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Blog Wars 19: Top 6 Entrances

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Welcome to another edition of Blog Wars!!! Destruction was not able to do a blog for this round because of tech. difficulties and other obligations so this week we have 2 brand new guys here to fill his empty spot. This week it will be RavenEffect vs Giddy in what is sure to be a classic. Here is this weeks list

Top 6 Entrances
Criteria: No special one night entrances, combination of music and visual qualities, fan reaction, etc.

Heyeveryone, Giddy here! This is my first blog ever, so don't be toomean I'd like to thank wrestlingfan for letting me be a part of Blog Wars, and apologize for being late. NOW LET'S GET THIS STARTED!!

#6: Sandman

Sandman's entrance was awesome. It epitomized the hardcore element of ECW. The way he walked through the crowd with the fans cheering and patting his back, and taunting along with him was great. The fans singing along to Enter Sandman by Metallica just set the feel of ECW, the fact that the fans were so in love with the sport, that they were really into the action. Plus Sandman downing the beers just made him look like a badass. Hell, he was bleeding before he was halfway to the ring! Sandman walking with kendo stick and beer in hand through the swarms of people was just awesome.

#5: Masked Kane

The lights go out, and the organ starts playing. It's chilling. Then all of a sudden the music bursts on and right lights shine on and fire bursts from the stage. A huge, lumbering, monster walks out with a mask right out of a horror movie. Fire is lighting the background as Kane walks to the ring with a purpose- to deal damage. He gets in the ring and does one of the most symbolic gestures in WWE history- he raises his arms up, then throws them down, and fire bursts from the ring posts. It's very scary, and sets the mood nicely for the monster Kane. The music is eerie, the lighting is spooky- the whole thing is perfect for Kane.

#4: Goldberg

One word perfectly describes Goldberg's entrance- intense. One thing ^that video^ didn't include is Goldberg's walk through the backstage area to the entrance area, which made it even more tense. Just waiting for him to step onto the stage. The second he stepped onto the stage the crowd got even louder than they were when his music first hit. Him standing in the pyro was just awesome, and the arena getting filled with "GOOOOLDBERG! GOOOOOOLDBERG!" chants while the adrenaline-pumping music played in the background made for an awesome entrance.

#3: Ultimate Warrior

OK, yes it's true that he's off his frickin' rocker, but his entrance was absolutely stellar. Just the high energy music mixed with him dashing down the ring and bouncing off the ropes, shaking the ropes, just getting himself and the entire crowd pumped up was a site to behold. The crowd was REALLY behind him, and his entrance got everyone psyched up for the upcoming match, even if he wasn't the best in-ring talent.

#2: Sting (Crow era)

Speaking of people the crowd was really behind, Sting was HUGE back in WCW. His theme was very chilling, it got in your head, and him coming to the ring silent, then pointing the bat at his opponent- very awe-inspiring. The facepaint, the the trench coat, the bat- everything just worked. And the fan reaction was just HUGE!

#1: The Undertaker!

Who else could I have picked? Undertaker's entrance is THE entrance of entrances. From the first gong and the lights going out, the dark, scary, brooding way he makes his way to the ring, fire by his sides, trench coat and hat. It gives me goosebumps. Undertaker is such a legend, and the respect the fans give him is tremendous. Plus Taker... He's just eerie. He's someone who you know is going to do something special in that ring. He's a legend, plain and simple, and I honestly don't think he'd be the same without that entrance.

6. Too Cool

Yep. Too Cool. I'm sorry but these guys were just brilliant. Every time their music hit you just knew they were going to make you laugh or cringe in some way. Their ridiculous accessories (you know you wanted a pair of those yellow-ass glasses), their generic hip-hop "cool-wave" theme, their over-the-top dance moves... Something about these guys just made you happy when they came out. If they had Rikishi with them it was always a bonus too, and the entire post-match choreographed dance routine (complete with spotlights and shaky cam) grabbed the ol' dubya dubya eey universe by the nuts every time. Brodus Clay's entrance today would not exist if it weren't for Too Cool. Long live the innovators of that funky, shaky-cam atmosphere, and long live the Grand Master's shovel-step. TURN IT UP.

5. The New Age Outlaws

Laaaaaadies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages... Coming in at number five on the greatest top six list of entrances in the world, I bring to you... The Road Dogg Jesse James, the Bad Ass Billy Gunn, The NEW AGE OUTLAWS! From the instant those three guitar chords hit and we heard Road Dogg's voice, everyone was hooked. The live crowd knew every... single... word. And it was a given too. Every crowd, every time, every word of the speech. Watching at home was no different. While I may not have gone announcer-style and yelled the whole speech in front of the TV set every single time they came out (I had laryngitis that one time), I sure did run every word through my head before the Dogg would say it. I'm pretty sure most of us did too. Great interaction with the WWE Universe (gotta love the 'verse), great neon-green color scheme, and phenomenal mic work on RD's part, he killed it every time. Oh, you didn't know?

4. Alberto Del Rio

Excerpted from: Booking for Dummies - Chapter 1: If you've got a talented worker with a great, clean-cut look and a "wealth and power" gimmick, how do you get him over? For starters, his entrance. First, you've got to show people that he's rich. Very rich. He can afford luxuries you and I could only dream of and, for the sake of argument, we'll give him the luxury of riding around in an expensive vehicle. We'll also give him a personal ring announcer (for those looking to make this very same gimmick work but from a more racist perspective, give your talent a personal slave rather than a personal ring announcer, see Layfield, John Bradshaw). And you know what? Instead of having him come out in the same expensive vehicle every time, we'll make it a different expensive vehicle every time. Furthermore, instead of making these different vehicles simply look expensive with flashy paint-jobs and crazy hydraulic systems (see Guerrero, Eddie), we'll lease legitimate half million dollar cars from the most famous automobile companies in the world and turn it into a promotional thing. Simply put: The combination of Berto's obscenely expensive Jeritron Five-Th... errr... car collection... Coupled with one of the funniest and skilled announcing-versed guys of all time (Everything Rodriguez says and does is pure gold), just makes for an awesome entrance every single time. The sheer power of Rodriguez's voice and the ability to hold his O's longer than most professional soccer announcers gives Berto's entrance priority over his actual matches in my book (blog?). Not only do his insanely beautiful cars make for some suicide-door-delicious eye candy, we also get a vocal price tag from Cole every single time which makes the car, Berto, and the entire entrance pretty damn impressive.


To be honest, this one's pretty self-explanatory. Just listen to the chants. Anytime you've got the entire crowd chanting your name before you even reach Gorilla (before you go through the curtain) it's an intense feeling. If you can get the entire crowd chanting your name before you even walk out of your "locker room", and have them continue to chant during the long walk from said room to Gorilla and then continue once you reach the actual stage? I don't care what Rocky says, that's the stuff goosebumps are made of. The man's music just begs you to chant his name. And it's not fast-paced with lots of clapping like every other guys chant either. This chant is slow, deliberate... momentum-building. Throw in a few bells and whistles (his name plate on the "locker room", a huge security escort from there to the ring, a couple nostril flares and grunts, you know... Goldberg stuff) and you've got yourself one hell of an entrance. And the beauty of it is that all this stuff is taking place before he even reaches the damn stage. When he finally does come out, he stands still as a pyro machine shoots white-hot sparks at him from both sides. He then goes on to swallow said sparks, smack the shit out of himself, and exhale smoke through his nose. Yes, just like dragons do. Gooooooldberg. Gooooooldberg. Gooooooldberg.


I know, I know. "Why isn't Taker number one!!?!" Cause this is my list bitches, and on my list, he's two. The Undertaker is one of the greatest wrestling gimmicks we've seen and will ever see. He truly embraces his character and his entrance symbolizes all of this. It's visually breathtaking, comes off on TV and in person as absolutely surreal, and it establishes a presence. It does something to you. Whether you feel scared, awestruck, or even just a bit taken aback, it just does something. The gong hits, everything goes black, and the crowd goes BANANA (singular on purpose). The choir starts to sing, not words, just a melody and nothing else. Smoke begins to fill the arena. Depending on the event some sort of pyro will shoot fireballs into the air or cause lightning strikes or set a Taker symbol on fire. Mix-and-matched combinations of some/all of these elements work as well. Then it's time for the walk. The twenty minute walk down the ramp, slow and deliberate like a Goldberg chant. It lulls you into a false sense of security. It's all psychology with him. Especially the face. His face is expressionless but powerful, and he never, ever, breaks character. Even the swift little turn he gives when he approaches the ring to face the steps is calculated. The lights come on, the hat comes off, and his face is revealed to be no longer expressionless but white eyed and demon-esque now. Strictly visually-speaking, it's the greatest entrance of all time. The theme music is powerful, but gets kind of old after hearing it for 8 minutes straight. The slow walk doesn't help this, and can be downright annoying as hell sometimes. I guess if your entrance is considered the best of all time by nearly everyone, (I'd include myself if I didn't already have my number one picked out) walking slow as hell must've helped earn it that distinction. When you really analyze it, you've got a lot of good things and a few bad things... and it's necessary to keep both. I guess what I'm trying to say is, sometimes it's hell getting to heaven.

1. Sting

Sting was a very tough one to pick. He's had so many unique entrances that it's almost impossible not to single out and talk about only one. The only real rule for this blog was that the entrances couldn't be specific, one-shot deals. This was actually a very smart rule to make because it's just not fair to compare Cena and the Air Force's Honor Guard or Trips headbanging with Lemmy (matching beards and all) as Motorhead plays him down the aisle with anyone else's entrance just isn't fair. Sting however, is in a category of his own. Let's forget about buzz-cut Sting, Wolpack Sting, and TNA Sting entirely and just focus on crow Sting. Maybe that cuts out a few of his entrances, but crow Sting alone still had a pretty wide variety so it's still no easy task to keep it general. Sometimes he'd just walk out with no trench coat, no black baseball bat, nothing. Nothing but that cold, expressionless face... and that was enough. Sting just had a presence. He could stir up emotions inside of you that you didn't even know you had, all with that face. Sure, the paint was most of it, but that death stare had something real to it; A quality of conviction. Sometimes he'd walk out with the trench coat and bat, same expressionless face. Same conscious-preying music. Sometimes they'd show him up in the rafters, fade to black, fade back to lights and he'd be in the ring. Sometimes he'd descend from the rafters like a bat from the sky. One time he literally descended from the sky off of a helicopter. All to that music. That damn music just made you feel something. Even in a movie as cheesy as Ready to Rumble, Sting's small part (music included) just made him seem surreal. Enigmatic. But I digress. This is about entrances and entrances only. A good entrance needs three things: powerful theme music, visuals that invoke a presence (good or bad), and a wrestler who truly embraces a character and makes you feel something. Sting's music is one of the best if not the best of all time. Simplistic yet powerful, emotionless yet filled with rage and courage. Valiant is the word that immediately comes to mind when I hear it. His visuals were somewhat elementary yet extremely effective. The camera shots of him up in the rafters, the lights fading out into blackness, the trench coat, the iconic bat. The face paint of course. It's tough to do have such a powerful entrance with very little glitz and color. Sting literally did it in black and white. Lastly, you need the man. The character. The wrestler who makes you feel something without saying a word or batting an eyelash. Sting is that wrestler. Sting is that enigma. Sting is that powerful feeling inside you. His entrance was just the vessel that encapsulated it all in a few short minutes, and to me... it's the greatest of all time.

"When a man's heart is full of deceit it burns up, dies, and a dark shadow falls over his soul. From the ashes of a once great man has risen a curse, a wrong that must be righted. We look to the skies for a vindicator, someone to strike fear into the black hearts of the same men who created him. The battle between good and evil has begun. Against an army of shadows comes the Dark Warrior, the purveyor of good, with a voice of silence, and a mission of justice. This... is... Sting."

Great and unusual lists from both parts. It looks like it will come down to Undertaker vs Sting for this one. Remember to vote at the bottom.

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  1. Broc's Avatar
    I vote for giddy here. Undertaker's entrance is by far the best ever. IMO, his american badass entrance could also be on there too though.
  2. VanHooliganX's Avatar
    Giddy wins my vote as well.
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