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The Greatest Ever In Wrestling?

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Now before i start let me state what i mean by the term "greatest". I am not talking about the best technical wrestler but the overall best in terms of popularity, superstardom and how over they where in there prime. I would also like to state i am not including wrestlers before Wrestlemania began due to lack of TV evidence and the sports popularity, wrestlers such as Buddy Rodgers, Lou Thez, Bruno Sammartino and many others.

I am going to name who i think the 10 biggest (greatest) of all time are and do a segment on each. i am basing the list on the greatest in my opinion and on the opinion of others from there top 100's i have read and not my favourite 10 ever.

Some special mentions have to be Randy Savage, Andre The Giant, Ultimate Warrior, Dusty Rhodes, Kevin Nash, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Mr Perfect, Ricky Steamboat, Roddy Piper, Edge, Randy Orton, Goldberg Big Show, Harley Race, Owen Hart, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, RVD, Batista, CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, Jeff Hardy and Kane. (have missed some i know)

First of the Nature Boy Ric Flair. Many consider to be the best of all time. A great in ring technician, a very long and prolonged carrier (Probably should of retired a while ago), a great mike worker and of course a 16 time world champion. He is considered by many fans and especially his peers as the best ever. He wrestled some amazing matches and was amazingly loyal to the business and still is. He was also the leader of the first faction in wrestling the four horsemen and part of Evolution. He was immensely popular and got one of the greatest farwells to wrestling (excluding TNA). And not to mention he is the only man to be inducted into the hall of fame twice! WOOOOOOOOOO

Next is the immortal one HUlK Hogan. A big impressive looking guy with a big personality, amazing strength and such a huge draw. He was not the best in ring and rarely put people over however his success and popularity is undeniable. He was a 6 time WWE champian and a 6/7 WCW champion, he headlined 9 wrestlemanias pretty much and is one of if not the most popular guys and biggest draws of all time even though like Ric Flair he should have retired along time ago and possibly sort out his ego (as you can tell i am not his biggest of fans but he is one of the greatest ever). I should also mention he was the top star in WCW and WWE which is impressive in its self and probably has the most loyal bunch of fans the Hulkamaniacs!

On to the icon Sting! The best wrestler to never work for WWE (yet). He is been around it seems like forever yet unlike others has not lost a step in the ring. He is a legend in WCW, multi time World champion in WCW, TNA and NWA and is loved and adored by fans around the world still to this day and was proberly the most popular superstar of WCW. A good in ring worker, was so over without even talking and the fact WWE fans want him to wrestle in the WWE even at the age of 53 and the fact he has never been in the company says it all about the stinger!

Next the Phenom The Undertaker. Like Sting he has been around along time but is yet to loose a beat in the ring. He is adored by all and respected by fans and wrestlers alike. He has won mutable titles, including several World WWE Titles. He has the impressive Wrestlemania Streak, and has been a top draw for the WWE for over 20 years. Not to mention he probably has the best gimmick and entrance ever (apart from the american badass) and a great gimmick and wrestler came about from the undertaker, his brother Kane who has been around for over 15 years himself. A good in ring worker and arguably the best big guy and most athletic big guy ever. He will surely go down as one of the true grates.

The Show stopper HBK Shawn Michaels. He had charisma, in ring ability and one of the best smiles ever (until he lost it). All joking aside HBK will probably go down as the best performer of all time. One of the first little guys to make it to the top with personality to match he is described by the WWE as the best ever. He is a multi time world champion among other titles, he always performed on the big stage especially wrestlmania hence his nickname and was one of the three men to bring WWE and wrestling into its most successful era the Attitude era. He then left but came back again to entertain us all as a singles competitor and part of DX. Probably the best in ring performer of all time, one of the most athletic and revolutionary talents (Ladder match at WM 10) and one of the most popular superstars ever.

Now on to The Best There Is ... (i really cant be bothered to type the rest! we all know the saying) (made it just as long anyway!!) Not too many wrestlers can argue this statement from the Hitman Bret Hart. Like Shawn he did it the proper way, a successful tag champ, then a IC champ then finally a 7 time world title holder in WWE (5) and WCW (2). He is also the best technical wrestler on this list and one of the best ever. His one downside would be his personality and mike work however, when he was the face of the company for a few years one of the most popular and over stars ever. He has been very unfortunate with the loss of his brothers and friends, his stroke and the kick which ended his career but the man who made pink cool was easily one of the biggest stars in the industry ever and proberly the most popular wrestler ever in Canada.

Stone Cold Steve Austin. The most populer star ever acording to WWE. He with Shawn Michaels and The Rock made the attitude era (him being probably the most significant of the three). He was immensely populer and over and good in the ring. His mike work was amazing from Austin 3:16, Hell yeah, Bottom line and the most famous chant ever What? He was one of the first if not the first heel to become a real fan favourite and is the reason i believe along with the Rock the WWE beat WCW. He also was involved in the best rivalry ever with the Rock. Still loved to this day even though nearly 10 years away from the ring. Is the rattlesnake really finished or will is legacy become even more legendary? (according to reports he will wrestle again) HELL YEAH

Now to my favourite wrestler of all time The Rock. Still youngish (39), he is without doubt the most entertaining, charismatic and best mike worker of all time! (honest i am not biast ) He was so funny and still is from his promoes on the talent to his skits with the Coach to his hall of fame speech!(Rock and Jericho and Rock N Sock was classic) Like i mentioned earlier he was an instigator of the attitude era and had the best ever rivlery with Stone Cold. He had manny iconic catchphrases (too many to mention) and had the crowd and still does in the palm of his hand like none before him! He is very athletic, a third generation superstar and good in the ring (not the best but still very good) He is a 9 time world champion and counting and has headlined 5 strait wrestlemanias along with 28 and many more to come. His legacy is still growing and at his prime i think the most over and popular star ever, and if he had not left for hollywood he would undoubtably be the best ever and may well be yet anyway!

Next the Game HHH. Still going to this day, a big part of the attitude era up until even the present. A great performer and has been a constant top superstar for 15 years or so. He was good in so many types of matches such as pure wrestling matches to ruthless hardcore or hell in the cell matches. He is part of the great DX, leader of one of the best stables Evolution and has held the World title and WWE title 13 times. He has also main evented Wrestlmania 6 times (in the last match) and counting and even though he is at the twilight of his career he will be on are screen for many years to come due to his marriage to Stephanie which will be good due to his good mike skills. Maybe not the most popular star ever, though at times and over the last 15 years very popular not to mention a constant main eventer for the last 15 years (Even more so than the Undertaker due to his brakes)

Finally Hornswoggle! He has been a revelation in the industry and with his current run with Brodus Clay could become the best ever! ONLY JOKING

John Cena! I know a controversial one. Not his biggest fan, but i do like him and even though his face character is stale (However interesting of late with Brock) and not the best in ring work, you can not deny he is and has been the face of the company for 7 years, has unbelievable strength (more so than hogan and i reckon could have easily given Andre a F5 let alone a body slam), a very good worker on the mike, loyal, hard working as anyone and has huge popularity with most kids and women not to mention quite a few adults (not by most older fans or people on this site due to 7 year olds not really looking on news sites). He is one of the biggest stars ever and i would say not even half way in his career. Not to mention he has already one 12 world titles even though they mean less now he will break Ric Flairs record. He could if he turns heel and wins the fans over (which if he turns heel may happen) and sticks around could become the best ever!

Now to my list (Just an opinion)

1. The Rock
2. Shawn Michaels
3. The Undertaker
4. Stone Cold
5. Bret Hart
6. Ric Flair
7. Hulk Hogan
8. HHH
9. Sting
10. John Cena

Just to explain my list i started watching WWF in 1997 (i am now 20) but have watched loads of old videos, documentaries and past PPV Events. But i think the Attitude era was the best with the most competition which is why my top 10 is the way it is.

Hope you enjoyed the blog and would love to hear in the comment section if you agree with my list and if not do your own top 10 lists as would like to see who people think is the "Greatest" Wrestler ever!

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  1. akbar's Avatar
    take HHH and Cena and put them in the honorable mention list and the 8 you are left with are the one in a league of their own and will never be touched again...
  2. eldoryazdee's Avatar
    you gave me a hard time reading your blog...

    remember, the whole universe might be reading this...
    Updated 04-27-2012 at 07:41 PM by eldoryazdee
  3. Lego is AWESOME's Avatar
    You can replace Cena who sucks with someone of some actual skill named EDGE!
  4. The Piper's Avatar
    The Rock, pfft, doesn't deserve the damn list.
  5. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    The list is spot on. I dunno what these others are on about, especially the take out Cena bit because he will go down in history the same way Hogan has. Hogan was an ego maniac, shit in the ring and hardly put anyone over but is still in the history books. Cena deserves to be on the list. Also Triple H because he mostly forged his career out of being the best heel. But when he was a face you can't deny how loved he was. List was spot on, not too sure about the order but still good.
  6. Dr. Death's Avatar
    You have no clue as to what the term "greatest wrestler" means. You also have no clue about history. Even if just talking about "entertainment" there are several on the list that would need to go. But it's your list and if you're happy with it, then that's all that matters. As far as being able to read it, you did a good job in the structure and placement, but need to work on your spelling and grammar, also a nice flow from paragraph to paragraph - the ending of one flowing into the beginning of the next. Overall - good job. It was good to see that you explained why you left out the true greatest as research is hard to do in today's technology.
  7. ckb203's Avatar
    Appreciate the comments but i feel i do have a reasonable grasp on the history ! And ofcorse people will disagree but i am really talking about the 10 biggest names wrestling as ever had! So if you disagree please put who you think are the top 10!
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