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One solution to three problems

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What's up folks? Taneel here. I came up with an idea that WWE could use to solve three problems at once. First, let me tell those three problems.
1. World Heavyweight title losing prestige - Seriously, opening match in consecutive PPVs?
2. Lack of decent matches and feuds - Should I even explain?
3. Ziggler being underutilized - Why isn't he already one of the top guys ?

My idea to solve these three problems at once - Have a Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler feud for #1 contendership to WHC title.

They had some very excellent matches when they last had a feud, when Bryan was US champ and Ziggler was IC champ. These are two of the most talented in-ring performers in the 'E, we all know what they can give working together. Here is how I would proced the storyline for the feud:

At Extreme Rules, make Sheamus have an easy win over Bryan, maybe even 2-0. The next Raw, Bryan comes out and makes some whiny excuses and claims a rematch. Vickie comes in and claims that since Bryan lost two matches, he doesn't have a rematch, and Ziggler should get a title opportunity. Ziggler and Bryan trash-talk each other and brag how each of them is better than the other, resulting into a brawl. Later that night, Del Rio comes out and asks for the title shot which he earned a month ago, and laurinitus says he can have it at Over the Limit.

Next week on Raw, Bryan interrupts Ziggler's match and costs him the match. Later the same night, just the vice-versa. Then on SD, we have Ziggler and Bryan vs Sheamus and Orton. At one point, Ziggler and Sheamus are both down in the ring, they drag themselves for the tag (Ya, the same old cliche). When Ziggler goes for the tag, Bryan walks away, leaving startled Ziggler to be RKO'ed by a freshly tagged in Orton.

The next week on Raw, we have Ziggler vs. Bryan which results in double DQ when both guys use steel chairs. On SD, we have the rematch which results in double countout after they brawl all the way into the parking lot.

The Raw before OTL, we have a contract signing - Ziggler vs Bryan at OTL is officially announced for #1 contendership to WHC title. At OTL, Ziggler wins after a very good back-and-forth match. Sheamus retains. Ziggler goes on to lose to Sheamus at his first title shot at the next PPV, but wins the title at the PPV after that. Ziggler finally gets to the true main event status which he so much deserves, a decent feud building up to a superb match at a PPV for #1 contendership puts some prestige back to the WHC title. And yeah, so much losses will be bad for Bryan, so maybe put him in a feud with a returning Christian(he needs to return as a face, seriously) where he wins some and loses some.

I'm sorry if the blog is too long. Feel free to comment

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  1. Vinnie P Jr's Avatar
    Only part I dont like is Del Rio having anything to do with any title picture
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    What's long is the constant praising of Ziggler. He's stuck in irrelevancy right now...with no signs of escaping it anytime soon. As long as the WWE keeps doing things like bring Brock Lesnar back and saving major ppv main events for the stars of the past, then guys like Ziggler and DB will continue to take the back seat and be the fillers. Sorry. I know you're a Ziggler lover like many other people on here....but facts is facts.
  3. XxJPPRxX's Avatar
    sounds good except id have to agree with vinnie P Jr that Del Rio shouldnt be near a title YET as i see as way to green . But non the less we all know that wwe creative have a incredibly short attention span so they'd probably give up after over the limit ..
  4. Sage's Avatar
    I actually like the two titles being the opening and closing of the ppv's it gives you a buffer between what are supposed to be the biggest storylines instead of mashing them together at the end.
  5. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Ziggler will only go as far as he pushes himself. The guy is great in the ring and appears to be better connecting with the crowds, but Vickie is still his mouth piece and he's not going to be at a main event level until he learns how to push himself. Guys that are the most successful in the WWE constantly push themselves back stage or are in the ear of Vince / Creative all the time. Those that don't linger. See Kofi, Benjamin, Carlito, etc.

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