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The Top 5 Heels in the WWE Today

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Heels definitely rule in the WWE today. From arrogant to ruthless to just downright violent, the WWE's most despised Superstars and Divas sure know how to get plenty of heat in the WWE today. And so without further ado, here are five of the most intimidated villains in the WWE today.

Honorable Mention

MARK HENRY: He is one of the most ruthless monster heels with his angry attitude.

EVE TORRES: This Diva may not be on par with Vickie Guerrero, but she knows how to get plenty of heat nonetheless.

JACK SWAGGER: His cocky demeanor makes him even more hated when he's paired with Vickie Guerrero.

ALBERTO DEL RIO: The Mexican Millionaire has been AWOL in the last several months, but is finally getting back on track.

DOLPH ZIGGLER: The so-called "Perfectionist" certainly knows how to be one of the top heels on RAW.

KANE: The masked maniac's destructive demeanor has risen to new heights.

CHRIS JERICHO: Just barely missed the cut, but Y2J is one of the WWE's most hated heels thanks to his intense feud with CM Punk.

When he first rejoined the WWE back in August 2010, he was an awkward babyface. Today, he's one of SmackDown's most talked-about heels with his "Yes, Yes, Yes!" chant.

Like Bryan before him, Rhodes also began his career as a bland and boring good guy. And now, the guy who wasn't initially gonna be the breakout star of Legacy has become one of the top heels in the WWE.

Sure he may be only an announcer, but the so-called "Voice of the WWE's" put downs of such babyfaces like Santino Marella, Brodus Clay, Zack Ryder, and Hornswoggle has made him one of the WWE's most despised personalities.

No Diva (or any other Superstar, for that matter) has generated more heat than Guerrero. Her annoying catchphrase "Excuse Me!" has become synonymous with her smarmy attitude.

He may be known as "Mr. Awesome," but when it comes to putting down the WWE Universe with his big fat mouth, nobody generates more heat than the man known only as The Miz.

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  1. k_roll00's Avatar
    i hope you realize that Jericho is easily number one or two (if lesnar isnt number one)
  2. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    And from what I understand, Miz is in the middle of a de-push for whatever reason. Have no clue why. He must have ticked off someone back stage or perhaps it could be he is taking heat for his relationship with Maryse... much like the WWE did to Morrison for his relationship with Melina.

    But yes, this answer key is:

    1. Brock Lesner - his "demands" on Monday are to only further him as the top heel in the company.

    2. Chris Jericho - best heel on the roster

    3. Daniel Bryan - one of the most over guys in the WWE, but they are still pushing him as their top heel on SD!

    4. Kane - I think they will always view him as a top 5 heel or face depending on current status. Excellent company guy that Vince loves

    5a. Alberto Del Rio - I would rather put Cody Rhodes here, but he's yet to be in a main event program. Del Rio is scheduled to feud with Sheamus next.

    5b. Cody Rhodes - quickly moving up the charts in the WWE
  3. sret's Avatar
    I think it's a mistake not to put Jericho in the top 5, but I love your list anyway because you put The Miz as #1!

    Hey ToiletBowl, The Miz is simply such a good heel that he can't help but generate heat from the management aswell.
  4. -TxCxL-'s Avatar
    I would put Wade Barrett on here as well, maybe switch him with Vickie or someone else. He is good a gaining heat, even though Smackdown does not always show it.
  5. Khris's Avatar
    Like the but miz number one seriously the guy has been on a downward spiral for last 4 months. I believe Laurinitis should be number one cause every hates that guy.
  6. Oserik's Avatar
    Overall I like the list. Brock's demand angle was good and they are actually using him to get people cheering for Cena again. The problem is when he is on the mic live it is just short of painful. Jericho is a great heel, but IMHO his current CM Drunk shtick is boring and doesn't showcase his ability.
  7. PrimusSucks's Avatar
    Actually Summerslam was Daniel Bryan's 2nd return, he had a run in 2002-2003 where he wrestled on Velocity a lot, not a big deal but just thought I'd point it out.
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