partners and Bret being a part of one of the major tag teams of the 80s. Would the perpetual return of DX every few years also be a factor? Why am I imagining a match of the Hart Brothers vs. the Spirit Squad because of that? Would DX team up with the Hart Brothers against the Spirit Squad? Or the Hart Brothers and the (briefly) reunited Rockers? Would be seeing Owen vs. Dolph Ziggler because of that? Or Bret vs. Dolph?

Love it? Hate it? Let me know!

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Vinnie P Jr's Avatar
    Owen vs HHH already happened my fav was HHH vs Owen with Chyna above the ring in a cage , awesome match - look it up
  2. owenhart4life's Avatar
    Owen Hart was a great wrestler who would have been a good fit in the new era. Hard to believe next month it has been 13 years since the King of Harts died.
  3. The Piper's Avatar
    wow, I would honestly love to see Owen vs. Miz.
  4. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    No Bret vs Angle? No offense, but that is one of the all time dream matches we never got because when Angle came in the WWE, Bret was leaving and these guys could do any type of match type.
  5. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Bret vs Angle is probably the one match we will never see, but wish we did. Edge vs Bret Hart would have been something to as would some of the other guys you mentioned.
  6. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    I always wanted to see Bret vs. Malenko. Not sure if they ever crossed paths as there has been no turn up on YouTube or Daily Motion. But thought the Man with 1000 Holds vs The Best there is would be a great match in just seeing the move sets they could come up with.

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